Monday, August 12, 2019

From The Truly Ridiculous To The Truly Macabre

"On a creep scale from
 Hello Kitty to Cthulhu, I award it a Freddy Krueger"

~Granuaile MacTiernan

The last few days have been sufficiently, macabre. I haven't bothered to write about current events in ages, mostly because current events no longer take place in the quaint old fashioned way of bits, bites, and booms that tended to randomly occur over days, weeks, or months. Instead, we now have hourly events of bytes booms and bangs, thanks in no small part to Twitter, and the charmingly loose senile orange toddler with nuclear devices as his only friends... no not the biscuit or football... but rather his damn mouth and Twitter fingers, Donald John Trump. 

That's right. The woman who bitched. Pissed. Moaned. Groaned. Spit, and generally lost her shit about every move made by George W. Bush, finally gave up. Trump broke me. I decided to let history keep track of life in the political world, because I simply couldn't keep up with whatever shocking misstep, intellectual fart, or social fuck-up he produced, let alone follow the endless line of cabinet miscreant slam dancing, he demanded be choreographed in the White House, and sometimes near the White House, at any given moment, on any given day. Enough! I had some depression to nurture! It's not like Bush made me any younger. And as for Obama... he made me lazy. Life was reasonably boring, quiet and non-eventful with him as president.

But enough of the reminiscing, and onto the macabre event that sent me back to blogging, if only for this post. History will remember the name, Jeffrey Epstein, like it has remembered the names of so many other notorious evil spirits of the past. History will unite him forever with other convicted pedophiles, and for what he was most recently charged with, human trafficking of under-aged girls. History will remember that he apparently provided many powerful men with these girls, which will forever unite those men with him. You are the company you keep! 

Prime Ministers. Kings. Presidents. Governors. And Donald Trump kept close company with Epstein. Many men visited Epstein's private island and flew in his airplane and private helicopter. He owned an apartment in Trump Tower, and partied often with Donald Trump. Does that act alone prove guilt of pedophilia? Does it mean any man on the list engaged in anything illegal? No, but I assume absolute proof, one way or the other, will be provided beyond a doubt one day. As the women come forward, and point directly at these men, it will all be laid bare, for all to see, but when it does, it will have to be without Jeffrey Epstein, because he was found unresponsive in his cell last Saturday morning, and later declared dead.

At the moment it's being called an apparent suicide. But there are folks on both sides of the political aisle, who want it to be murder so bad they can taste the dead body in their mouths. Conspiracy theories abound! Hillary must have done it! COUNT THE CLINTON MURDER VICTIMS! A.G. BARR DID IT TO SAVE TRUMP! "Jeffrey was scared, so he killed himself." "The guards hated pedophiles, so they did it." Twitter, was all atwitter, Sunday night, with the possibilities. Not much consideration given to his victims and what comes next for them, however, just one macabre theory after another about a dead man, with pictures of his lifeless, slightly cyanotic body lying on a gurney in a hospital in Manhattan, to provide proof that something happened on the second Saturday in August, In The Year Of Our Lord, 2019.

I'll keep you posted, unless history gets to it first!

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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy? 4th Of July

"Where freedom is there is my nation."

~Benjamin Franklin

One this Independence day
I just want to say to you, my faithful readers and friends...


Oh well, America had a good run! 

See you, hopefully, August 23rd, when I officially open Ellipsis for the autumn and winter seasons. 

I hope.


Friday, June 21, 2019

The Longest Day Of The Year

'The festival of the summer solstice speaks of love and light, of freedom and generosity of spirit. It is a beautiful time of the year where vibrant flowers whisper to us with scented breath, forests and woodlands hang heavy in the summer's heat and our souls become enchanted with midsummer magic."

~Carole Carlton
Mrs. Darley's Pagan Whispers
A Celebration of Pagan Festivals, Sacred Days, Spirituality and Traditions of the Year 

Summer, is here, faster than I thought it would be. This year is really moving along nicely. That means that in just 90 days, we will be starting autumn. If you've been reading my blog, for any length of time, or just happen to know me... at all... you already know how excited I am right now. Summer is a necessary evil, an annoyance to endure, until we to get to autumn, with it's earthly beauty, and colorful celebration of old age and death. Autumn, the one season that I feel truly alive. 

While we are only on the first day of summer, the hot weather in the Central Valley usually begins in middle of May. Thankfully, we have only had a few truly HOT days so far. But I anticipate that as we round the corner from June to July things will change in a big way. Last year, on the 4th of July, the heat was absolutely unbearable. I thought I would melt, but that evening was downright dreamy. Alan and I watched the fireworks, from our front yard, which has been our tradition since we bought the house. It was so much fun. 

This year, however, we are planning to head back to San Francisco, to enjoy one of our, now old fashioned, July 4th traditions of watching the fireworks, as we drive along the Embarcadero. We haven't done that in years, and I really miss it, so as you might imagine, I am really happy to see my lovely city again. It's going to be fun, and I am praying that I haven't jinxed the trip by sharing our plans. That has happened more times than I can count. LOL. Hopefully July, and summer,  and whichever demon is in charge of spoiling fun will be agreeable this year, as we navigate through, as Stephen King puts it, "treacherous summer."

 A truly necessary evil.

There is something equally treacherous about the first day of the summer, also being the longest day of the year!

Begins at 11:54 AM EDT N. of the Equator
As the sun is directly over the Tropic Of Cancer 
There will be 14.5 to 15 hours of sunlight
Sunrise: 5:48 am Sunset 8:43 pm PST 

San Francisco... we will be there soon!

Note: This is also the time of year I start getting myself back into the swing of blogging. I will be posting more often, as we move through the summer. New words. New photographs. Lots to share. Check back often for new content, usually a couple times a week or so. I will publish a new schedule soon. Thanks for bearing with me.

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

~Lady Bird Johnson

Happy Easter

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Saturday, April 20, 2019


"I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lined in and loved and where all your yesteryear's are buried deep, leave it any way except a slow way, leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better our because it is dead. Passed years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud, formidable from a distance."

~Beryl Markham
West With The Night 

Get ready to laugh. And believe me, it's okay if you do. You see, I just pulled the plug on my old AOL account. That's right. As of today... 2019... I pulled the plug. Why it took so long to unsubscribe from AOL, an ISP that's been in a metaphoric persistent vegetative state since I officially left AOL Journals in protest, in 2005, I don't know.  I know I am a procrastinator. I am also hopelessly sentimental. Both those things could be the reason. Or maybe I am just lazy. Shrug. Maybe it's all of the above. I don't know.

The AOL post that you see above was technically my last post, and I only did that one because a few of the AOL blog authors that remained after the big banner ad scandal, asked some of we originals to comeback for a limited reunion, and I didn't have the heart to not participate. AOL had recently decided to do away with the journals community altogether, so it with this last post, that I finally let go of the first blog/journals community I had belonged to and I never looked back.

I didn't really miss that blogging platform, after I got acquainted with Blogger. It was roughly the same, but it contained a lot more choices for customization. It wasn't long before I was on my way. It was a new beginning, which in retrospect I think I needed. I made some good friends on AOL and fortunalety they ended up on Blogger too, and I was able to continue a couple projects that we had started in the other community. The Round Robin photo chalenge was the most near and dear to my heart. I enjoyed it very much, but after a whileI just ran out of steam. It ran its course.

But I digress. AOL went through more than one change, as it found itself floundering with almost no idea who or what it wanted to be. It closed all the featured that made it user and community friendsly, right around the time it figured out that it made more money as an internet billboard. Ad revenue replaced customer loyalty. Eventually, it went completely free for members, and that was fine, if you didn't mind putting up with ads everywhere on the service. And I didn't. It was free to keep everything in place, so no big deal.

Well, last year things changed again, and now it costs $4.99 a month for access to basic features. I paid the cost for a few months, and then finally decided, let go. I would still have the email accounts, although I am in the process of moving those screen names to GMAIL. When that task is completed, who knows, maybe I will simply pretend it never existed to begin with. When I close a door, I like for the door to remain shut, and as I grow older, I am finding it to be the best policy for lots of stuff.

Never look back. Just keep walking toward the sun. And I think I kinda love making this change right now, what with spring being about new beginnings and all. There is a proper symmetry to it.

That time I came home from a day of photography, to find Dylan had got on my desk and typed HELP into the AOL search, about a dozen times. I guess it was the cat version of yelling... STRANGER DANGER! 

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spring Equinox

"The festival of all the spring equinox speaks of freshness and youth, of excitement an endless possibilities. Nature begins to quicken and early flowers open to the warmth of the strengthening sun, bringing the colors of lemon and yellow into our lives on the wings of a March wind."

~Carole Carlton
Mrs. Darley's Pagan Whispers:
A Celebration of Paan Festivals,
 Sacred Days and Traditions Of The Year

It's the first day of spring. The spring equinox. Only one more season to get through, or if I take the long way, the three months of spring, and the three months of summer. I prefer taking my way. Only one more season to go... and we arrive at autumn!

This was the best photo of the moon I could get because of the heavy cloud cover, but I will keep checking to see if I can get a better one. Check back, hopefully the clouds will break a little.


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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Eagle And Bear

"It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done."

~Vincent Van Gogh

I couldn't visit Lake Tahoe, without photographing at least one sculpture. The town is filled with beautiful art pieces, a lot of them are woodcarvings such as this one, which sits outside the Riva Grille. It's a powerful piece, and I've admired it for a long time! There was just something about viewing it for the first time, while it was covered in snow, that made it especially interesting to me. I should have photographed it long before now, but a part of me is glad I waited until the perfect time. I want to photograph it again, from different angles. I think this might become one of my favorite sculptures!

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~Me  :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Ice Fringe

"Water in all it's forms is what carries
 knowledge of life throughout the universe."

~Anthony T. Hincks 

The first of the ice-sickles I saw on the way to Lake Tahoe last Saturday, were in a small runoff from the mountains into the American river, which runs along highway 50. This particular photo was taken on the south fork of the river, which runs through part of the El Dorado National Forest, just south of Kyburz, California. It's an amazingly beautiful drive, and I have done a lot of autumn photos along this same stretch of highway, it never disappoints, but this was my first winter drive through there, and I have to say, winter really rivaled autumn for most breathtaking season specific scenery I have seen in a while! Winter will never replace magical autumn in my heart, but it certainly inspired me. Especially the way the ice formed fringe on these rocks! I absolutely loved the challenge of photographing them, and I want to do more photography very soon!

South Lake Tahoe

I am planning another trip to north in a few weeks, so keep checking back for more winter photos! Tomorrow I will post the last of my photos from last Saturday. There are still plenty of snow scenes to share with you!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Ghosts Od Fallen Leaves

"Are ye the ghosts of fallen leaves, O flakes of snow, for which, through naked trees, the winds A-mourning go?"

~John Banister Tabb 

Last Saturday was a good day to visit Lake Tahoe. There had been about four days since the last serious dusting of snow had come through the hills, and it was a balmy 25 degrees outside, so I made the most of the weather, and got my butt up to the Sierra! As you will see, these are not my best photographs, because I need a lot more practice with the color white. Shrug. Practice makes perfect, so I am hoping to get back up to the Sierra in the coming weeks. Perhaps I will visit a different part of Tahoe next time, or maybe even a different side of the foothills. I'd love to go to Yosemite or maybe Plumas county. I'm not sure right now what my destination will be, but no matter where I end up, it will be beautiful, because there will be snow, and perhaps even an autumn leaf or two. Well, I hope so anyway. 

I will be posting more photos from my trip to Lake Tahoe later this week, so be sure to check back. Next up... Fun With Ice-sickles!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Full Snow Moon (February 2019)

"Why does February feel like one big Tuesday?"

~Todd Stocker

I haven't posted much here lately, but I have been managing some photography to keep my creative juices flowing. I will be catching up my blog with plenty of posts this week. Words may be few however, because my carpal tunnel is still flaring pretty badly. But, in times like these, I am trying to I remember Steven encouraging me to do photography around the house, and maybe the yard, to get me through between photo jaunts. He gave me some good advice, photographing simple subjects really does help.

So, if you check my Twitter timeline, you will see lots of photos of my lunches and the cats, and I even did a few videos, which was fun too, but it's this kind of photography I enjoy the most. The kind where I check the weather, plan out the clothing I will need, and then go out and get the photo! Fortunately, all I had to do was step off the porch to accomplish it. I love photographing the full moon. I have been doing it since my early days on AOL, and Ive never gotten tired of it. The moon is an old friend, comforting and trustworthy, mysterious and beautiful. That is the best of everything, rolled up into one perfect subject!

From February 18th 2019

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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Blues I See

"What if the blue I see is not the same color blue you see?"

~Neo Shamon

That blue California scrub jay simply took my breath away. It was sitting in a tree skeleton, in my neighbor's yard, just chirping away. There was a storm last Sunday, and it was another one of those kinds of storms that threatens to turn into a tornado on a whim. It never did, of course, but for a while it made things really interesting! Anyway, storms or not, I seem to be seeing a lot of blue. If not in the sky itself, then in things that fly in the sky. In this case the blue California scrub jay that is making a home in my yard. 

I guess it's a good thing I am finding some inspiration close to home, because my carpal tunnel has been really bad of late, so doing much with the camera is difficult. I can barely type this post, but I had to because it's good for me to make the effort of staying out of my shell, which is what I tend to do the moment autumn ends. Hibernation must end. I want to see the four seasons this year, and to do that, I must keep my creativity sharpened. So, there might be pictures posted here this week, but the words may be few. That's a good thing, I think, I will just let the pictures do the talking.

 There is a lot more blue to come this week!

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Monday, January 28, 2019

A Single Dove

Peace Of Man

Greet each man with words of love
and peace
And a dove will be placed
on an olive tree.
Leave a man with feelings of betrayal
or envy
And a dove gets shot off the olive tree.
Greet each man with peace
And leave each man with love.
Ask yourself...
One more enemy?
Or one more dove?
Always choose love.
It's time for everybody to
Speak love.
Let's fill the trees with doves
And spread the leaves of love.
Always add
And never subtract
Another peace of man
From the olive tree.

~Suzy Kassem
Rise Up And Salute The Sun: The Writings Of Suzy Kassem 

I didn't do much new photography this week, in fact last Sunday, during the storm, was the last significant bit of photography I was able to do. Fortunately, from that one day, I got a chance to cover a lot of my favorite subjects, so I decided to not push my body to do too much. BuT yesterday, I heard a lovely sound of a dove in the yard, and I just had to take it's photo! It was perched, all by itself, high up in my next-door neighbors tree. The sun was hitting it just right, to give it a lovely glow. I am really beginning to love these birds! I already have an Eurasian Collared Dove in my file, but it was fine, they are so pretty, I can't imagine not photographing them every time I get the opportunity to do so.

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Friday, January 25, 2019


"I live in a place that's only good for leaving."

~Courtney Summers

In case you haven't noticed, I have posted more this month, the first month of 2019, than I did last year at this time. In fact, this is the most posts in January, since 2015! What changed? Well, I am finally comfortable in my life. The most comfortable as I have been since moving. I am not 100% happy, that probably won't change until Trump is out of office, but I am comfortable in the house, and in Stockton. I have learned to venture out of the house, and find my way around, and I have some confidence in my photography as it applies to my semi-rural existence. I have gotten used to San Francisco not being a heartbeat away. I have stopped fighting my grief. I guess I have finally reached the acceptance of my situation, that will finally help me heal.

Acceptance... the 5th and final stage of grief, is the most important step to regaining your life, is perhaps the most difficult of the 5 to achieve, at least it was for me. It is, however a necessary evil, and by having let go, I have completed the necessary steps to feel free from the overwhelming hatred I felt for 2015. I think I feel better, but at the same time, I feel an familiar feeling of sadness for what's been left behind. San Francisco is my love, but at least my new town, of Stockton, and I can be friends! Finally! So, here is a new gallery of photographs from the Central Valley, taken last Sunday, during that fascinating storm that came through he Big Valley. So much light. So many clouds. And the beautiful rural towns, a little bit east of my new home!

Sights From The Central Valley Towns

Ione, California

Herald, California

I am already looking forward to the next winter storm!

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