Hill YES!

Hill YES!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Working With Light

"There are darknesses in life and there are lights, 
and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights."

~Bram Stoker

I was in a restaurant the other day and saw this pretty light. It was in the middle of the day, but the light photographed as if I had taken it in a completely dark room. I loved it. I need to experiment more with lighting I think. Anyway, the lighting situation reminds me of our current political climate. There is a light. But then everything around it seems to swallow it up and thrust it into darkness.

 A 24 hour news cycle doesn't always jive with the position of the sun... does it? It can be a hot, clear, August day, and yet when I hear about North Korea successfully launching a missile or Donald Trump's latest hateful musing, I suddenly feel a winter chill down my spine! What season will we be in, when we find ourselves on the last day of the world?

 I think about the surreal beauty of the morning of September 11th, 2001, with it's clear blue sky, and mild temperatures. It was a day that you muse to yourself that nothing bad could possibly happen. Then it did. Except it seems like we have forgotten about that day. We have gotten used to pain or maybe we have gotten good at ignoring how it felt to be an American that day. I don't know which. Truth is, it's probably different for everyone.

Did the darkness swallow the light?
Did the light lie to us, when it swallowed the darkness?

Where it begins and where it ends is a mystery.

Maybe we are better off not knowing much about tomorrow. Maybe some days are like the light in the picture. There is a little light, in the middle of some darkness, but the light is shining anyway. It isn't giving up because there is darkness surrounding it. If I chose to not see the light, that's on me. I can't fault the light.

The light will shine, with, or without me.

Mood: Introspective

~Me :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alone On A Beach

"Outside of a dog, a book is man"s best friend.
Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

~Groucho Marx
The Essential Groucho:
 Writings For By And About Groucho Marx

As I get ready to begin some autumn blogging, I have been tip-toeing through my archives to see what inspired me in years past. All the usual suspects abound... leaves, sunsets, butterflies. The colors of autumn in the natural world and in decorations. What I don't have a lot of are the creatures you happen upon. The ones you can't really plan for. I have so many memories of the odd dog or cat doing something super interesting, but that I had failed to photograph, because it was more fun to just stop and watch them, then it was to get the dream shot. It's always a difficult choice for the avid shutterbug. Do I grab my camera and document this extremely interesting moment to share with my followers and friends, or do I put the camera down and just have the quiet moment all to myself?

As you can see by the technical errors in the photo above I had a moment of indecision. It's not perfect, but fortunately it is interesting, if not a little whimsical. Here I was, standing on a cliff in Montara, watching this beautiful pup running around in the sand, barking and enjoying his life. I stopped to watch him, then he stopped to watch me! I wonder what his picture of me would have looked like, had he had a camera and been able to use it! Would there be an interesting light behind me? Would he have zoomed in closer? Zoomed out? Would he have struggled with the rule of thirds? We will never know, but he and I made eye contact, and starred at each other for about 2 solid minutes. I wish I knew what he was thinking. The next time I have an opportunity like this one, I think I will also take a photo directly behind me so I can see the full picture, from all perspectives.

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~Me :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23rd, 2003

"Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself."

~Pat Conroy
My Reading Life

I have been blogging since August 23rd, 2003! How in the world is it possible all this time as passed so quickly? So much has happened since that day... all those years ago... that I decided to start Ellipsis. At first I didn't have much to say. I just wanted to post my photos, and let them say that words for me. Folks could make of it what the would. Then one day someone asked me my opinion... I think it was about the upcoming election... and to my surprise, I had something to say! And I have been, which occasional intervals, talking ever since. The last couple years have been busy, and it's taken some turns I never expected, let alone saw coming! But we rode them out, and here we are, living in our own home, and that is probably been the biggest surprise of all! 

In that life is never boring I have some news. I am not really wanting to talk about it in this post, but maybe tomorrow, or later this week. Soon. If you are following me on Twitter you may already know a little about it. It's health related. I don't mean to be cryptic, I just don't know how much I want to share in this particular post. I will expand on it soon. So, you will just have to come back to find out whats up! LOL. How's that for a cliffhanger?

And speaking of upcoming posts, have you seen the autumn light yet? You know how the soft yellow glow tends to show up a couple weeks before it officially becomes autumn, yesterday morning was the first time I saw it. It was gorgeous! The soft autumn glow was coming through the window and shining on Joey, bringing out all his colors. He has orange, gray, brown, and white mixed into his tabby stripes. He is a beautiful cat, and one of the best things in my life. 

So, there are plenty of upcoming posts about Joey, and Hendrix and Dylan, and the autumn sun, and my Leaf Of The Day project will be starting up beginning the first day of autumn, and if all that isn't enough to keep me blogging, American Horror Story begins a full month earlier than usual, and our vacation happens in October, as does Halloween, and the elections are in full crazy mode and...



Sheesh. I am already tired!


Just stay tuned. There are a lot more blog posts coming.
 We have a lot to discuss!

The first pre-autumn leaf.
Cull Canyon, August 14th, 2016

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~Me :)

Friday, July 08, 2016

No Title

(No Quote)

My heart breaks daily now.

This is a blog about life, photography, cats, politics, music, my opinion that wedding dresses are art. Impressionist art. Food. Marriage. Love. Noisy Neighbors. Recipes. Old Age. Growing Old.

But right now, I have no real will to share my thoughts.
 If I had any.
 Not because of you, the loyal friends who visit me regularly but rather because I think I have run dry
 on the will to put the effort into processing it.

 I just don't know what to say.

Am I closing Ellipsis?


I might just post pictures though.

After almost 13 years I just don't know what else to say that I haven't said before.

I have no new words.


Happy Independence Day! :)

"We must be free not because we claim freedom,
 but because we practice it."

~William Faulkner

Have safe and happy holiday!
Take lots of pictures!
And if you post them, comeback and leave me a link!

Otherwise just enjoy the day!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Little Blue Sunflower Vase

"I don't mind getting older; it's a privilage denied to so many."

~Greg Geiger
Cancer Survivor's Club

Yesterday, the 29th, was my birthday. It was a good day. Quiet. Uneventful. It was the day I wanted, except for a sore back. I had picked up something the day before that I shouldn't have, and the result was, well, pain. But that was okay. I spent my birthday in my own home, surrounded by those I love, with a ton of pain pills in me, and all was right with the world! 

I have finally reached the age where I don't need, or particularly want, anything, just because it's my birthday. I did however indulge a bit and bought myself that cute little blue sunflower vase you see in the picture above, and season two of Charlie's Angels. Yes... Charlie's Angels. I have been in a nostalgic mood for well over a year. Everything seems so... harsh... so... restless... so... cruel right now, and oddly enough, watching old TV shows makes me feel better.

I wouldn't want to go back to the 1970's for anything, no, blech. UGLY decade! And I wasn't particularly happy at any point during that decade, except for a few perfect moments here and there, but I can look back at those perfect moments and long for them sometimes. If only I could go back, and tell my 1970's self what was coming. But then I wonder... would I do that? Every day of your life is like a cliffhanger, you never know what will happen next. 

Would I have wanted to ruin those few perfect days, by visiting myself and sharing about what the future held? Sorrows. Joys. Long hot days where there wasn't any real point to being alive. Twists and turns that you never saw coming. And the birthdays yet to come. Would I have told myself about my birthday in 2015? Which turned out to be the worst birthday I ever had? Would I share all that?

If I could go back right this moment. Back to the 1970's and tell myself all those things to come, I wouldn't. Why? Well, because, maybe even stupid, useless, God awful days aren't really all that awful if you end the day alive. Things should remain a big surprise. Good days. Bad days. Birthdays. Especially birthdays. Birthdays remind us that New Years doesn't really begin on January 1st, no, they begin, in my case, on June 30th. That's the day I wake up and remember that I saw another year of my life, and thank God I have another day to wonder what comes next, and if it turns out to be another God awful birthday, I will have the gift of being able to complain about it, not everyone will have that privilege.

Mood: Gratful

~Me :)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Starfish In The Sky

"I know that your soul is on life support and that you feel lost and like you're completely spinning out of control, but you're finding yourself here, tonight... even in this darkness."

~Jennifer Elisabeth

I had a particularly nasty encounter with a misogynistic, rabid Donald Trump supporter yesterday. He decided to take a shot at my self-confidence by saying my profile picture was ugly. A dis I haven't had since 3rd grade, when a boy who had a crush on me couldn't handle the conflict within his id for one more moment, and unleashed a tantrum complete with crying and drooling! LOL. Yesterday's troll, while probably not physically a child, (he was so good looking apparently that he chose not to put his photo on the Internet) was feeling slighted because I had pointed out that Trump was a complete liar, who just might kill the whole world one day, should a random world leader stand up to him. 


 I can only imagine the troll was cut to the core at the thought, but he must also believe me right on some level. It's all quite irrelevant now, as 12 hours ago in Internet time is forever ago, but as we move along in this particular national election year we are seeing a greater risk, not just to the country we love, but a risk to our individuality. And as we move further along I get the overwhelming feeling that we (America) won't see next New Years Eve without something even more devastating than what just occurred in Orlando taking place. God... I hope I am wrong! And if we get to 12:00 midnight on New Year's Eve without an assassination please feel free to comeback and laugh at me. 



But should Hillary Clinton win, 
where will the Trump supporters scary anger go?

I don't know, do you?

Mood: Quiet/Reflective


Thursday, June 16, 2016


"If life were a camera I would be feeling a little out of frame."

~Jaeda DeWalt

My fuji. I have a love/hate relationship with this camera. When it behaves itself it can produce some stunning photos, but when it decides to be a pain in my ass, the photographs I take look like HELL. I am determined to work with this camera until I figure out if the problem is me... or the camera or if its just that the world can be damned unattractive. There is a part of me who thinks it's me, but then again, maybe it's just a shitty camera. That's the bad part about being stuck in a creative muck. You don't know if it's you, the world, or the camera that is defeating you. 


Mood: Curious

~Me :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Woman Card

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

~Coco Chanel
The Gospel According To Coco Chanel: Life Lessons

My Hillary gear came today! So it's official...

I'm With Her!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Other Side Of The Shutter

"Do one thing every day that scares you."

~Eleanor Roosevelt

At the moment, photography scares me. Well, scares might be a strong word, more like I am just not feeling it. I am going through yet another rough patch. Not really depressed but not really happy either. My father in law passed away a couple weeks ago, and while our relationship wasn't perfect, I still feel sad inside.

Sad for a relationship that could never quite happen, sad for Alan, who also had a difficult time relating to his father, and just sad for the loss of someone I appreciated despite our differences. I don't know if he knew I appreciated him, but it's okay I guess, at least he isn't in any pain.That was deeper than I meant to go, but you get what I mean I think.

I chose that pretty box of cards because they are one of the last things I bought for myself, before we moved last year. I am not sure if I bought it for my new life, or my old one. Everything changed so profoundly this past year, that nothing is recognizable. And not just in my personal life. Politics, movies, television... everything. I sometimes feel like I have been picked up and thrown across life, only to land on my butt... hard!

 I have a great house, a fabulous husband, the best cats ever, and it all seems surreal to me. Weird. I don't know if I am causing that feeling or if I feel detached because the world really has gone off the rails. Maybe others feel the same way, or maybe it's just me. Who knows? 

All I know is I will figure it out as I go along, and while I move along I will just snap a picture each day and hope I find my inspiration again, somewhere, on the other side of the shutter. 

Mood: Who Knows


Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Beauty Of Him

"The Beauty Of Me Is That I'm Very Rich."

~Donald Trump

Yes... he is beautiful. A lot in the same way a large heap of garbage is pretty to the scavenger birds that sometimes circles it. Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for President Of The United States! I knew that there was a possibility of that fact, and I think I might have mentioned it last summer, but I think there was still probably hope that the monster could be and indeed would be stopped in his rampaging tracks. Why did I think that? Its not like the GOP took his presidential run seriously. They shined it on as he won primary and caucuses right and left. And with nothing else to do, the GOP bowed down to them in a shocking display of cowardice. The latest of which, being Paul Ryan, who quietly endorsed Trump by way of a column he wrote for the Janesville Gazette.

 What? Was the Pennysaver already filled for publication that day? And speaking of that day, it should be noted that on the very day Ryan chose to endorse the presumptive savior of the GOP, Trump decided to lash out at the press for doing it's job! Nice timing. And I truly mean that! Highly entertaining for me, and cringe worthy for any clear thinking republicans that might still be left! 

As I write this, Trump is in California. My state. Zigzagging about, threatening the PGA, reporters who aren't employed by the National Enquirer, and flicking verbal rubber bands at Hillary Clinton. Blissfully, he has nothing to say to Bernie Sanders, since Sanders said HELL YES to a debate with Trump, and Trump slithered away like the coward he is. Which brings me to the picture for this post, taken not a year ago, or even 6 months ago, no, I took it about a week ago, in Berkeley, Ca. Okay, yes, it's true, Berkeley is heavily populated by progressives, but there are a few republicans to be found as well, and as I made my way around town, looking for political signs, this is the only one I came up with. From either side. One small sign, in a big window. I will keep watching the windows in Berkeley, perhaps enthusiasm for voting will grow over the summer.

I hope so.

The California Primary is this coming Tuesday. And it is a dead heat between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Trump is the only nominee left on the right. I already voted by mail, so I can go ahead and share who I am voting for, but I have decided to wait until Tuesday, so you will have to comeback then to find out. But I bet you can guess my choice, and feel free to if you like. I will give you a hint... my candidate isn't orange. Does that help? 

Mood: Perplexed


Monday, April 04, 2016

Yellow Fresia And Lavender

"Love isnt all flowers and candles, and dancing midgets.
 No, it is much, much taller than that."

~Jarod Kintz
Love Quotes For The Ages
Specifically Ages 18-81.

Look, See, I made it! Two postings in a row! As I ease back into life anew, Mondays seem to be the day for getting caught up! I was so thrilled to hear from my friend Kat! Lovie, I wasn't sure if you might have given up on me and moved on, so to get a comment from you just made my whole day! And yes, I am taking your suggesstion and I will be doing a video walk through of the house when we are done decorating it! The living room is almost there, we just need to finish the fireplace and get something for the red statement wall! I am learning a lot about color as I move along through the decorating. Next up will be the bedroom, which I am doing in Cornflower Blue, soft lavender and mineral. After that it is on to the hallway, bathroom and finally the kitchen next autumn! I want to let the house show me the way, if that makes sense.

 I want to stay true to it's energy, which from our experience in her the last 6 months, is mostly embracing, gentle and very kind. It's a house that brings you in and gently holds you. It's got such a nice vibe. I felt it from the moment we pulled up in front of it! I hadn't even seen it in the MLS listings. Our real estate expert just decided to add it into the house list for that day! We learned the day we signed the contracts that the previous owned listed it on my birthday! It was meant to be. It was just sitting quietly, in that cute little neighborhood waiting for us, and when we pulled up on the curb in front of the house, Alan and I both immediately remarked on how adorable it was and when we walked in the door the house just seemed to say... 

"Well, what took you so long?"

We have started landscaping the yard. 
Yellow Freesia and Lavender. 

More photos to come soon.

Stay Tuned!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Well, That Was A Shocking Turn Of Events!

"If bad decorating was a hang-able offense, 
there would be decorators hanging from trees."

~Sylvester Stallone

As you might remember from my previous post, I was planning to put myself on a blogging schedule. I have been having problems with my hands going numb from carpal tunnel syndrome and it had become really uncomfortable to type. I had a good plan to continue with the activities I enjoy, one being blogging, but it was all going to depend on how much rest, and by rest, I mean how much stress I could manage to reduce for myself. HA HA HA... hee hee. Well, shit happens... right?

During the first part of my journey of rest and rehabilitation, in fact the week following my last blog post, Alan and I decided to finally paint the big white wall in the living room. We chose a gorgeous color, Rusty Gate, by Behr. It's in the photo above. I had been dreaming of decorating with warm earthy tones, and despite how bright it seems in the photo, it is really quite deep, and warm. I will post a photo in different lighting soon so you can see it at it's best. 

All went well. It only took a half a day, and I now have a gorgeous statement wall that we are both head over heels in love with. All was right with the world. I finished up the final touches of putting away the brushes, and jumped in the shower before turning in for the night. But then, about an hour later, I woke up with the chills. BIG BAD chills. Then the Vomiting started. By the next day it hurt to go to the bathroom. My doctor ran some tests and behold... I had a Urinary Tract Infection, and food poisoning from E.Coli! Yep... a genuine double whammy! And on Valentine's Day no less!

At first I thought it was one for the other. I knew UTI's are sometimes caused by E.Coli, but no, I had two things at ones. And they both pretty much knocked me out for close to 14 days. I felt like death was imminent, but I recovered. I felt weak, but I was on the mend, then about a month after the illness began, I got a milder case of food poisoning again! Not E. Coli this time, just something not great. That round only lasted a couple days. Now, as I sit here, I feel okay, but I am wondering if I will ever eat out again? Yeah, I probably will, but it might be a while!

I think I got sick because I had the audacity to put my proposed blogging schedule online for all to see. You know, good old Murphy's Law and all that! Never say out loud what your plans are, there is always some invisible entity listening, ready to put the whammy on you! SO, I will say this, I will be posting again, so check back once in a while. Also, check my Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. I tend to go more microblogging than actual blogging these days. There is still more painting to be done. Up next, the fireplace and after that the bedroom! I have a can of Cornflower Blue paint just waiting to meet a boring white wall! It's going to be gorgeous!

Stay Tuned. 

No, I am going to think positively!

See you next Monday!

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~Me :)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Yep, Still Alive, But...

"Politicians are people who,
 when they see the light at the end of the tunnel,
 they go out and buy more tunnel."

~John Quinton

Donald Trump For President? Huh? Last summer when I heard he was ready to run for president, I was kind of shocked, then I laughed, rolled my eyes and said... "Yes! Finally something is going right! This should be highly entertaining! At the time, I was in a crappy hotel room in Turlock, California, which isn't terribly surprising, because Turlock, California, is one big crap heap! If you visit there, the three sights you will see most often are, rednecks, and their tank topped significant others, cockroaches, and cows. Occasionally you might also encounter hairy spiders the size of a redneck's fist, but I am told that is somewhat of a rarity. The day I encountered one, I was told that the particular type of spider I encountered mostly live in trees. Great... a tree dwelling spider. Fun. I wondered if it could fly, and then for the next couple weeks always wore a hat when venturing out of the hotel room.LOL. Like Donald Trump's run for the presidency, after the initial shock and fear wore off, it eventually became funny. I can laugh now, but at the time it was high drama!

Fast forward to the present. I have a fun memory I can relive and share here on Ellipsis, and that makes me happy. I like having a blog. I like to share things with you. I like it when you leave your opinions on things I talk about. I really do. I must because as of next August, I will have been blogging 13 years! We are in an election year, a national election year, which is exciting to me because I am a hopeless political nerd! I love reading about politics, studying it's history, and I even enjoy reading about politicians biographies. I like finding out why things happen, not that there is always an answer, but sometimes if I can just get a little insight I feel better about things. You know what I mean?

Well, I have spent a lot of time doing just that! So much so that I have caused myself some nerve damage in my right hand from Carpal Tunnel syndrome. The doctor says I need to spend less time obsessing on Sarah Palin and more time resting my hand or the damage will a permanent condition. My right hand is numb most of the time now, and when it isn't it has pain shooting up to my shoulder, and I did it to myself. But jeeze... how am I supposed to NOT make fun of that snowbeast Sarah Palin? Since she hit the national political stage she has made me cringe, and when I take it too seriously, I have to let it out! And now, after Donald Trump promised her a position in his administration, should he win, I am less amused with her, and more frightened that it might actually happen! Yikes. She is amusing, but more than anything, she is dangerous and it really isn't funny, so I need to talk about it, even if no one agrees with me, or visits my blog.

So, I have to take some real time off from online activities, when I hand tries to heal yet again. I am taking my doctors advice and giving the blogging a rest. I am going to take my pal Jeff's idea and look into Dragon speech software. And I have decided to post to my blog twice a month, when I am online anyway to pay bills. I will check in, let you know I am okay, and update you on my hand's progress. I don't want to have long term damage, so I have to listen to the doctor. My future blogging schedule will be as follows...

February 14th
February 27th

March 15th
March 17th
March 18th
March 27th

April 15th
April 29

May 15th
May 29th

Back full time in June.

The month of June is my goal. It's also when California holds its primary. I can't miss that! And let's face it, this summer is going to be amazing! Election season, and all the amazing things to go and do and see! But really... nothing invigorates me like a good political fight! I am still a bit on the fence about my candidate. Hillary is someone I trust completely to handle women's issues, but Bernie has a proven track record also. I would like to have a woman lead, because let's face it, woman approach things completely different then men do. I think having her elected might just change the way women are treated in the workplace, and maybe, just maybe, women will finally make what men do for doing the same job! It's time for a woman! But Bernie really appeals to the progressive inside me. It's a touch decision. One thing I do know... I won't be ordering any campaign merchandise until after the primary! In the past, every time I did... my candidate imploded into a big ball of gone. Just ask John Edwards, the day after I ordered that cute little refrigerator magnet!


See you February 14th!

Mood: Hopeful
Photograph: "Lunch At Panera On A Winter Day"

~Me :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

From The Pink Oven... Carmalized Onion And Cheddar Quiche

"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. 
In cooking you've got to have a WHAT-THE-HELL attitude."

~Julia Child

Yum! I love having quiche as a quick, light meal, on evenings when Alan has to work, so last evening I got out the INTERWEBS and found a recipe that sounded like fun to make. Was looking for a recipe that included an ingredient I hadn't used before, or perhaps a new technique. You know, something that presented a challenge, and this recipe kinda had both elements at play! Balsamic Vinegar, added to caramelized onions, right at the end of the process. I have worked a little bit with vinegar, but not too much, and the flavored vinegars are something I have only come to appreciate in the last few years. The recipe came out nice, and light, and the extra sweetness of the onions, brought out by adding the vinegar at the end of the carmelizing process, was perfect! 

This was a terrific recipe, try it yourself... it is perfect with a spinach salad, or a fruit salad! The only thing I think I will do different next time, is use a really sharp cheddar, rather than a mild one, because the cheddar taste was too mild compared to the onions. The cheese needed to have as strong a presence as the onions. And I have also learned now that I have to use whole milk, rather than fat-free milk, otherwise the quiche will be slightly runny when done. It was fine, I just let it sit a little longer before serving. 

Life is good!

Simply Recipes

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~Me :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Fun With Low Light Photography

"Even as a child, she had preferred night to day, had enjoyed sitting out in the yard after sunset, under the star-speckled sky listening to frogs and crickets.
 Darkness soothed. It softened the  sharp edges of the world, toned down the too-harsh colors. With the coming of twilight, the sky seemed to recede; the universe expanded.
 The night was bigger than the day, and in it's realm, life seemed to have more possibilities."

~Dean Koontz

I was going through my folder from last month, and found some photos that really pleased me. They are dark, and have a presence that is true to the beginning of winter, and the cold darkness that comes with it. This week, we are getting the first of the El Nino storms. It's dark, as you might expect, but the sky just opens up, and DOWN comes the rain. Fiercely so! The snow pack in the Sierra range is at 139% of normal totals, which is awesome, but again, it's dark outside, and I am kinda loving it! I am not a day person, at all, I don't really begin thinking clearly until the late afternoon, and that has been my whole life.

 Alan snores. LOUDLY. And while there are other rooms I can go to, if my Fibromyalgia is particularly painful, or I just happen to need a little extra sleep, but most of the time I stay in the bedroom with him, and watch TV, or read, while he sleeps. I like being near him, snoring and all! And like I said, it has been a life time pattern for me to not sleep at night. I basically keep vampire hours. I cook, and clean, and tip-toe through the archives in search of a photo I might have overlooked. I have found many promising photos that way. Bring on the darkness! As long as El Nino is here, I might as well enjoy it!

Low-light photography. In natural lighting, and otherwise, has always intrigued me, so I am going to concentrate on that this winter. I know I will doing a lot more photography in and around Stockton, because of the storms on the way, which is nice, because I need to venture out around here. I love the mixture of rural and city here. It's quite unique to the rest of the Bay Area. Shrug. Darkness, in all the best ways is the goal. I hope you find the next series of photos pleasing, comments and opinions are always appreciated!

 You knew I was going to sneak in a photo from the last of the leaves... right? It's just that the last of the Dogwood had a poignant kind of beauty to it, as the last of the colorful leaves rested among the dark and dead leaves. There was something strangely pretty about it.

I tool this photograph out my kitchen window,
 using the screen as a filter.
 I kind of like the grainy effect. Thoughts?

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~Me :)