Saturday, December 29, 2012

Round Robin Challenge: Goodbye To 2012

“Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments. You must experience each one before you can appreciate it.”

~Sarah Breathnach

RRC: Goodbye To 2012

2012! What a year! Personally speaking, I had more happiness, and adventure and triumph than in any year that I can remember, but it was not without it's sorrows and frustrations as well. Mostly, I appreciated the year and I am happy to be healthy, and happy. I am especially grateful for Alan and my fur babies. We are a family and there is a lot of love in our little cottage!

Now, onto those moments, that made a year!

"Forever is composed of nows."
~Emily Dickinson

Moments Filled With Faces In Unusual Places


Moments Filled With Light

Moments Filled With New York Moments And Seeing Stars

Hey, isn't that the naughty Times Square Elmo? Yep! That's him!


Woody Allen (Making inadvertent eye contact with me)  :)

Cate Blanchette

And Sally Hawkins

Moments Filled With Autumn Color



Moments Filled With Saying Goodbye And Hello

Saying goodbye to one of our favorite restaurants. A place Alan and I frequented our whole lives. 
Goodbye Bancheros...

I found out my friend Steven passed away...
I will miss you always my friend.
   (Photo by Steven)

And it came time to say goodbye to my car Lilith...

But I said hello to my new car Carl...

Moments Spent In The Garden With Alan. Roses And Tomatoes Were The Thing...

Hot Cocoa Roses

Mr. Stripey Heirloom Tomatoes

Black Krim Heirloom Tomatoes

Moments Of Lovely Serendipity

Finding The Famous Parrots Of San Francisco...


And A Double Rainbow Over The Ferry Building And The Oakland/San Francisco Bay Bridge

Enjoying and appreciating the beauty of the California coastline.

And finally the biggest moment of all, taking an aerial tour of the San Francisco Bay in a single engine Cessna. I always said I would never do it. Not in a single engine plane at least, but I enjoyed it so much. No fear. Just an amazing view of the city I love. Happiness beyond measure.

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 All of the photos in this series were taken in the second half of 2012. I did almost no photography during the first half of the year due to illness. It's wonderful to be back taking photos every day again!

That was my 2012 in pictures. If you would like to share your own photo essay of 2012 I know Karen would be happy to have you join in. Click the link at the top of this post to be redirected to the official blog for the Round Robin Challenges. You can find all the information you need to know about the challenge, and the list of other current Round Robin participants. Go see what everyone else photographed this year! 

~Me :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Make Photobombs Not War :)

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."

~ Marc Ribond

Life At The Top...


I had NO idea I had taken this shot, until I went into the Pacific Grove, Lover's Park, file from last autumn, looking for previously unpublished butterfly images. I LOVE photobombs. I have always wanted to achieve one, legitimately of course, but in that I tend to choose my photo jaunts carefully, I didn't think I would have an opportunity. And what happens when I actually DO have a genuine photobomb? I nearly missed it, by not looking close enough at what I had accomplished that day with the camera. Shame on me! Bad photographer! LOL. Anyway, it had been a pretty good day that day, and I was enjoying the coast so much. It had all kinds of lighting opportunities, so finding this fun little picture after all this time just means that day was all the more productive.

It's fun when that happens.

More from the day...




It's a real LOVE/HATE thing I have going on with my Fuji camera. I need a lot more practice with it. I am looking forward to doing a lot of new photography this year. Perhaps maybe do some new takes on old, favorite subjects. One chance might be waiting in the Marin Headlands its beautiful there, and there is a lot to explore. Also the chance to work with shadows and light of the seasons is a good thing. I plan to take a single object and really delve into what happens to it during times of day and seasons. It will either be the most enlightening thing I have ever done, or end up being an amazing failure. LOL. We'll see. Either way, at least I will get in plenty of time with the camera.

Stay Tuned.

~Me :)

Do you have any photobombs in your files from 2012 that you would like to share? Or have already shared. Please feel free to link to your photobomb post by leaving the link in the comment thread. PG Rated Only Please.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiscal, Fiscal Cliff,

"God says to me, with kind of a smile, "Hey, how would you like to be God for a while and steer the world?" "Okay," I said, "I'll give it a try. Where do I sit? What time is lunch? When can I quit?" "Gimme back the wheel," says God, "I don't think you're quite ready yet."

~Shel Silverstein

Doesn't that scene above look like a nice place to bring one's lunch to for a little respite from the world's woes? It is. In fact, it's one of my very favorite places to be at any time of the day, but at lunchtime it is especially nice, particularly when there is a tree, with some lovely autumn to it, practically glowing with leaves.

It's not such a great place however, when I can't get the tune that's been hopelessly stuck in my head for close to 3 weeks now to stop playing on a nonstop loop. It would be one thing if the tune was a song I actually liked, but it's arguably the worst song ever... Rick Dees "Disco Duck." Ugg!

I am pretty sure I am sole person to blame for it being in my head, as I made a stupid joke one day, and for whatever reason, it won't go away! You see, Alan and I were chatting about the "fiscal cliff" that everyone is nearly mad over, and how stupid it all is. Don't we all know that it will come down to the very last hour, the president and GOP will handshake on a deal with the devil, pat themselves on the back, and tell the rest of us we should all be grateful.

Isn't that about right and accurate?

Well, to be honest, we have all been here many times before. The outcome usually favors one side more than the other, and this time will be no different. Okay, I am a bit jaded at this point, I know, but should the fiscal cliff deal actually come out with even a microscopic advantage to fairness, I will be HAPPY TO SAY I WAS WRONG. I have NO problem with that. In fact, I really hope that's the case.

But what about the whole thing has that GOD AWFUL song stuck in my head? You ask.


I made the mistake of trying to make Alan laugh by setting the whole, ridiculous "fiscal cliff, mess to the tune of... "Disco Duck." LOL. Yep, I knew I shouldn't do it, but my punchy side took over, and I ended up singing... "Fiscal, fiscal cliff. Fiscal, fiscal cliff. Try your luck, don't be a cluck. Fiscal, fiscal, fiscal fiscal cliff." Will I never learn? (Insert crossed eyes here). Sheesh. We both started laughing really hard, and it became the running joke of the day. And now it won't leave. And the only reason I can come up with is the fact that the news can't go a broadcast without mentioning the fact that the holidays are heartwarming, but isn't it too bad we might all be desperately broke come New Years Day.

I guess there is a part of me that simply NO LONGER CARES. I am tired of these made up dramas. I am tired of getting kicked in the knees and being told I should be grateful it wasn't worse. Sigh. I don't think I really care what happens anymore. It's not like voting had any impact. Neither side seems to be paying attention to what the rest of us wants. Our elected leaders have their own agendas, we mere mortals are lucky they let us in on it. Whatever "IT" is. And it's not like any of this nonsense is new or anything.

Some things never change. I am pretty sure I heard my father lament the very same things I do.

I wonder if Dad ever got so discouraged or jaded that he set it to music?


Rick Dees... Disco Duck

(Singing) Fiscal, Fiscal Cliff.

~Me :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Days

"December is an old friend; it reminds you of the past, together you share some laughs and tears, you feel warm-hearted through it's freezing outside. But the goodbye is inevitable. May the memories we share with this friend next year be filled with comfort, peace and love."

~Mohamed Atef


The sun was out on Christmas Eve, just enough for me to finish shopping, put the last little details together for our Christmas, and meet Alan for our usual Christmas Eve date. It was a good day, as was Christmas Day! Alan let me sleep in really late, and when I did wake up, Dylan and Hendrix were both cuddled tightly next to me. One at my back, one at my shoulder.


Santa brought me some great new designer boots, a new bread maker, and a corn dog machine!

Overall I very fond of December days. I am loved, and that makes any day the best ever.


~Me :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To All


May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope
The spirit of Christmas which is peace
The heart of Christmas which is love

~Ada V. Hendricks

We Wish You Love, Peace, Hope, and Happiness, Now and Always!

With Great Love...

Alan, Carly, Hendrix And Dylan


And Now Darlene Love, With My Favorite Christmas Tune,  

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Sing Along Why Don't Ya...

The snow's coming down
I'm watching it fall
Lots of people around
Baby please come home

The church bells in town
All singing in song
Full of happy sounds
Baby please come home

They're singing "Deck The Halls"
But it's not like Christmas at all
'Cause I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

Pretty lights on the tree
I'm watching them shine
You should be here with me
Baby please come home

They're singing "Deck The Halls"
But it's not like Christmas at all
'Cause I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

If there was a way
I'd hold back this tear
But it's Christmas day
Baby please come home

 ~Me :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly."

~Andy Rooney, American writer, producer and humorist

Happy Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve. In our house, Christmas Eve is the big event. We don't open packages until Christmas Day, but we have lots of fun on Christmas Eve. We play board games, and watch A Christmas Story, we make cookies, and just enjoy being together. Alan works so hard all year, and it's a wonderful chance for me to make a big fuss over him by fixing all his favorite appetizers and nibbles. Later in the evening we will track Santa's journey around the world. Santa At Norad is one of our favorite Christmas traditions. I wish it had been around when I was a child. Silly, I know, but I really enjoy watching his sleigh making it's way around the earth. It's magic.


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

A Christmas Story...
"I Double Dog Dare You"


And Now, Sir Paul McCartney, "Wonderful Christmas Time"


~Me :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Day After The Day The World Didn't End

"If the world were merely seductive, the would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."

~E.B. White

Last Friday was supposed to be the end. And not just the end, it was supposed to be THE END OF ALL THINGS. Sigh. I have had mixed thoughts about that. On the one hand, there was a side to me that would be thankful to never have to hear hateful retoric. I could be happy to never hear about the murder of any child ever again, or justifications and excuses about why there is nothing that can be done to get assault weapons off the street.

On the other hand I would love to live long enough to see the world change for the better. I would be happy to just be able to see as many amazing sunsets as possible, and photograph as many cats and kittens as possible. Now that I have flown in a single engine Cessna, I want to fly in a helocoptor. That would be awesome. But to be able to do those things, the world must go on.

So, the question is...

Is it worth it? Is the world not ending worth it?

I don't know...

But I know my camera never lies to me.

With camera in hand, here is what I saw on December 21st, & 22nd 2012.




What is it about watching other people have fun, that makes you feel all warm and happy inside? I saw parents with their children ice skating, and smiling. Happiness was all around. I think there was definitely a lot of love everywhere I went, and an air of gratefulness about being able to hold your family close. It's more than understandable, in fact isn't it what this time of year is all about? It made me sad to look up at the clock on the Ferry building, and see the American flag still flying at half staff, and know that the last of those children were buried yesterday, but it really warmed my soul and lifted my spirits to see all that love between families, being shared with everyone who stopped long enough to notice.

I noticed. The clock, and the passage of time, had quite a message.


And as that one particular dad and daughter, who careened out of control on the ice and came barreling at me at great speed, we three were already laughing as they hit the side of the rink up close and personal with me. LOL. Strangers 30 seconds earlier, now friends in humor, and shared smiles.

Who would have thought that the END OF THE WORLD could result in such life affirming joy?

"Where there is love there is life."

~Mahatma Gandhi