Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Miss You Already Darryl

"I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather did...not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car."

-Wil Shriner

The stupidest things happen sometimes. Like when someone you love completely suddenly dies on you, and you are left asking all those stupid questions the inevitably come time to mind. Alan and I got a phone call this morning, and my heart immediately broke. My brother-in-law passed away yesterday... at the age of 50.

Darryl was my brother-in-law in reality, but in affection he was my brother. He was my pal, and someone I could always, always, count on for support and love when I needed it. He lived clear across the country from me, and we haven't been in the same room together in years, but we could pick up the phone and instantly be in each others hug. He made me laugh, and he taught me to make some kick ass salsa, and he was my friend.

What will I do without Darryl? What will we do without Darryl? Right now I can't stop sobbing. So, I am taking some time off from blogging until I can make sense out of what I am feeling inside. I need to take care of Alan, and help him through the loss of a brother he loved so much. I will take care of each other. I always thought that someday we would retire and move closer to Darryl and his wife. Now he is gone. So suddenly. What are we going to do without Darryl?

Mt. Hamilton,
San Jose, California
February, 2007

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Long Day In The Universe

"To wish to be well is a part of becoming well."


I am putting in my entry extra early today because it will be a very long, very busy day for us, all of us have appointments for our 10,000 mile check and recheck! Elvis starts off the day, with a visit to D."B" for his annual A1C test and all his usual shots and pokes. He has been doing really well, so I don't anticipate anything unusual happening with this test results, but I am a nervous mommy all the same.

Alan sees his people doctor at about 2:00 PM. He and I have the same doctor, which is nice because we both really like our personal care physician. She is super, and she makes Alan feel comfortable. The last doctor he had, had the bedside manner of a slug. That's never good.

My appointment comes at 3:30. As I said in a previous entry, I had already done my lab work, so I pretty much know what to expect. My results were good...

HGB A1C = 5.9

Glucose Fasting = 94

Creatinine = Normal

I am a little disappointed in my Glucose Fasting. I had a reading of 89 in November, so that means it is up a little, but at least my A1C is holding steady at a good number. :) Although I am already trying just a little harder to lower that number when I take my next test in four months. Crossing Fingers.

I will be done with the doctor by 4 PM, and then I have to zoom across town to my next appointment with Mr. Squishy! You know him, right? He introduces himself as "Mammography... Squishy Mammography." LOL. As busy as things sound, it will be a nice evening when all of it is done. Alan is taking me out to dinner after my Mammorgrahy. :) Sounds like a plan, and really the busy part isn't so bad. I actually look forward to taking care of myself. It makes me feel better about being on that side of 45.

Yeah, yeah... I know, I still have a few months before I turn 46, but I am not afraid of my age. I think I am smarter now, I feel comfortable in my own skin. I know I make better decisions then I did in my 20's and 30's. I have a lot self confidence, and besides, just look at all the beautiful women who are, or about, my age. Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen Hunt, Diane Lane, Demi Moore, and Courtney Cox. All of whom have amazing style. Especially Michelle Pfeiffer. She is gorgeous! Yeah, I am in some pretty good company. :)

Have you had your annual Mammography yet? How about an A1C test for Diabetes? If you are over 40 both of these should be checked yearly. There's no time like the present. :)

"The Pink Rose"
Berkeley, California
February, 2008
Late Afternoon

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Raspberry Reaction

"An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry."

-T.S. Eliot

This is such a shame. I expected more from Barack Obama then to see him look us all, but most pointedly Ohio and Texas, in the eye and lie. And lie he did. Although you might see the word "misleading" most often as opposed to lie... as if that makes a real difference. Barack Obama is leading Hillary Clinton according to most polls, and if she doesn't take both Ohio and Texas in the upcoming primaries her bid will be effectively over, so why do you suppose Obama is resorting to not just kicking his opponent when she is down, but also resorting to "taking a page out of Karl Rove's play book?"

I don't like what I see in this man. I don't think personal charisma is enough of a reason to vote for him. I don't want fantasy, I want reality. I don't want promises, I want truth and a solid future. I have heard folks say they are voting for him because he has "charm," because he is a "brother," because he represents "change," although that one makes me laugh because he and Hillary basically stand for the same thing... so what's the difference? You tell me.

It's true that Hillary Clinton has sent out some mailers that were "questionable" as well. Let's face it... they all do... unfortunately that won't be changing anytime soon, but I think there was just something about seeing him rationalize his lies last night on TV that just turned my stomach. He reminds me of Bush Jr. more and more everyday. Sigh. I guess it's apparent that Republicans aren't the only ones who are willing to drink the Kool-Aid when it is served up on nice charming platter. "Change You Can Believe In?" Or is the just more of the same?

Obama Mailings 'False'? (FactCheck.org)

(If your interested in reading the truth about Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan)