Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Face In The Crowd: HWY 580

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
 but rather sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Just when I really need to stop taking life so serious, along comes something that makes me smile. Like the smile on the back of this truck. I don't think it's a smile on purpose, but rather that just happens to be the way that particular container is close. But then again, maybe the manufacturer saw the chance to make the product serve two purposes. It's original purpose, and then why not make folks smile if they have to look at the back of a commercial truck in heavy traffic? Sure. Why not? It's a good idea. I know it put a smile on my face, and it made the traffic a lot less daunting. Cool. Right?

By any chance, do you know what the original purpose
 of the smile container/object/tool is?
 If you do, please feel free to chime in! 

"If I saw you hitchhiking, I'd smile and return your thumbs up, 
just for doing such a good job of being
 a positive roadside influence."

~Jarod Kintz

Leaf Of The Day
October 10th, 2015

 Mood: Happy

~Me :)

Friday, October 09, 2015

The Boehner Of Their Existence

"If a man harbors any sort of fear,
 it makes him landlord to a ghost."

~Lloyd Douglas

Forget Halloween, the world of American politics is plenty scary these days! Can you feel surprised, and not surprised at the same time? Because I have been feeling that way when it comes to the latest Washington doings, specifically in regards to John Boehner and the issue of who will replace him as Speaker of the House. I was genuinely surprised when Boehner stepped down as speaker, and truth be told, I felt sorry for him. I really thought when he rose to that position, he would be strong enough to serve, well, until things changed through the people's voice. I never thought in a million years he would resign the office due to pressure from the wingnuts in the GOP, AKA the Tea Party teabaggers, and their demands for the selfish and unreasonable. You know... things like shutting down the government until we make Dixie the national anthem, and Sarah Palin their Goddess. 

His resignation wasn't good for anyone, but lets be clear, I am not a fan of Boehner. Nope. But he did have something going for him, he was a Reagan republican, meaning he didn't go about bashing members of his own party, and he did the best he could to represent all of the GOP, and not just the agendas of a few, crazy, unreasonable, selfish individuals. I think the time of the true Reagan republican has probably come to an end. Since the rise of Sarah Palin to the national stage, we have seen a dark time in America. The age of the stupid and mean spirited agenda is upon us. It's never again going to be enough to have accomplished something, no, now you have to have a political kill on your resume, even, and sometimes especially, if the kill is within the GOP's own party. And the GOP has no one to blame for this current predicament but themselves.

They built the house of cards that will come down upon them.

It also didn't much surprise me when House Majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, took himself out of the running for replacing Boehner. He, again, is a lot like Boehner in political style, and in his speech yesterday, he hinted strongly that his decision to step back was based at least partially because he wasn't willing to bow to the far right of his party, when it comes to the fight over the debt ceiling. The Tea Party has already said they would not support Boehner or anyone else who votes to raise the debt ceiling again, which means, in effect, they plan to shut the government down when the vote comes up again in December. 


The ignorance is simply unbelievable. The possible damage will be deep, and far reaching, and once it happens it will be devastating and difficult to repair. America will never be the same again, and when it happens it will happen to all of us, not just those who hunger for the downfall that's coming! I fear watching that devastation. I hate that those selfish tea party politicians are serving themselves, while deceiving their own constituents into thinking they are representing their best interests. After it happens, and the devastation is felt by all, their every day voting supporters will see them for what they are. I hope. But I do wonder what will happen when the Tea Partiers in office finally realize the consequences of what they are about to do? Will they suddenly grow a conscience? Or is it possible that the ghost of Ronald Reagan visit them in the middle of the night just prior to the debt ceiling vote and warn them of the imminent visitation of 3 more ghosts of the past, present and future? 

Who knows?

All I know is these are scary times. And their is a lot to fear.
 And that means ghosts are everywhere!

Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy, scary ride!

Leaf Of The Day
October 9th, 2015

Mood: Curious

~Me :)

Thursday, October 08, 2015


"It was a beautiful, bright autumn day with air like cider 
and a sky so blue you could drown in it."

~Diana Ganaldon

It's a little difficult to post a "Leaf Of The Day" project to your blog, if you have an ISP that has issues causing it to go out several times a week. That's what's been happening in my world lately, most recently, Monday evening. I don't know what's going on with AT&T Uverse in the Stockton area, but since I had it installed, about a month ago, the service has gone out several times. I have had 8 repair/technicians in my house in just this last month. They always shrug and say... "I dunno." And as they have replaced the gateway, the DVR box and most recently, yesterday, they replaced the entire line out of the house to the main pole. Hopefully that will take care of the issue, but I think I would like to see a full month, without an issue, before I will breath easily. 


I have to admit, it hasn't been making my current blue mood any less blue, which is why Alan suggested that he and I get out of the house for the day yesterday, and head down to Berkeley. We walked out in the sunshine and cool air of Tilden. I did some leaf peeping and photos by my favorite little foot bridge, and we picked up lots and lots of cheese from the Cheese Board Collective down on Shattuck, in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto. It's always an amazing treat to stop in there. I will be posting some photos later this week of the cheeses we purchased, because cheese is almost as photogenic as autumn leaves!

It was good for me to get out with the camera, and clear my head a bit. It's been one hell of a year, but ruminating on things isn't doing me any good, in fact it is only deepening the sadness I have been feeling. So, I got the cameras ready, and off we went! Berkeley isn't quite filled with autumn splendor just yet, but there are gorgeous pops of color here and there that just made my heart dance! The trip home reminded me that autumn is here, and it's time to plan some day trips for us to go on. Apple Hill. Lake Tahoe. Carson City, Nevada. Plumas National Forest. Monterey and Carmel! It's all waiting for me and the camera! So, that's what I will be doing the next few days, planning some trips to take during the next few weeks. Our vacation officially begins on Tuesday, which is also our 25th Wedding Anniversary, and I don't want to waste a minute on anything as useless as depression!

Stay Tuned For Vacation Updates!

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( October 6th, 2015 )

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October 8th, 2015

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Monday, October 05, 2015

The Cat In The Window

"I am what I am. I would tell you what you want to know if I could, for you have been kind to me. But I am a cat, and no cat anywhere ever gave anyone a straight answer."

~Peter S. Beagle
The Last Unicorn

That kitty in the window is my Joey. He is Alan's Joey too, of course, but it's me he snuggles when it's time for bed. At least he used to. You see, we moved the little guy into a big house. It's the biggest space he has ever lived in. The cottage in Berkeley was a one bedroom, with a tiny office space. The hotel room was almost the same size as the cottage, only laid out slightly differently, but this place is 3 bedrooms, and two bathrooms, and a big family room/laundry area and it's all quite overwhelming for him sometimes. Truth be told, it's overwhelming for me as well! I don't know if I want to live here forever. It's a lot to deal with. Ideally, one day I will be able to comeback to the Bay Area. I am not picky, about where I am, as long as we are all happy. 

At the moment, I am restless. I don't know if the emotional end of this adventure is finally catching up with me, or what it is, but I am blue. Sad meanies. It's been a hell of a year, I am ready to just stop for a while, which it seems we have, it's just since we moved in here, Joey has refused to come into our room at night. He won't go down the long hallway that leads to the bedroom. Dylan and Hendrix do, they are by my side every night, but Joey will have none of it! NOPE. WON'T DISCUSS IT! I just miss my boy. So that is adding to my mood. I trying to be patient. I know he will work through it at some point, but until then, I just wish everything was back to normal. I wish Joey would come sleep with me tonight. I miss his big, warm paws.

I suppose we are just in a period of adjustment.

This too shall pass.

Leaf Of The Day
October 5th, 2015
Mood: Happy But Sad

~Me :)

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Blessings Be On This House

"Blessings be on this house", Granny said, perfunctorily. It was always a good opening remark for a witch. It concentrated people's minds on what other things might be on this house."

~Terry Pratchett
Witches Abroad

Isn't she lovely? That stylish little witch is my very first bit of Halloween decoration for the house this year! She came yesterday, in a box from I kinda dig her pearls, and that cute purple dress. She has a mind of her own. She's shy. She absolutely refuses to face the neighborhood, favoring instead to fly repeatedly into the kitchen window. LOL. A good witch does have a mind of her own methinks. She makes us smile anyway, and so whatever she says goes. No since pissing off a witch this close to Halloween... right?


Leaf Of The Day
October 4th, 2015

Mood Happy

~Me :)