Saturday, April 18, 2009

Round Robin Challenge: In Flight

From For Ellipsis

"The air up there is pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? It is the same as the angels breathe."

-Mark Twain

Flying. Yuck. I don't think you will ever find me in an airplane again, but then again, if I won a trip somewhere mildly interesting, and I had a fresh supply of Valium, I could be persuaded. LOL. Gosh, the last time I ventured on a plane, I stupidly wore stiletto heels and a black sweater dress. WRONG. LOL. I was so tense that by the time I got to the east coast, I had severe cramps in both legs! That was in 1992 and I vowed "NEVER AGAIN." But all joking aside, as much as I dislike flying, I love photography more, so I could be talked into going somewhere as long as it would result in some interesting photography. Yeah... that would be nice! Until then... I will just leave it to the experts...

Go see what everyone else came up with! Just follow the Linking List below!

Linking List
**Welcome New Members!!

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If you have an idea for an upcoming challenge, feel free to email either Karen or myself, and we will see to it that your suggestion is added to the suggestion pool. You can find a list of all the challenges we have played to date, listed toward the bottom of the sidebar on the official Round Robin blog. Who knows? Yours could be next!


Friday, April 17, 2009

The Week In Review...

Which is Cheesier?

A display case with 500 different cheeses side by side?


A Republican tea party?

You decide!


Tell me what you think! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment thread for this entry. What's on your mind? Did you go to the tea party? Was it a good idea? Bad idea? Opinions, opinions.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Weed... Up Close (EMPS)

From For Ellipsis

"A weed is but an unloved flower."

-Ellen Wheeler Wilcox

One of the most interesting Round Robin topics of 2008 was "Weeds Can Be Beautiful Too." I had a wonderful time finding weeds, identifying them, and appreciating their beauty. I always learn so much from these challenges, so I think it is good thing if I participate every now and again with folks taking on my Monday Photo Shoot assignments. :) I found this weed in my yard just yesterday. It is a tiny little thing, smaller then a dime, but just kinda lovely and soft. :) It wasn't easy to photograph, because the wind has been outrageous this week, but the effort I put in was enjoyable. :)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot: #33: Up Close!

"I have never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful."


NOTE: Before we get started, I want to remind you to check the link you leave after you post it in the comment thread. Blogger was a bit spotty last week, and more then one link never made it to me, so, just double check things before you leave.

Easy, easy, easy... grab your cameras and show me something UP CLOSE. It doesn't have to be macro, just something you would like to show off at close range. A couple years ago, Elvis's friend Ernst graciously agreed to pose for me, see, that is him pictured there, so I know pets can be very willing subjects! Also good are flowers, candy, nails, fabrics, mixed vegetables, water, dirt, garbage, coins, people... the possibilities are endless! So go for it! Show me something UP CLOSE!

Extra Credit: Show me something you are photographing for the very first time. Something you never thought of photographing!

**Please Read**
You have until next Sunday, at 9:00 PM ET to get your photograph, post it to your blog, journal, or website, and comeback here with the direct link to your posting. Remember, it must a direct link which is specific to this EMPS assignment! No hyperlinks will be accepted, or added to the Linking List which will be posted next Monday with the next assignment. Also, please include a link back here to so other folks can play along with the assignment.

Linking List for EMPS #32: Spring Holidays And Observances. 04/06/09

1. Karen

2. Liz

3. Suzanne

4. Greg

5. Your EG Tour Guide

6. Connie

7. Jama

8. Karen

9. Mike

10. Terri

11. Laura

Question of the Week: What type of camera do you use most often? Is it an SLR or a point and shoot?

Ok, that's it for now. I will see you next Monday with an all new assignment!


Sunday, April 12, 2009