Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well Did Ya? :)

"A woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water."

-Nancy Reagan

Yes, that's right. I am officially home. :) I had a wonderful time, so much so, that I considered staying on permanent vacation. I didn't realize how tired I was. I took my laptop with me to Nevada, so I would be able to post a picture or two from my travels, but when I got to the hotel I found out that there would be an additional charge to do so. AOL isn't the most dependable service anymore. If I leave my computer for longer then 30 minutes, I usually comeback to find out that I have been dropped "due to inactivity." Now before AOL dumps me off I usually get a little question box asking me if I want to remain online, but that only works if I am within earshot of the computer.

Sigh. I pay for unlimited access, so to be kicked offline because I need to do something in another part of my house, for longer then 30 minutes, is completely annoying. With that in mind, I just couldn't bring myself to pay for the additional access charges it would have cost, to keep up to date like I do when I am home. So, a few days completely away, seemed to be what fate had in store for me. And that was a good thing I think, because I now feel a lot more refreshed and hopefully Ellipsis will seem a little fresher then it has recently.

Ok, now onto the question of the week. Did you remember to wear pink? Have you been thinking pink? I wore my pink yesterday, and I promised to share, so I will. I wore a favorite fuzzy pink sweater, and pink under-things. All to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. Now of course no one knew I was wearing my pink undies, but I did, and there is nothing like wearing pretty under-things to make a girl feel good. I was also wearing a pink ribbon all day, and a smile, as I greeted each person I met out in the world. At the end of the day, I mailed two important pieces of mail, my pink lids to Yoplait Yogurt, for their, "Save Lids To Save Lives," campaign, and my absentee ballot. I thought I was going to be out of town for the primary, so I took no chances and requested an absentee ballot. Voting is important to me, especially during this rather bitter primary season. Frankly, I don't remember a year quite as nasty as this one.

I was rather surprised at how dirty the politics in Nevada is. It was all the news that was fit to print while I was there. The scandal involving Republican, Jim Gibbons is pure sleaze at it's best, and in the democratic camp, opponant, Dina Titus, has her own problems. What amazed me, was the fact that the bitter, sleazy, and smarmy campaign goings on in Nevada, made the California governor's race look like child's play. Sigh. All this back stabbing, all this money poured into dirty politics, not for our benefit, but indeed, for our representatives own greedy self-promotion and personal agendas. How could I not think about how much better that money would be spent in medical research? Every dollar donated, puts us all that much closer to finding a cure to many different types of cancer. As long as we keep putting the same selfish individuals in office, we get what we get. Speaking of selfish individuals, did you happen to hear about the heartless comments made by Rush Limbaugh?

When I first heard them, I felt my stomach go into a knot. That was a new low, even for him, but then I thought about the source, and a smile came over my face. Rush, baby, just keep running your mouth. Keep saying all the heartless, arrogant, ignorant things that occur to you, because every time you do, you demonstrate to the world what is at the heart of the republican party. Attractive... isn't it? Now of course, Rush Limbaugh isn't an elected politician, and more then likely never will be, but he speaks on behalf of conservatism in America, at least as he see it, and he is an example that some in America follow. Good or bad. I support his right to speak the truth as he sees it, I just don't know how he sleeps at night, knowing that his opinion is counted on by his listeners. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility, personal attacks on others should never be accepted. Sigh. I am aware that he doesn't speak for every republican, when he says things like he did the other day, but what I don't understand is, why anyone would listen to that kind of hurtful nonsense to begin with?

Rush Limbaugh On The Offensive Against Ad With Michael J Fox

Michael J Fox Responds

Michael J. Fox Foundation

"Pink Rose"
Half Moon Bay, California
October 22, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Excuse Me, But I Must Be Skedaddling Now...

"A vacation is what you take, when you can't take what you have been taking, any longer."


As of right now, I am officially out of here! The next five days will be the out-of-town portion of my vacation, so at 8:30 AM today, I will be on my way to Nevada! If all goes well, I will be bringing back 2,000 photos from the various places I have mapped out to visit. Among the stops are, Sacramento, Auburn, Placerville, Lake Tahoe, Donner, Carson City, Virginia City and all the neon of Reno! Wish me light and good luck, I will be thinking of you! Be good while I am gone... ok?

Love, Carly :)

"Autumn Moment"
Half Moon Bay, California
October 22, 2006

PS I may post an entry while I am gone, and I will be checking in, you just never know with me! Tee Hee. ;)

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Things You Made

"Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties."

-Gail Sheehy

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something you've made. Pottery, cookies, a drawing or painting, a poem or a pipe cleaner stick man - it's all good, it just has to have been made by you. Show off your creativity.

-John Scalzi (By The Way)

Tee Hee. This is an excellent choice for a Monday Photo Shoot Assignment, because as it just so happens, our blogfather, John Scalzi, has picked a subject that is eerily similar to our current Round Robin Photo Challenge theme, "The Creative Side Of You," which was chosen by our good friend, and fellow Robin, Pat (DesLily). LOL. Like my good friend Steven said, "great minds think alike," and he is so right! So, now we will have a very unique chance to share our creative side twice, and who knows, we might discover we are move creative then we thought we were!

Above you see a country hat, that I decorated myself. A few years back I did a lot of country type craft projects. Twig Wreaths, Bird Houses, Hats, Flower Arrangements, and so on. I was working in a flower shop at the time, and I picked up a lot of creative ideas for decorating. I had been planning on opening a small home based business, and happened. :) So, I embarked on yet another of life's "plan B's." No worries, I still enjoy doing this type of craft, but the last few years the only country type crafts I have made for my home have been...Ooooooops...can't tell ya just yet, you will have to tune into my blog on Wednesday, November 1st, to see what I will be posting for the Round Robin Photo Challenge! Tee Hee.

If you would like to join us for the challenge, just pay a visit to the official Round Robin Blog to learn all the details. We always enjoy having new players, and it is a great way to meet new friends and have new folks visit your blog or journal. All are welcome to join in, no matter where you post your entries. :)

"Country Hat"
Berkeley, California
October 23, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Family Day & Thinking Pink

"A year, ten years from now, I'll remember this; not why, only that were here like this, together."

-Adrienne Rich

Yesterday, Sunday, was a blast for Alan and I, it was our 16th official, "Family Day." That is a holiday, he and I made up, while we were on our honeymoon, as a day we would set aside to celebrate with the children we planned to have one day. We thought it would be nice to have a special day, between our anniversary on October 13th, and our favorite holiday, Halloween. It would be the official day we chose our pumpkins, and what could be more fun then sharing that experience with children? Alas, we never had children, there were many reasons why it just never happened for us, but he and I always celebrate, "Family Day," and have such a good time together, just the three of us. How could we have a family day, and not include Elvis? LOL.

Early in the morning we took a long drive to Pastorino's pumpkin patch, in Half Moon Bay, then we took a drive up HWY 1 into San Francisco, stopping at some wonderful pumpkin farms along the way. The city was gorgeous, with a nice blend of that perfect autumn weather you will find if you visit San Francisco in October, lovely sunshine one minute, and cool fog rolling in heavy the next. The shadows it creates are amazing, and quite wonderful for a shutterbug like myself. And the boats and ships on Richardson Bay, in Sausalito, were stunning! :) Here are some of the views we had yesterday...

I should mention that we usually celebrate, "Family Day," on October 23rd, there is a long story why, but I will save that for another time. LOL. So, for this year, it was, "Family Day Observed." LOL. :)

Also yesterday, I wore PINK to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer. Have you been saving your special pink Yoplait yogurt lids? Have you been sending them in? Remember that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." Get involved, make a difference! See my sidebar for links to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Yoplait Yogurt's "Save Lids To Save Lives," campaign. I am going to wear pink again next Friday, if you haven't already had your day of pink, will you consider joining me? I'll post my outfit, if you will post yours! ;)

"Never let go of hope. One day, you will see that it all has finally come together, what you have always wished for had finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself, "How did I get through all that?"

Family Day "Observed"
October 22, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's A Squirrel

"You can't be suspicous of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideaology of a violet."

-Hal Borland

Ladies, and gentlemen, my readers, this is a squirrel! It's not a dangerous animal that is going to kill you in your sleep, or hide out with it's friends, just waiting for you to leave your house alone, so they can corner you and steal the wig off your head. It's not talking about you behind your back, it's not a's a squirrel.

I am speaking, only slightly in the abstract here, because Friday while I was in Pacific Grove, I saw a couple, who obviously hadn't educated themselves, on what a squirrel is, hit one with a Coke bottle. An event which left my mood less then wonderful the rest of my day, and gave me nightmares last night.

Here is how it happened. There is a particular place Alan and I like to take a picnic lunch to, when we drive down the central coast. It's a peaceful place, near the water, and as it happens, it has a large population of squirrels. They are extremely tame, because they have been around a lot of people so they have come to be aware of their surroundings, and interact well with the public. A lot of folks enjoy feeding them, but it is a no-no to do so, because you don't want to give them something that might not agree with what their natural diet should be.

Unfortunately, because of the feeding, they sometimes come up to you at the picnic tables, or the benches, and are friendly and pleasant to be around, but they usually beg for a taste of whatever you are having. I have NEVER seen one be aggressive, or anything less then manageable. See, if you want to discourage them from being around you, don't feed them. It really does work. They become bored and move onto the next person's picnic. They don't hang around where there isn't food. Apparently the couple we saw assault the squirrel Friday, hadn't taken the time to find out about what wildlife you need to be concerned about.

When you go to a national park, monument, or seashore, you are going to encounter wildlife. Butterflies, dragonflies, deer, rabbits, raccoons, spiders, seals, sea lions, cats, rats, gophers, squirrels, and maybe even the occasional moose, depending on where you are. Right? You are in their space, they are a part of the natural terrain. If you are in their territory, a little respect is called for. In this day and age, no one should be unable to either pick up a book and do some research, or hop onto the net and find out the facts.

It hurt my feelings, angered me, and offended me, to see a small ground squirrel, hop onto a bench, sit up on it's hind legs with it's hand stretched out, only to be knocked off the bench with a blow to it's head. When it landed on the ground, it put it's paw to it's head, as if rubbing the spot that hurt, and seemed a little shaken. I got mad, and yelled out my car window at the offensive couple in an attempt to stop them from doing further harm. She yelled back at me, which gave me a great deal of joy, because she ended up embarrassing herself as others looked on toward her... not me.

All I wanted to do was get her to stop hitting the squirrel, and give it a chance to get away. When a squirrel becomes frightened, it stands still, which is what this one was doing. She may had interpreted that as defiance. So, I was glad that doing a small thing, stopped a bad situation from becoming worse. Here is the thing. I do know that squirrels can be a nuisance, and I do know that there are traps that can be purchased or rented from local animal shelters to remove them safely, for you, and the squirrel. Damaging a part of nature, when there is ever another course to take, is the irresponsible way to handle things.

I understand about fear. I, at one time, was afraid of everything, including my own shadow, then one day I got tired of living my life in fear, and did something about it. Now, when I am afraid of something, I get proactive and educate myself regarding the object frightening me. It's the only way to live. I was once deathly afraid of opossums, since I did a little research, I have found out what amazing and fun creatures they are. Don't let their appearance fool you, they are kind, and actually clean little critters. If you don't like them in your yard, or if they have gotten into your garbage and made a mess, educate yourself on the facts. Is there something you can do to discourage their visits? Are you inadvertently part of the problem?

I was glad that yelling a simple, "Hey lady... knock it off," out my car window did the trick, because I didn't want to have to pick up my cell phone and call the police and a park ranger. Beware, harming an animal, in a national park, in California, is against the law. I am sure there are similar laws in each state. So, if you go to a park or beach or any other spot where you are likely to encounter nature, and you are unsure about what to be concerned about, it's really simple to do a little research so that you don't have to worry about things, and can enjoy your visit. If on the other hand, you are the ignorant lady from the other day... SHAME ON YOU!

The Squirrel Place

Compassionate Action Institute

Project Wildlife: Living With Squirrels

"Little Squirrel"
October, 2006