Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's A Girl!

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl, is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."

-Albert Einstein

Meet my new baby, her name is Lilith, and she is a 2007, Saturn ION. According to, the name Lilith, means, "Spirit of the Night," in Hebrew. That name suits my new car just fine. See, I am a bit of a night owl, so I tend to do my shopping and the majority of my driving during the nighttime hours. She is a dream to drive, and she has a few of the bells and whistles that were available, such as OnStar, but she is just really fun to drive, so she was the car for me.

Alan purchased the same make and model that I did, only his car is in Cashmire Gold, as opposed to mine in Cypress Green. Buying two cars at the same time, made for a really long, and stressful night at the dealership, but it was kinda fun too. Here is a look at Lilith's first jaunt around town. Saturday afternoon in Berkeley is enjoyable and relaxing. :) I went window shopping, then grabbed a pizza from the Cheeseboard for dinner. Blue Cheese and Heirloom tomatoes.YUM! In other news about town, Cal Bears won over Oregan State, 41-13. Cal is now, 4 &1 :) Makes for a lot of cheering about town!

Lilith's innards

The first of the autumn lights here in Berkeley

Track #16: "Iris" by the Wallflowers

Downtown Berkeley, along Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley Public Library

Autumn along Ashby Avenue

Berkeley, California
September 30, 2006


Linda "Lou" said...

Well, congratulations! She's a beauty!

DesLily said...

holy cow ! 2 cars at once?! That salesman must have thought he died and went to heaven!! lol.. congratulations to both of you!

(Lilith huh? hmmm that's the name of my leading "lady" in the story I wrote! lol never knew it meant Spirit of the Night though.. learned something this morning!)

GLendaRs said...

She's A BEAUT ... and i say that with the humblest of reminiscence attributed to our recently departed Croc Hunter, Mr. Irwin. He would have loved to watch you tame those beasty money monger car dealship folk to wrestle this lovely crikey green lass away from their gripping fingers.

Yes, Lilith seems quite fitting a name for such a lovely little gem of a carriage for such a dignified night wanderer as yourself.

Enjoy her with great glee & awe. She will carry you away to shoot the world as you see it and share with those of us who enjoy your perceptions of the world in which you live.

Rant on with your wisdom as your galant ride carries you as on the wind .... yes, do enjoy.

Suzanne R said...

Congrats on the lovely new wheels, Carly! How neat that you and Alan both got new ones at the same time! There are few things as fun as a new car, except maybe two of them. ;-)

I wasn't cheering for the Bears! LOL! At least Oregon won big, to make up for Oregon State's humbling loss. ;-)

sunflowerkat119 said...

Two new cars!! Wow!!

What did Alan name his?

Looks like autumn is really settling in there in Berkeley. No so here....yet.


Dave said...

Cool car! I laughed at your quote about kissing and driving...Karen and I are very cautious and only kiss at red!

This time of year looks beautiful on the West Coast. I really must make it over there to visit my family soon...haven't seen them forever.

Hope you and Lilith have a long and prosperous relationship!

Solitary Dancer said...

How great! I love it. She's a good looking car if I do say so myself.

The two of you will enjoy many adventures together. :-)



Teena said...

Congrats to you and Lilith. Our car's name is Maya.

Wil said...

Congrats to you both. I do hope you have better luck with your Saturn than weve had -- ours leaks like a sieve and has rotted rugs and padding completely... total indifference from the dealers.