Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Hellllo Down There...


"Greet each man with peace, and leave each man with love. Ask yourself... One more enemy, or one more dove."
~Suzy Kassem
Rise Up And Salute The Sun: The Writings Of Suzy Kassem
Yes, demonstrably I am alive, just a little uninspired, but everything is fine. Truth is I go busy, and time flew by, but I am here, and doing a lot of photography. Birds mostly, but they are keeping me very happy. I haven't branched out from Woodbridge and Cosumnes River yet, but each time I visit I discover something new, so right now I am happy and content with that. I will be posting regular again beginning next Tuesday... I PROMISE. So keep checking back. Birds mostly, which I hope you enjoy seeing. That's just the way it is until things open up again in California. The natural world feels like the only safe place. Covid-19 hasn't budged an inch in San Joaquin County, we are still in the purple (widespread) tier. But with vaccinations happening more often now, I am very hopeful about have a more enjoyable autumn than the last couple years. Vacation is in October, just a little over 6 months away, please cross your fingers for me... well... for all of us!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

A Blossom And A Bee


"Or maybe spring is the season of love and fall the season of mad lust. Spring for flirting but fall for the untamed delicious wild thing."
~Elizabeth Cohen
The Hypothetical Girl 
I love this quote. Honestly, I have never really enjoyed spring, but I am beginning to climb out of my depression, so I am actually looking at spring a lot differently, from more of a creative standpoint. I wish I was in the Bay Area, almost all the time, but I am settled in the valley now. It's just that the Bay Area has so many wonderful places to photograph, no matter what season you are in. The tulips should be in full bloom now at Queen Wilhemina windmill garden, in Golden Gate Park. The Japanese Tea Garden is probably filled with cherry blossoms now too. Oh my, I miss San Francisco so much. I am okay though, I have my birding now, and I am absolutely certain that if I had to move from here suddenly, I would miss it the way I do my home in the East Bay. When I finally put down roots, they go deep. I think I might finally be happy, or at least content. And hey, look what I found in Lodi! And get this... it was in the parking lot of a gas station! It's reminding me that it's way past time for me to be searching with a purpose, because around every corner, there is something waiting to be noticed. Stuff folks are so used to, that it's never really seen. My camera helps me to see things, I think I would miss entirely, if I didn't have the perspective of life through a lens. It makes the little things matter to me. Like the beauty of a bee on a blossom. I am hoping to do a lot more spring photography this year. There is a lot of beauty to be seen.
 Spring makes the same amount of noise that autumn does,
it just does it in pastel colors! Spring is the promise of an autumn to come. That thought makes me happy. It's life.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Black Phoebe Gallery 2021


"There is an unreasonable joy to be had from the observation of small birds going about their bright, oblivious business."
~Grant Hutchison
The Complete Lachlan
Cedar Waxwing
December 8th 2019
Stockton, California
At the end of 2019, and a little ways into 2020, there were Cedar Waxwings everywhere. Here in the San Joaquin Valley, all the way to Cull Canyon, in the East Bay and probably beyond. I absolutely loved it, because I had never seen that particular bird before, and as small birds go, they are really striking! But then Covid-19 came along, and that was that, I resigned myself to stay in my cage, it was the least I could do for the bird brained among us who not only couldn't stay home, because after all, 'merica, but couldn't put on a fucking mask. To be honest, I didn't think anymore about my birdie friends, because my time was filled with what would become the final year of Trump fret. At least as far as we know anyway. Im glossing over his second impeachment right now, but I digress. The Cedar Waxwing quickly became a favorite and I figured they would return in late December or early January. Unfortunately as we crossed into 2021, I hadn't seen a single one, so I wrote it off as perhaps low numbers, or maybe there was a heavy concentration of them in the Bay Area, and not here, shrug. I had also noticed that the European Starlings were fewer this year. These things run their course. 
This year it became clear that the tiny bird to take it's place would be the Black Phoebe. I love that little bird! It's a little bigger than the Cedar Waxwings, but not as colorful. Mostly black and white with just a hint of red if the sun hits it just right. It's a cute round shape, and a pleasant chirp/cheep sound to it.  It's hard as HELL to photograph because it tends to blend in with the background, and like the Cedar Waxwing, it's a really fast mover regardless of whether it's flying or scampering on the ground. But on the plus side, it hovers from time to time, which allows me to get the camera focused. It's taken me several sessions in the yard, and at the Cosumnes River preserve to get a decent photo, but happily, a couple days ago, I finally got some great shots right in my own yard! I like it when I don't have to make a special trip for a certain bird, because with my Fibromyalgia it's not always easy for me to do. Sometimes things just come together. I don't anticipate doing many more photos of the Phoebe, unless it's for practice, so here is my finished set, as far as the Black Phoebe goes.

I finished photographing the Black Phoebe Friday afternoon, and had the camera ready to go so I could try to get a shot of a particularly nasty Scrub Jay that's been haunting the yard, when I saw a group of tiny birds all fly into the neighbor's tree all at once. They looked mighty familiar, could it be? Cedar Waxwings? I did a couple shots without a tight zoom, so I wouldn't lose as many pixels. And there it was. It was indeed a group of them, happily flapping from branch to branch. tweeting, "Hi Miss Lady!" I couldn't really get a good shot, but that's cool, it still counts, and I am looking forward to the chase. It will happen! I will get a good shot, it will just take practice, like I did with the Phoebe. And letting go of Trump fret!

 Nasty California Scrub Jay

 Stay Tuned


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Because... Birds.

Cosumnes River
Lodi, California
February 6th, 2021

"Some people are very competitive in their birding. Maybe they'll die happy, having seen a thousand species before they die, but I'll die happy knowing I've spent all that quiet time being present."
~Lynn Thomson
Birding With Yeats: A Mother's Memoir 
Click to enlarge
Black Phoebe
Stockton, California
February 10th 2021
Okay, so the second day, of the second impeachment, of Donald Trump happened yesterday, and all I can say is, the current GOP is made of up nothing but soulless monsters! If I didn't quite think it before, I do now. It's a devastating thought that half our government wouldn't care if the Democratic party was completely scrubbed from the earth. And tell me, considering that is their hope/wish/goal, what exactly does that mean for the rest of us? I was raised in a staunchly liberal democratic household in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that is not what makes me a staunch Democrat today. Critical thinking does. A skill taught to me by my father. 
It wasn't enough to know what you think, you had to know why you think it. What set of facts lead you to the conclusions you have formed, and can you see other sides to the argument, even if you can't adopt them to your conclusions? It seems like such a simple formula, but apparently, it isn't. The number one defense coming from the insurrectionists, during their legal proceedings is, "the devil made me do it" defense. In this case it is Donald Trump walking in the devil's shoes. They believed they were saving America, when in fact, they were manipulated into doing his dirty work, just like so many before them. See: Michael Cohen. He at least tried to warn us.

The insurrectionists are displaying a small amount of critical thinking in their actions. They answered a call to arms from Donald Trump. They came to the capitol to "Stop The Steal." The problem is, while they knew what their purpose was that day, the allowed a man to dictate all facts. To form the narrative with repetitive false claims and promises of rewards. And lets not pretend that the shadowy figure of Q didn't play a huge part in this mess. He is not really being mentioned in this. Trump and Q"s efforts culminated in one of the darkest days I have seen as an American. The election we just had, had every chance of going Trump's way. We came very close to living under a true fascist regime. And who know what would have come next? Is there such a thing as a modern fascist party? Fascism with just enough democracy, that it can hide it's darkest corners?

Yesterday left me shook. I watched never before security tapes of January 6th. Folks running for their lives. Police officers begging for back-up. Police being beaten. A man stalking Nancy Pelosi with the eerie diabolical taunt of, "Hereeee Nancy." We all recognize that tone coming from a man, don't we? All under the guise of 'patriotism." My heart is broken. I am scared of March 4th and the possibility of what might occur. And I am angry that this is who and what America is now, or at least half of it seems to be.

But all was not lost yesterday. I took a few minutes, and stepped out onto the porch to do some photography of birds in the front yard. To my delight there was a Black Phoebe, and a Blue Jay. The jay alluded me but I finally got a decent shot of the Phoebe. Unfortunately, they weren't in the yard long, because of loud noises, and folks moving about, but that's okay, because there is another chance today. I know that every day gives me a new chance to live the best I can. I am lucky to have that. I will let them give me refuge again, because birds do that for me. Actually nature in general does, but right now, it's the birds. There is a rooster somewhere in the neighborhood, and this morning his songs make my heart sing along with him!


I will be okay, because... birds.


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

It's Narcissus Not Narcissist, Dummy!


"Rare indeed is the seed who can bury its nightmares
 and still stem and blossom into it's wildest dreams."
~Curtis Tyrone Jones

I could say a lot about the opening arguments of Trump's Impeachment trial, but fuck me,why? I'm so sick of this stupid nightmare. He's out of office and he's putting on a laughable defense all the while inciting, Insurrection: The Sequel, for March 4th. This could have all been over with before he left office, but McConnell held out for this week. Why did McConnell do that? Perhaps to help gin up March 4th? What's March 4th? Apparently that's the day all real presidents are sworn into office. It's history, look it up, LIBTARD! Sorry, I was channeling a Qanon idiot for a moment there. As I mentioned, he is out of office, this Impeachment trial is expected to last a week or so, then there is whatever fresh HELL is about to take place on March 4th. After that, I hope the name Trump will simply go live on a farm in upstate New York, where it can roam free and live happy, like pets and humans, all do one day! If you get my drift.

But in the mean time...
Paperwhite Narcissus 
Woodbridge Ecological Reserve
Lodi, California


Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Just Past Mid-Winter


"This was all in the making a long time ago. You had as much control over these events as a leaf does in the time of it's falling."
~Nitya Prakash
How about that, a quote about leaves that I don't think I've used before. I hope I remember it, because I really think I will use it again in autumn. Right now, however, it is still winter, which is very nice, but I haven't given up on autumn yet. I find myself still looking for those colors, where I feel alive, energized, and at my very best inside myself. This winter has been warm, so the blossoms are waking up, and I can appreciate that too. Everything in it's time and place. It's just the further away from autumn we get, and as we move into the relentless days of heat that won't end, and when there isn't a migratory bird in sight, the less attached to my surroundings I feel. But I am just beginning my journey of watching birds, so perhaps something new will help me find a bridge. I sure could use it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Dude, There's A Bird On Your Head

"He never forgot anything, 
but he never bothered to arrange his memories."
~John Steinbeck
Cannery Row
Yep, that's John Steinbeck with a seagull on his head. The statue is in Monterey, California, in the Cannery Row district of the town. I photographed this duo, October 17th, 2018, but this is the first time posting it on my blog... I think. I may have posted it previously, but not in this context. The context I am referring to here, is working with one photograph, different styles, such as black and white, color and sepia. In this case I liked the black and white style a lot more than the others. Steinbeck looks more realistic, just weathered. Like an old man sitting very still with a bird on his head, but the color version gives all of the photograph's secrets away. The sepia was nice, but made the picture feel depressing somehow, rather than quirky. I think I have would rather not dwell too much in sad images. I am still learning to not be stressed out constantly and it's getting better, so why mess with things? Right? The last couple weeks have felt like they were a couple weeks, with is a strange feeling in and of itself. It's almost as if time is righting itself.


Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Discover The Delta And Where Is My Book?



"Photography is what emotions look like."

~Jon Luvelli
I can't find my book. Last month, I bought a new book, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. Yes, I know, it's about teen angst/romance but it in all fairness, I wanted something different, and besides, I had recently watched just about all of them during a week of unwavering, relentless insomnia, and I thought I would see if the book was better written than the movie was. Shrug. I got through the first chapter, and half way through the second, when it went missing, but up to that point, no, it was fairly spot on. 
What does this picture have to do with my misplacing my book? Nothing really, except that the day I photographed this water tower, January 3rd, I was thinking about the story of Twilight. How Bella had just arrived to a new place, Forks, Washington, and felt out of place. I have been in the San Joaquin Delta region now, going on six years, and I still feel out of place. I am only just now finding my way, by discovering the beauty of migrating birds. It's easier for teens to seek the adventure I suppose. To welcome the angst. At my age, not so much. I would be happier with life being normal again. Something like 2013, when we found Joey, and Robin Williams wasn't dead. 
One more bit of angst with Trump to get through... the second Impeachment trial, which begins next week. I have no idea how long that will last, or if there will be another day similar to January 6th, but there is some comfort in knowing how it will end because I have very little faith in anyone in the Republican party doing the right thing. They are scared of Donald Trump, He's their vampire. So the horror story will play out as most horror stories in the real world do. History won't be kind to those who seek to harm, we all know it, and they know it too, that's what makes it all so perverse, and yet, when all is said and done, at least there are still things we can all count on. 
Republican's are vampires and cowards
and new books will go missing. 

Friday, January 29, 2021

A Moment Out Of Yesterday

"Nobody has ever taken a photograph of something they want to forget. We can build a wall of happy Kodak moments around ourselves, a wall of our Christmases, birthdays, baby showers and weddings, but we can never forget that celluloid film is see through, that behind it, all the misery of life waits for our wall to collapse someday."
~Rebecca McNutt

On Thornton road, between the Woodbridge ecological Reserve, and the Cosumnes River Reserve, sits this picturesque old barn. I absolutely love it. I can think of about a hundred stories I could make up about it. Some spooky, some sweet and enduring, some that just make you scratch your head! The real history about this barn probably isn't all that profound. It's a barn, pure and simple. Most often barns are things of practicality... right? But every once in a while a truly wonderful story comes along that requires a barn as a co-star to it's main protagonist. Unfortunately, I am not a writer. I can barely write this blog. I am not sure what is wrong with my wiring, because I can write stuff in my head, but I have no talent for making it make sense of paper, or the pages of Ellipsis. As frustrating as that is, I am pleased to simply enjoy photographing cool structures like this barn, and let the bits of a 100 or so different stories bounce around my brain. Creatively, I am a visual person, but sometimes I wish I could write a story about a haunted barn, or a witch spending the night in an old barn because her broom was out of gas. Or maybe even something homespun, like The Waltons. You get the idea.


I wonder what the real story is about this gorgeous old barn?
 It's a really cool moment out of yesterday,
 and I'd like to know more about it!

Winter Orchard


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hanging On By A Blue Egret


"As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion?
~Stephen King
I was retired from political observation, right? Joe Biden being elected president would fix my need to drown myself in political scandal, intrigue, and tragedy... right? Okay, there would be the occasional hiccup, but that's to be expected. January 20th is the day I begin to heal from all I have feared the last 5 1/2 years. I will be able to sleep again. I'm going to take a six month nap, because the man who blew himself up on Christmas Day was a one-off. I will smile again. Sleep again. Eat without a pit in my stomach. No more feeling like I have to have MSNBC in every room that has a TV in it, because I am terrified that an idiot president might launch the nuclear codes.
What Was I thinking?
Yesterday, In The News
*As it turns out, if we haven't gotten our second stimulus check, we more than likely won't. We will have to apply for a credit on our tax return. That wasn't part of the deal. I mean, how exactly does that stimulate the economy? It was such a small amount that we were planning on using it to pay the taxes anyway, but it would have been nice to be able to at least put it in the safe in case something bad happens between now and April 15th. Thanks Mnuchin. And Trump.
*GOP leader Kevin McCarthy went to Florida for an audience with Donald Trump. A couple weeks ago, McCarthy said Trump was to blame for the attack on the Capitol.
*The Justice Department is warning of violence breaking out, before, during or after the upcoming Impeachment trial.
*This past week, Donald Trump created, "Office Of The Former President." Which is a new one. Ordinarily, former presidents simply go away and enjoy the rest of their lives. Not Cheeto-Jesus. He is apparently planning to insinuate himself into our lives for sometime to come.
*Not to be outdone, Melania Trump hired two assistants yesterday, to help her continue her work with her "Be Best" campaign. Again, most first ladies go quietly about their lives, in civilian life, and allow the incoming first lady to handle her new duties and platform without interruption or competition for attention. 
Donald Trump's supporters continue to believe that Joe Biden stole the election. He didn't, but that's not good enough for the cultists. They truly believe the lie. They believe their leader, because that's what unstable folks do. They believe the lie at all costs. Jobs, family, friends, neighbors, life in general ceases to matter, just their leader and achieving their ultimate goals. In this case, human life appears to matter very little to these folks. The goal must happen at all costs. See, Jonestown, The Branch Dividian Church, or Heaven's Gate cults. None of them ended without bloodshed. And a lot of devastated families. Life has repeated itself too many times, in my lifetime, to not notice the similarities with the Trump cult.
I want to be wrong, but I am terrified. All I want is a quiet life. For some rest from the lunacy of the last four years, and to have a little hope that societal and political tensions will calm. Politics will always be batshit, and it's never been for the faint of heart, but the level of stress and fear I have felt have had a detrimental affect on not just my mental health, but on my physical health as well. I am scared to death that I will never be able to live my life, without a Trump, somewhere, affecting every single day. I just want it to be over, now that it is over.
This past week I got to rest. I read a little from a new book I purchased. We watched some movies. I ate a little better. I did some photography, and listened to some music. I started a new playlist on Spotify. Encouraged a friend. All that sounds great, right? But little by little the fear has crept back in, as more unfolds about what all is happening in our American existence. America is a dark place to live, and it's getting darker. Trump, and some of his minions are off social media, so at least Twitter is a lot nicer place to be, but the batshit just never stops, and it is a concern of mine, that for it to stop, something tragic will have to take place. I am afraid we are going to see another day like 9/11, and the powers that be on the right, see it coming too, but don't care, because they are still scared to death of Donald Trump.
So, what's a more than causal observer of politics to do? I can care, or I can be the person who refuses see the unpleasantness so they can look away. Well, if those are my choices, you know where I fall. I have never been able to ignore politics. When I see the rise of fascism, the granting of credibility to conspiracy theories and attempted coups of America, how exactly do I look away? I can't. But I may try to find some balance. After all, Trump isn't in power... Biden is. I have my reading. My venting here. Autumn images. And I have my bird watching. All things I am currently enjoying. Although, bird watching is probably my favorite of the activities I mentioned. Sigh. The problem is, some days I feel like I am just barely hanging on by a blue egret. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Mockingbirds, Ghosts, Winter Storms And Dracula

"Listen to the night sky; the mockingbird
 always sings you my lullaby."


The Northern Mockingbird is one of those birds that seem to be increasing in numbers, as the winter migration continues. They are such pretty birds, but they are difficult to photograph, they move really fast. I photographed this one at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve in Lodi, California. I haven't seen one at my other haunt in Galt. And I haven't seen one in my neighborhood either, but one reason that might because we have some Scrub Jays, which seem a bit hostile and territorial, so I suppose that could be a reason. 
There is a big wind storm going on right now. I am in my office and it sounds like ghosts banging on the walls, and crying as they float through the house. It's not ghosts, but it's easy to imagine it could be. We have lived in our house going on six years, and I have never seen, or heard, a storm like the one that's happening right now. While it's kind of fun, I can only imagine the damage Stockton, and our yard in particular, will wake up to later today.
The night sky might have the sound of beautiful Mockingbirds, but tonight it carries the sounds of the an angry, powerful wind. Haunting and destructive. I hope all my bird friends are okay! The wind sounds like it would carry them away. It's spooky, which makes me very happy. It's almost like having autumn back! Maybe I will go watch a scary movie movie. I'm in the mood for Rosemary's Baby or perhaps, Halloween.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese And White Pelicans


"Birds were created to record everything.
 They were not designed to be beautiful jewels in the sky,
 but to serve as the eyes of heaven."
~Daphne du Maurier
The Birds And Other Short Stories
My love affair with discovering new birds continues. My latest set of photos, from my two favorite bird watching spots, Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, in Lodi, and the Cosumnes River Reserve, in Galt, have each provided me some exciting moments lately, in the pursuit of my newest hobby. Sandhill Cranes, which I never get tired of photographing, seem to be thinning out in numbers, but there is always a new opportunity to photograph a new bird I haven't seen before, as the cranes make their way south on their migratory path. My latest joy is in photographing the Snow Goose. A large flock of them finally stopped at the river in Galt. I had spotted them for the first time on January 10th, when Alan and I decided to explore birding possibilities in Rio Vista. I saw a large gathering on the side of the highway, but there was nowhere to stop and do a photo. The photos I did manage, out of a moving car no less, where okay, but they were definitely not up to my usual posting standards. You can imagine my delight when I found them in Galt, less than ten days later.
January 16th was a very good day for finding birds at the Cosumnes River Reserve. There were some of my favorites, like the Cinnamon Teal, and the Sanhill Crane, but the number of Snow Geese made it nearly impossible to not get some good photos. I got to see them up close and I was able to give the camera one hell of a workout doing some action photos as they landed. But as amazing as that opportunity was, I was ecstatic to see some, American White Pelicans, sunning themselves on a sandbar, in the middle of the  Snow Geese that were swimming in the river. It was an amazing find. I had no idea that pelicans came that far inland. I was under the impression that if I wanted to see one, it would require a trip to Bodega Bay, or perhaps Point Reyes. After doing a little research, it turns out they visit the delta every year, so I can now look forward to photographing them in the future. 
My mood is getting better. My depression is lifting. And dare I say it? I am happy! We are basically at the end of January, and I have counted 18 different birds species so far. I need to do some more editing and I need to do some yard photography, but I will be ending this month with a decent count of birds. I can't wait to see what birds I will discover in February. I need to check out some new places, and do some research into cities that have festivals in honor of birds, like Lodi does, around the Sandhill Crane, and the Snow Goose in Chico. I am pretty sure that, due to Covid-19, most festivals will be cancelled this year, just as they were in 2020, but visiting the web pages for festivals in prior years is a big help in planning for next year. The Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyby, is giving me something to look forward to in January of 2022!

Snow Geese
January 16th 2021
Cosumnes River Reserve
Galt, California
American White Pelican
Cosumnes River Reserve
January 16th 2021
Galt, California


January 20th 2021 Part Two

It's a slightly different format for this post. It was an unusual day, and it called for an unusual post on this blog.


First this happened

 "Power is okay, and stupidity is usually harmless.
 Stupidity and power together are dangerous."

~Patrick Rothfuss
The Name Of The Wind

As you might imagine, I didn't sleep very well during the overnight hours of January 20th 2021. I was sure it was over, and that he was going to leave, but there was the stomach churning feeling that he might still pull one last rabbit out of his hat. One last terrifying rabid rabbit, that would start a war, or perhaps nuclear war. Knowing him, both seemed a fairly reasonable possibility. If neither of those things happened, perhaps that recurring nightmare I told you about, could happen. But as of 8:17 AM Eastern Time, it was wheels up, and my camera was ready to take a photo, off the TV in our bedroom, as Trump was on his way to Joint Base Andrews, and ultimately Mara-Lago. Leaving behind his disgraced presidency, as the only president to be Impeached twice!

Next Came This...
Kamala Harris Took The Oath Of Office
Making History By Becoming The First Female
 Vice President Of The United States
At 11:42 AM ET


Joseph R. Biden Became The 46th President Of The United States

And with that, I decided to get caught up with all the sleep I had missed the last 4 years. We (America) were safe again. Or at least for a while. Trump, and his death cult, will still be hovering like a dark cloud, especially during his second Impeachment trial, which will begin, by the way, on February 9th 2021. But in the moment I, and most of the world, sighed a deep sigh of relief because were were finally safe again. We did it! We survived it.
Here are the headlines from around the world...

Plenty happened later that day, but I decided to take a few days off, and let history handle it. There will be plenty to share on this blog, as I move forward with regaining my footing. I'll get there, but there is no way I am going to push it. I am retired from politics now, or at least for the time being. I love my country, so I will share my happiness, and heartache, from time to time, but right now I'd much rather talk about my photography, and the silly little mishaps I tend to get myself into. This blog schedule will be more consistent going forward. Adjusting for Alan's hours, I will be posting as stated below. And that's that! I am going to enjoy not having a pit in the bottom of my stomach. Of not living with that abusive relationship. Just life, my life, our life, lived to the fullest. At least until 2024, when the next national election takes place. With any luck at all, every single one of the Trump's, and their sycophants, will be behind bars. With the exception of Mary Trump. She can stay.
But One Thing At A Time. Lets Enjoy This For A While.

Everything In It's Time.
(Blog Schedule For 2021)
Tuesday Through Friday