Saturday, October 07, 2006

Marzipan Piggies For Christmas

"Christmas Gift Suggestions"

To your enemy, forgiveness
To your opponent, tolerance
To your friend, your heart
To a customer, service
To all, charity
To every child, a good example
To yourself, respect

-Oren Arnold

It's coming up on the holiday season, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Yesterday, Alan and I went down to San Mateo, to Hillsdale Mall, and officially began our holiday shopping. We are sending out cards, but other then his parents we will only be purchasing for each other, and Elvis. Yes, we always buy Elvis Christmas gifts, he is fun on Christmas morning. He sleeps at the end of our bed, so of course he is there as we open our socks. He is such a bright kitty, that he knows it is a special day, and so he is on his best behavior as he gets a brand new stuffed toy or catnip mouse to play with. I think I might do a video of him this year, as he always makes us laugh.

Shopping was fun, because I had looked a few things up prior to going to the mall, I had a good idea of what I wanted, and I found it pretty easily. I have decided to send my mother-in-law a cute little tea set I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It comes with a tray and one cup, so it will be something she could enjoy all by herself. I will probably add the latest novel by Mary Higgins Clark for her to enjoy, and yesterday I purchased her some special tea, Ginger Peach, by Longevity Tea. My father-in-law is a little more difficult to buy for, but I think I will go along the same lines and send him some speciality cocoa, and a new mug. He has a sweet tooth, so I am also sending him a set of three marzipan pigs. LOL. He collects pigs, so he might get a big kick out of that! I have some beautiful silk gift bags I found on sale last year at an after Christmas sale, so it will look fancy when it arrives.

Jeepers. I ordered 3 new trays for the kitchen from, and they arrived this week , all in different boxes...different HUGE boxes! LOL. My goodness, you could have fit a large TV in the boxes. LOL. That's what happened last year at this time, I ordered a book, and it came in the largest box they could find. LOL. Oh well, at least I will have some boxes for packing when I send the gifts to mom and dad. :) Still, what a waste of a perfectly good tree.

While we drove to San Mateo yesterday, Alan and I discussed our upcoming anniversary and vacation. Next Friday it will be 16 years for us. Strange how fast it all went by, strange how he still looks the same even though I have known him since 1977. :) We sat down with the calendar and picked out what we want to do on vacation, including the days when all we do is enjoy each other's company. Those are the best days. We are both needing a little time off from the world, and so at the end of the month we will go to Nevada and shake things up a little. Lots to do in Reno and Tahoe. Lots to photograph. It is gorgeous there this time of year, so I will bring back a ton of photos to edit. It will probably keep me busy the rest of the year! :)

We had a good time yesterday. After we went shopping, we had lunch at Red Robin, and while we ate, we enjoyed the A's in the playoffs. They won. Go A's! We kinda mused with each other about how it's their first playoff win in...16 years! LOL. I remember the week before I got married, like it was yesterday. I spent that week putting away most of the 12 million gifts we got for our showers, and watched the playoff's on TV. Watching the game today, brought back some great memories. :) Here are a few moments from yesterday...

1990 Recap

Speckled Lemonade

Fish & Chips

San Mateo Bridge East Bound

YUM...Hot Chocolate! So tell me, have you started your holiday shopping yet? :)

"Scenes From Yesterday"
San Mateo, California
October 6th, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment # 132: Cell Phones - Threat Or Menace?

"A man is about as big as the things that make him angry."

-Winston Churchill

(For this week's assignmnt, John Scalzi has asked us to view a short video, then respond with our opinions regarding the actions of those involved. You can find the link to the video over at John's AOL Journal... By The Way, or click the link below).

Weekend Assignment #132: Was that professor justified in doing what he did? Have people lost all sense of courtesy when it comes to their cell phones? This is a pure opinion piece here, folks - tell me what you think?

Extra Credit: Do you sometimes answer your cell phone at inappropriate times?

-John Scalzi

Sigh. Oh yes, the great debate of the new century continues. I kinda remember we tackled this very subject not too long age as a weekend assignment, but I could be wrong about that. It's certainly a timely subject, and it is one that remains a hot topic for many people, but I have to say... not for me.

Listen, inappropriate behavior has happened on both sides of this subject, enough so that I have become tired of the whole thing. The professor in this case had every right in the world to be annoyed at the student for bringing the cell phone to class with it turned on, however, as a professor he has an obligation to his students, and to himself, to behave as an adult. Destroying the private property of another because you are annoyed at their behavior is illegal. PERIOD! There isn't even a discussion to be had. Now, what about the absent minded student, who brought a cell phone to class? Well, common sense says that if we will be graduating these young adults out into the work force in a few years, we need to be treating them as adults now. Colleges and Universities should be adopting a blanket policy for certain conduct such as this. Some sort of penalty such as a letter in a file, or up to, possible expulsion.

Mike Kehoe, World Trade Center, September 11th, 2001

Now, John said he wanted our opinions, so here is mine. We are living in a post 9/11 world. The truth of the matter is, we don't know what tomorrow morning will be like. I think about the young fireman, later identified as, Mike Kehoe, who was climbing the stairs of the World Trade Center, as folks were evacuating. Someone with a cell phone, captured the last photo of this young man, in the commission of his duties...ascending the stairs to try to save the lives of those who were trapped and needed him. The person who snapped that photo from their cell phone, showed us one of the faces of those we lost that day. Mike Kehoe became a little more real, as we met this young man face to face. One more thing came out of the photo... his loved ones got to say goodbye a little more personally.

I am tired of this debate. It is old. In my opinion, the cell phone is not the most evil invention of the 20th century. It is a form of communication. I don't understand folks who have never owned a cell phone, yet complain so much about their use. I have been in restaurants when someone has been talking loudly on their cell phone, but to be honest, it isn't any more annoying then someone being loud with guests who are present at their table. Yet it seems that folks are willing to confront someone being loud while using a cell phone, but overlook someone being loud with in the company of others. Of course that is not a universal attitude. I don't pay much attention to what goes on at other tables, it's none of my business, and to be honest, it is more important to me how I behave then how someone else does.

I don't talk on my cell phone while driving. I don't talk on my phone while eating in a restaurant, and I don't scream my conversations. Frankly, the reception that we get on cell phones in 2006, doesn't require yelling in order for someone to hear you. A number of reasons went into our original purchase of a cell phone. I haven't shared much about why I became so psychologically ill a few years ago, but I will share a little bit here. I was someone's victim. So much so, that I was being stalked. Day and night. I ended up becoming extremely ill from the stress, and spent nearly three years asleep. Completely out of touch with the outside world, well, except for my computer. Some of you remember when you first met me through my journal on AOL, that I was very cautious, and very guarded... now you know why.

I couldn't face going out my own front door, even to check the mail. I went to my doctor's appointments, sometimes picked up something at the store, but I wasn't living a comfortable life, because of the fear I carried around. One day, Alan bought me a cell phone, so I could feel more secure about going out doors. I wouldn't be alone, I would have help at the press of a button. It gave me the confidence I needed. The cell phone wasn't the only thing that helped me heal inside, but it was certainly a big part of how I got better. I am now living a much more normal life, then I was a few years ago. So the next time you are thinking about how annoying cell phones are, think about how safe I feel, and how safe I am with that little invention. I don't really know where my stalker is right this moment, but I know they are still somewhere in the area. Sigh. But as long as I have my phone with me, I am never alone. And I am no one's victim!

Extra Credit: As I said above, I don't use my cell phone in my car or in restaurants. However, I did forget to turn it off once, and it rang during a session with Sarah. I didn't answer the call, that's what voice mail is for. :)

"Cell Noir"
Berkeley, California
October 5th, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nude Coconut

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more."

-Vincent van Gogh

The butterfly exhibit at the, Conservatory of Flowers, is in it's last four weeks, and they had some spectacular butterflies yesterday for me to photograph! But they also has some really unusual plants and trees on display. This coconut had it's very own glass case, because of it's...Ahem...Uniqueness! :)

"We are like butterflies, who flutter for one day, and think it is forever."

-Carl Sagan

The Birth Of A Butterfly...

"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

-Hans Christian Anderson

"Nude Coconut" (Lodoicea Malivica) Double Coconut
Conservatory Of Flowers
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
October 4th, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: "ABC's Of Autumn"

"Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter."

-Carol Bishop Hipps

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It appeals to my senses, and makes me come alive! My whole body feels invigorated, and I always feel at my most creative during this time of year. I even feel a little more sexy during the autumn months, not really sure why, maybe it's because I am just more at peace, after those long, hot sultry days of summer, when my mind is unable to think clearly, due to the heat. Autumn, by contrast brings relief, and the season plays to all five of my senses. When I go out to take photos, I put all of them into what I try to accomplish with the camera. I think it makes a difference, and things seem less one deminsional.

Our friend, and fellow Robin, T.J., author of the blog, "Photo Inclusions: Every Picture Tells A Story," came up with the idea of the "ABC's Of Autumn." The idea is to post autumn-like photos, which contain a subject which begin with the first letter of your first and the first letter of your last name. How cool is that? Thank you T.J. for the fun challenge you chose for us to do this time around. :)

Carly = Carmel Apples

Elizabeth = Elvis The Pumpkin

Gordon = Gourds

Be sure to pay a visit to all the Robins who are participating in this challenge, simply click on the links below. And be sure to come by the official Round Robin Challenge blog on Thursday, when Steven will be annoucing what our next subject will be! :) Hope to see you then!

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"Crimson & Gold"
Yuba Gap, California
October, 2005

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No One Cares What The Definition Of "Is" Is

"If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't be able to sit down for a month."

-Theodore Roosevelt

There I go, thinking in the abstract again. Sometimes, I do my best thinking while walking in traffic, but I wasn't feeling up to taking a walk today, so I decided to walk, metaphorically, down this interesting hallway, in an attempt to clear the cobwebs from my brain. Come along with me if you like...

I really like lemons. The Meyer lemon is my favorite variety, and I am lucky enough to have my very own tree. It was Elvis's favorite at one time, up until he devised a brilliant scheme to catch a bird, that one day went terribly awry. It seems that he would sit and watch birds flying in and out of the tree all day long. It was fascinating to him. One day, he decided to climb up into the bottom branches of the tree. I watched as he slowly made his way up to the second from bottom branch. He positioned himself against a thick branch and then did something amazing. He opened his mouth! I couldn't believe it. He sat with his mouth open for about five minutes, apparently waiting for a bird to fly in it! Talk about "home delivery!" His adventure didn't end the way he expected however, a few minutes later a bird landed on the branch directly above him...then pooped on his head. He got out of the tree and ran to me to clean him off. I got to be a mommy that day! :)

It makes me sad to watch the news sometimes. Those children in Pennsylvania should be alive, but instead some dark, bitter heart took their life from them. How dare someone rob them of their life, before they had a chance to grow and learn, and live. Sigh. Why again did Bush not keep his promise to sign the Assault Weapons Ban? Oh yeah, it might have lost him some votes from the NRA. I forgot. Like the Corvair, the man, and his administration, are unsafe at any speed! :( And what do you think should be done about the Speaker of the House ignoring the fact that a member of congress was sending suggestive IM's and emails to underage, male pages? I say it's time to clean house!

"Guns are neat little things, aren't they? They can kill extraordinary people with very little effort."

-John W. Hinckley Jr.

It's been way too long since I did a whole entry devoted to David Duchovny. Sigh. I still love him after all these years! I saw the movie "Return To Me" the other night, and I cried and cried. One of my favorite moments from The X-Files, is at the end of the episode, "Post Modern Prometheus," when Fox and Dana are dancing to the Cher tune, "Walking In Memphis." Swoon. Oh well, I would look silly dancing with David Duchovny, in that I am only 4' 11. LOL. :) But silly or not, I wouldn't turn him down, if he asked me to dance. LOL. Trivia: Fox Mulder's birthday is 10/13... the same date as my wedding anniversary. :) Purely coincidental, or is it an X-File? You decided! Bwahahahahaha :)

* It's seven minutes to midnight, according to the Doomsday Clock.

* William Shakespeare was born and died on the same day, April 23rd.

*The Ethereal Musician has taken up the tuba.

*There is a law in Minnesota that says it's illegal to walk across state lines with a duck on your head.

*In North Carolina, you may not use elephants to plow your cotton fields.

*A male kangaroo is called a Boomer.

*I really like lima beans.

*There is a position in the Bush Administration called, "Director of Lessons Learned." It pays over $100,000 a year. Hmmmm...That's ironic! The position is currently held by Stuart Baker.

*What will happen on "Lost" this season?

* Jeepers I miss Melrose Place.

* Pluto isn't a planet, and they misquoted Neil Armstrong! Sigh!

*My twin died when my mother was six weeks along in her pregnancy. Yep, there should have been not just one, but two of us! LOL. Boggles the mind doesn't it?

* After being killed during the battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Horatio Nelson's body was submerged in brandy to preserve him for the voyage back to England. After they arrived home, his crew celebrated his military achievements by drinking the remaining brandy.

* The scene in "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid," where Etta Place and Butch Cassidy take a ride on a bike, is one of the sexiest scenes in film. I decided to grow my hair long, after seeing that scene. It is now over 5' ft long.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red

Crying's not for me, 'cause, I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining

Because I'm free, nothings worrying me...


The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence
Federal Ban On Assault Weapons Expires
Gunman Opens Fire In Amish Schoolhouse

Monday, October 02, 2006

Carly, Concubine Of The Far North

"I wasn't kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth."

-Chico Marx

I thought it might be fun to get your week started with a spicy entry. LOL. Ahh yes, kissing. :) I love kissing, but never really thought of myself as having a particular style. I just always knew what to do when the time came. LOL. Of course I started dating way back in the late 70's, you know, the stone age! LOL. I read all the "how to" magazine articles that Cosmopolitan could provide. I kept up with the latest trends, and you know, dated all kinds of guys, well it wasn't that many really, don't get the wrong idea, I simply wanted to see who was out in the world with me.:) But I have to say, I will never forget my first kiss, it was on a Sunday afternoon, in late August. It was warm, and soft, and to this day makes my knees weak. And trust me, all of my five sense where involved. :)

It was... YUMMY! I remember about a 1,000 things going through my mind all at once. Are my lips soft enough? Did I use Crest or Colgate that morning? Did HE use Crest or Colgate that morning? What if I do this wrong? Where do I put my nose? Oh my, what if I have to sneeze? What if I have to burp? What if I have to fart? LOL. Then it happend, and I relaxed, and ooooh-LA-LA! To date, I have never had a single complaint. LOL. Go me! :) Tee Hee. So, let's have a little fun. Take the quiz and share what your kissing technique is, and if you like, feel free to share the story of your first kiss. PG-13 ONLY please. :)

If this topic gives you the wiggins, here is an alternate quiz for you. With Halloween coming up, I thought this one might be kinda fun as well. :) Be sure to share what your "Vampire Name" is in the comment thread for this entry. If you like, you can do both quizzes. :) Come on, don't be shy, you know you want to! ;)

The - Awesome Kisses: Tips & Ideas

Quiz #1: Are You A Good Kisser?

Quiz #2: What Is Your Vampire Name?


Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's A Girl!

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl, is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."

-Albert Einstein

Meet my new baby, her name is Lilith, and she is a 2007, Saturn ION. According to, the name Lilith, means, "Spirit of the Night," in Hebrew. That name suits my new car just fine. See, I am a bit of a night owl, so I tend to do my shopping and the majority of my driving during the nighttime hours. She is a dream to drive, and she has a few of the bells and whistles that were available, such as OnStar, but she is just really fun to drive, so she was the car for me.

Alan purchased the same make and model that I did, only his car is in Cashmire Gold, as opposed to mine in Cypress Green. Buying two cars at the same time, made for a really long, and stressful night at the dealership, but it was kinda fun too. Here is a look at Lilith's first jaunt around town. Saturday afternoon in Berkeley is enjoyable and relaxing. :) I went window shopping, then grabbed a pizza from the Cheeseboard for dinner. Blue Cheese and Heirloom tomatoes.YUM! In other news about town, Cal Bears won over Oregan State, 41-13. Cal is now, 4 &1 :) Makes for a lot of cheering about town!

Lilith's innards

The first of the autumn lights here in Berkeley

Track #16: "Iris" by the Wallflowers

Downtown Berkeley, along Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley Public Library

Autumn along Ashby Avenue

Berkeley, California
September 30, 2006