Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 31~The Color Yellow

"What a horrible thing yellow is."

~Edgar Degas

"There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transfer a yellow spot into the sun."

~Pablo Picasso


"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun."

~Vincent Van Gogh

Three of my favorite artists... each with a different perception of the color yellow.

Yellow... I guess it is one of those colors either you love or you hate! Personally, I have gone back and forth over the years regarding the color yellow. In my teens, my bedroom was decorated in shades of green and yellow. It seemed like it would be a happy, energizing color to paint my room, so my mom and I went to the paint store and picked out a shade of yellow that could only be described as... SUNNY. It was energizing alright, to the point it was distracting. Don't get me wrong it was a beautiful color, that would have been amazing as the trim, but as the main color of the room it was a lot to take in.

I had that color on the walls for about a year, and then I settled into a nice lettuce green, which stayed on the walls of my room for the next 3 years, after that my parents painted it a nice shade of blue. But during my yellow and green time in life, it was nice to have all that color to inspire me creatively. I think that time in my life when almost everything in my life was either of those two colors, it made be begin to appreciate other colors more. When your walls are white, you don't think about different colors all that much. Well, at least I didn't. I don't know if what I learned all those years ago had much influence on what objects I tend to gravitate to with my photography, but I do know when a yellow object presents itself, I tend to try to soften the overall look of the photo.

I did happen to learn one more thing about the color yellow... I can't wear it. Not at all. It makes me look... well... sick. LOL. 

~ Me :)

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the color yellow is? How it affects us psychically or how yellow affects our sense of smell? Well, if the answer is YES great, you're in luck. Just click the link below to be redirected to information about all things yellow!

Sensational Yellow

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Friday, June 08, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 30~Spaghetti... A Love Affair

"Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner."

~Sophia Loren

Sigh. Weep. :(

Forgive me while I mourn. I heard the shocking and sad news today, on the afternoon news, that Banchero's is closing it's doors after years of serving the BEST Italian food in the East Bay since it's opening in 1948. My parents were eaten Banchero's wonderful food since long before I was born. In fact, it was the first restaurant they ate at after moving to the East Bay in 1949. So, I can truthfully say I have eaten there my whole life... and it's NO joke!

OMG... I don't know how it will be to never have their amazing spaghetti or garlic bread again, well actually, I do...It will be really sad. Alan and I have spent many a Friday night passing a container of their, spaghetti with meat sauce, back and forth while watching something spooky on TV. In my youth, my friends and I would pick up some take-out from Banchero's to share on game night. Each of us would choose a different item from the vast menu, so we all got a little bit of everything. It was a special time. I hate what's happened to the economy.

Honestly... so many good shops and restaurants have closed in the last few years, all or most due to the downturn in the economy. It's been frustrating to see really good, quality businesses close their doors because of some stupid decisions made by incompetent politicians. One by one I have watched as places I love simply fade to a distant memory... it's sad...and those people and places that are now gone have left my heart in tatters.

Alan and I had one of Banchero's amazing family style meals just a couple week's ago. Now it seems like it was forever ago. I know it sounds strange that I got this attached to a restaurant, but it's the memories, the special times, and yes the food to, but mostly, it's the memories. Oh my. I guess the older I get, the more loss I will experience so I better toughen up... right? If only I could. Sigh.

As I told a friend once... Once I find a person, or a place, I put down roots. I am a sentimental person. Once you are in my heart, you are there forever, and if you leave, that empty space stays empty, because I don't believe people or places are replaceable. It's just how I am wired. I love deep, and get over things really slow. It sucks sometimes, but I know that eventually the sadness gets easier to take, and I tend to focus on the good times, and not the goodbyes. Although tonight... I am thinking about all those people and places that have moved on without me.


Goodbye Banchero's... thanks for the memories. I will remember you always.

Addio Bancheros grazie per i ricordi io ti ricordo sempre

"Everything you see, I owe to Spaghetti."

~Sophia Loren

Banchero's Italian Dinners Closing it's Doors  (San Jose Mercury News)

~Me :)

Now, go check out what my friend JR is seeing with his camera... he is an awesome photographer, and he's been a loyal participant in my memes! Thank you JR! :)


Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day29~Golden Opportunities

"Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator., another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail."

-Og Mandino

Can you believe it? This photo was taken on December 22 2011! I love California for so many reasons, but as a photographer, the main reason is because it's just so amazingly photogenic. Personally, I would have enjoyed a cold, rainy, possibly snowy week of Christmas, but I can't deny how beautiful it was last December, and the view from up here in the Berkeley hills was gorgeous!

~Me :)

This is day 29 of my A Photo A Day For 6 Months challenge. If would like to join me, you are more than welcome to. Post your photo, and come back here with a direct link back to it. I will share your link in my post for tomorrow. No theme to follow, just whatever you want to share.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 28: Shades Of Gray

"Shades of grey wherever I go
The more I find out the less I know
Black and white is how it should be
But shades of grey are all the colors I see."

~Billy Joel

Lately I have been considering Black/White photography, but not how you might think. The photos you see in this entry appear to be b/w but are in fact in color. I have experimenting with this for a couple years now. The first photo was achieved on a cold, snowy day in December 2009. My original thought was to simply photograph the rare snow event here in the East Bay, but as I walked around Tilden Park, taking the snowy landscape in, I realized that there was a better opportunity... that of photographing the natural lack of color caused by the snow. It had never occurred to be that the landscape would be altered so much by the snow, At least not to the point of seemingly loosing it's natural color. It's fascinating to me. It's definitely worth pursuing I think.

The eggs in the second photo appear just the way they were displayed in the carton. I wasn't looking to do a b/w photograph, it was simply the way the photo came out. I thought about taking the eggs out of the carton, and placing them in a colored bowl, or maybe adding some dye to give them a little more character, but as I snapped away I came to really enjoy the shades of grey that was happening simply through angles and natural lighting. I keep learning new things with my camera, and therefore I am continuing to grow in my photographic style and instinct. It's exciting to me. Photography has taught me so much about life, timing, and passion. It's invaluable.

~Me :)

My friend JR is an awesome photographer, and he has been joining me on my quest for APAD For 6 Months. And you are invited to join us. Just post your photo and come back here with the link that goes back to it. I will include your link with tomorrow's post.


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 27: California Primary

"Voters quickly forget what a man says."

~Richard Nixon

Today, Tuesday, is a primary day in California. I have already cast my ballot, I always do so by mail because I appreciate being able to double check on the different initiatives and candidates before making my decisions. Also, in recent years, it just feel more comfortable than voting in person. A few years back my polling place was held in the fellowship hall of a local church. I don't know... it just felt wrong to me. Don't get me wrong, I am a person of faith, which is why I have decided to give up on organized religion, and I will speak more about that another time, but for now I will just say that I believe organized religion has NO place in politics. Every time some entity decides to speak for GOD, I find it offensive. Particularly when there is much more emphasis placed on GOD's ire as opposed to GOD's teachings of compassion, love, charity and forgiveness.

Voter turnout for this primary are expected to be at an all time low, which doesn't particularly surprise me, I just wish it wasn't so. When it comes to American politics, there is certainly a lot of room to improve the system. I voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election, but Hillary Clinton was my first choice. I wish that a sitting president wasnt always regarded as the only choice after the first 4 years. I would like to have seen a serious challenger in the primary, rather than having the feeling of not being able to make a different choice inside the party. I think it would be a good idea if the sitting president is automatically challenged after 4 years. If they did a good job, and actually kept their promises, then no problem, they will more than likely be chosen as the party's candidate. But on the other hand, if you find yourself with a politician who hasn't done what they promised to do, you have the choice to say... No... NOT AGAIN.

I had my doubts about Obama, and I still do. But that's all I want to say for now. Over the course of the summer I will say more as we get closer to the election. I will say that I know he did inherit a terrible situation on all fronts. Bush left the country in a mess, and it would have taken a miracle worker to have not just dug us out, but to have indeed made us whole again. Like I said I will say more as we move toward the fall. California has some propositions I will be watching, but the real state to watch is Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker must be recalled. He is damaging to the state, and he needs to move along. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for Tom Barrett. 

Well, anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. That's all any of us really wants... right?

California Presidential Primary Election Guide

 Yes on Prop 29

Dianne Feinstein

~Me :)

Now, let's see what my pal JR has posted. If you would like to join us in the APAD challenge, grab your cameras and come along. No theme to worry about. Just you and whatever your camera sees that day. Or, if you need to dip into your archives, that's good to. Especially if you have a photo you haven't shared yet.
It's all good.


Monday, June 04, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 26: The Ellipsis Daily

"I would not know how I am supposed to feel about many stories if not for the fact that the TV news personalities make sad faces for sad stories and happy faces for happy stories."

~Dave Barry

I didn't have a chance to get out this weekend for some new photos, but I do plan on a couple different photo jaunts later this week. In the mean time I thought I would share my newest online adventure. I have started my own online newspaper! Look out Rupert Murdoch, and step aside Ariana Huffington, The Ellipsis Daily is on the case!

LOL. Rupert Murdoch might have some things to worry about, but competition from me isn't one of them. Actually, all The Daily Ellipsis is, is a round-up of all my interested consolidated in one place. I like that idea, because this girl does not live by photography along. My second love is politics, but when that gets to be too much to take, I love learning new recipes, or reading about the latest Hollywood exploits.

I enjoyed customizing its content and appearance, and I think I will have fun seeing it publish daily. Once upon a time I thought about going into journalism, but alas college just wasn't in the cards for me. It's fine, it all worked out for the best, I love being a housewife and mom to by fur-babies. As things worked out, I probably wouldn't have had the energy to pursue that course in life, so I am happy to settle for being a news junkie!

Now, when you get the chance go have a look see and tell me what you think. Better yet, start your own paper and come back here with the link. I will add you to my newsstand. 

~Me :) The Ellipsis Daily

NOTE: The photo above is from the state capitol grounds in Carson City, Nevada. In autumn of course. ;)

If you would like to join me on my quest of posting A Photo A Day For 6 Months, please, feel free. Just post your photo, and come back here with a direct link back to it, and I will happily link to you with tomorrow's post!

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 25~ National Doughnut Day

"Doughnuts... Is there anything that they can't do?"

~Homer Simpson

This past Friday was National Doughnut Day. I don't know why, but that fact made me smile from ear to ear! Well, actually I do know why it made me smile so big... I have a sweet tooth that goes straight to my soul! And, of course, I am a Type 2 diabetic, so I don't usually indulge in the sweet, sugary, goodness... well... not very often anyway, so the idea of a whole national doughnut awareness day just made me downright giddy. I did partake of a doughnut last Friday, because it seemed that if there was an official day to celebrate it and all, well what kind of a grouch would I have to be, not to have celebrate the doughnuts historical importance?Besides, my local Krispy Kreme was giving away one free doughnut of your choice, and that was just too much fun to pass up!

All the doughnuts at Krispy Kreme are the bees knees, or so I have been told, but I always end up getting a plain glazed. It's fantastic. Again, going out for a doughnut is a rare event for me, well, except in October, when Alan and I make the long drive up above Sacramento, to the Camino/Placerville area to visit Apple Hill. Imagine an entire area that devotes farm, after farm, to the harvesting of apples of all types. Each farm takes the apples, and makes amazing goodies from them. Fresh apple cider, apple pies, apple tarts, candied apples, apple cobbler, apple pan-dowdy, apple turnovers and yes... apple cider doughnuts.

There is no bad food to be found in Apple Hill, but the apple cider doughnuts at Rainbow Orchards is the very best of Apple Hill and autumn itself! They don't make the doughnuts until they are ordered, which means you get the fresh and warm within a few minutes. They are spicy sweet and melt in your mouth. Honestly, as someone with a sweet tooth I have had my share of doughnuts in my life, but the apple cider doughnuts at Rainbow Orchards are delicious on a surreal level. That is the doughnut you see above. Ahhh... like I said... delicious. It even photographs well.:)

If National Doughnut Day got away from you this year, why not take today and make it National Doughnut Day... OBSERVED! Go ahead, you know you want to! Now be sure and mark your calenders for next year. It is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY! It's illegal not to celebrate it... right?


Doughnuts: A Definitive History

 National Doughnut Day

Rainbow Orchards Apple Hill

Apple Hill

~Me :)

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