Thursday, March 05, 2015

I Can Has Cheeseburger Slider To Go?

"Be the cheeseburger you've always dreamed you could be.
 That's the advice I'd give to any hamburger running for political office."

~Jarod Kintz
This Book Has No Title

There is something unusual in that crow's mouth, I only had a moment to get this shot, but after I did I was so glad I had made the effort. I was at Ocean Beach, it was cold out, and lunch time, so there were lots of people bundled up, while enjoying their picnic lunches. Not and unusual sight,  when this bird had a swooped down and grabbed a cheeseburger slider out of the box lunch being enjoyed by a particularly amorous couple, it caused a bit of a stir. Curious... isn't it? Imagine making off with someone elses slider, but leaving the french fries behind. 

Who eats a slider without fries?

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ellipsis Misses Vol. 1 Episode 1: Carly Misses Her Cat

"Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than YOU."

Dr. Suess
Happy Birthday To You!

"A Learning experience is one of those things that says, 
"You know that thing you just did? Don't do that."

~Douglas Adams
The Salmon Of Doubt

So... stuff happens. Flat tires happen. Head colds happen. Dropping a fork of spaghetti down the front of your low cut dress happens. Spontaneously dancing in front of a group of strangers in San Francisco happens. Walking around all day, looking for your sunglasses, only to realize just before going to bed, that you had them perched on your head all day... happens. HELL... running over yourself with a car happens... I know that for sure! Being given food poisoning by your boyfriend's mother can happen, and it does more often than you might think. Walking around with a piece of pink fuzz, fresh of your brand new pink fuzzy sweater, sticking out off your nose, happens. If you own a cat, he probably will wipe poop off his butt on your brand new duvet cover, at least once in your relationship.They can also ignore you more masterfully than any living entity... in the history of living entities. You haven't been ignored, until you have been ignored by a cat who loves you! It happens! Even SHIT happens.

And last, but not least, Fibromyalgia happens. 

So, what's this all about? Well, the other day I was looking through my archives for a photo I haven't posted before, because, well, I have been in some pretty bad pain from the Fibromyalgia, and there is little to nothing I can do about it, except ride it out, and hope for the best. I am really struggling with it. I got a mild case of food poisoning, in early January, and my Fibromyalgia has been raging ever since. I have had small remissions from the pain, here and there, but I have been in more pain that not. But just because I have been in pain, doesn't mean my creativity has to stop with the rest of my body. So, while I can't get out with the camera as much as I want to, I have other options, like making a cartoon graphic of my life, by way of Bitstrips

I think it will be entertaining, and it will be a humorous look into what life is like in my cave. I am starting out slow with it, and like with my blog, I plan to let it evolve into what it will. Now, this doesn't mean I will never post new photos again, in fact I am hoping to post some new stuff as early as tomorrow. HOPING. We'll see. Sometimes I have to just put on extra clothes, and grab all my cameras, load up on the pain killers, pretend I am a normal person! Alan does everything he can to make life easier on me, and he encourages me to soldier through the pain. He is amazing that way. So, wish me luck!

And now, the first installment of 

Ellipsis Misses

Carly Misses Her Cat

Funny story, we live in a small cottage, which would make one believe it would not only be easy to keep clean, but that it would be an easy place to find all our your cats in. Neither is true. My cats can find the most interesting places to have there "alone time" in. Like the old soup pot I keep on top of the refrigerator. Dylan will get up there and curl up. I can't tell if he is in the pot or not, so I have to do a good bit of kitchen mountain climbing to find him. But then there are other times when he holds folk concerts from the bathroom tub. That's not his alone time, so much as his creative mode. Which sounds exactly like you would expect a slightly bitchy cat would sound while airing of his grievances in an ear piercing tone. 

But I get it, and I would join him in the bitching if I could. But sometimes I just want my orange cat by my side. Mr. Pissypants gets me. And after that one time, he got out, and decided it was a good idea to go exploring in the neighbors yard I have been a bit over protective. On that particular adventure he decided it was a good idea to bitch slap a dog big enough swallow him in a single gulp. He's a tough, no nonsense little man, who snuggles me, but doesn't hover. Who bitches daily, but also listens... and purrs. And sometimes that is exactly what I need. It's better than the strongest pain killer... well... almost.

Funny how when you get to be my age, 
simple things, like finding your cat, can make you really happy.

One thing you can look forward to about this new series,
 there will be less wordiness, and more pictures.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Art About Town: Berkeley "Earthsong For Berkeley" By Po Shu Wang

"One ought, ever day at least, to hear a little song, 
read a good poem, see a fine picture,
 and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship

I know, I know... it was only a week ago when I did an Art About Town post, but I have been busy, working on a couple projects that I will be showing off soon, but for now, I did an updated photo of another piece of art that sits along Shattuck avenue... "Earthsong For Berkeley" by artist Po Shu Wang. This piece is amazing, not just because it looks like a giant tuning fork, it's special because it actually is a giant tuning fork! It's interactive in that there is a small bell, at the bottom of it, that when rang, produces a particularly lovely sound. Unfortunately this piece was recently vandalized, and the original sound is no longer available.

 It's a shame when any piece of art is destroyed. Art can be such an amazing learning, and healing influence in life. I can only imagine the tortured soul that would do something like that. It's so unbelievably sad. I truly believe that art in school is a very important part of a child's development, and maybe if there was more money going to that purpose, children would be able to express themselves in less destructive ways. I was so thankful when I grew up for all the teachers who had encouraged me to pickup a crayon, or a drawing pencil and, of course, my camera. I have done a lot of healing through my photography. I will always be thankful for that, and for each piece of public art that I am able to photograph, and see in person! 

 To read more about Earthsong For Berkeley, click here.

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Monday, March 02, 2015


"Be careful what you feed your body 
and consider what you feed your senses.
 Both provide you sustenance that makes you who you are."

~Simon Boylan

This Monday's post, but it's being written on Sunday night. Why? Well, I have been posting in eastern time since my old AOL days. My niece, who lives on the east coast, loved to look at my pictures before going to bed, so, I always tried to post my photos at around 10:00 PM her time. She still views my photos, and reads my posts, but it doesn't have to be on her schedule, so I don't have to set my posts up the night before anymore, but I am so used to it at this point, I don't know if I could change it if I could. You see, my Sunday nights were forever sealed in stone when Alan's schedule put him permanently on the graveyard shift on Sunday nights and every other Monday night!

 So, where would I be without my late Sunday night meal? This Sunday night consisted of Baked Chicken Breast, and Orange Carrots. For dessert... an amazing Fruit Salad. All my favorite fruit, late at night, after a light meal. Delicious! And hey, it's photogenic also! The thing is, while I have to watch my sugar consumption because of my Type 1 diabetes, I know my body always feels better with the right kind of fuel. It's all about a healthy balance in all things. I am not perfect... but I am working on it!

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sex And The City: Season 4 Episode 2 "The Real Me"

"When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking."

~Carrie Bradshaw
(Sarah Jessica Parker)
Sex And The City
Season 2 Episode 4 The Real Me

The other day, Alan and I, were discussing what our favorite TV moments have been. As you can probably imagine, we have different ideas on what makes a perfect TV moment. His are mostly "guy" moments, and I tend to identify with the ladies. It all works out, and gives us plenty of terrific lines, situations, and scenarios to debate. One that we both really liked came from, Sex And The City! Season 4 Episode 2 titled, "The Real Me." In this episode, Carrie is asked to be in a fashion show that is a mixture of professional models, and real people, like Carrie. At first she believes she will be wearing a very elegant blue sequined dress, but at the last minute it is swapped out for a pair of flesh toned jeweled underwear and a blue satin coat. An already nervous Carrie now has just a couple minutes to pull herself together, so she can hit the runway alongside the likes of Heidi Klum. And HIT THE RUNWAY SHE DOES, after one of her very high heels breaks, and she falls to the floor of the catwalk, becoming, "fashion roadkill."

 Humiliating, but survivable, because she didn't just give up and go away, she got back up and finished her walk. While this episode plays out four different perspectives of what each of the ladies thinks of themselves individually, Carrie is the one who drives the point home that no matter what, at the end of the day, when a real human falls down in life, they will get back up, and keep moving. I love the message of the episode. I love that each lady, when faced with a fear of some sort, not only did their world's not end, but they discovered something new about themselves, and grew as a person for having stared down the fear and met a personal challenge or goal. Carrie's message was the kind of human truth that male or female could identify with. I believe, hands down, this was the best episode of the series. I never get tired of it's message. And it is definitely in my Top Ten favorite TV moments of all time!

Well, that's my favorite moment from Sex And The City. 
Now it's your turn, did you have a favorite moment,
 scene or full episode of the show?
How about a different show?
Do you have a favorite TV moment that stands out for you?

Sometime I will have to share about
 the main reason I watched the show...


 #1 Sonia Rykiel  #2 Dolce And Gabbana  #3 Roberto Cavalli


Manolo Blahnik
Cutest shoes ever!
 Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes they way I love purses.
Click the link at the top of the post
 to see a clip from the episode "The Real Me." 

 There are some rumors that HBO might be doing a reboot of the series, which I think would be amazing! I would love to see the ladies dealing with the kind of issues ladies our age deal with. Ageism, menopause, wage equality, health issues. Women in our demographic have been really overlooked, it's time to demonstrate how relevant we are! Sex And The City is just the type of iconic show that can do just that! With style!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Look Back At February 2015, RIP Leonard Nimoy, And DressGate

"The camera can capture thought in a way
 that's quite surprising and shocking. 
You can become very simple and minimal in your work
 and communicate a lot with just a finger
 or an eyebrow, or a look, or a glance."

~Leonard Nimoy
On Photography

It's the last day of February, which means it's time to take a look back at the month in photos, but before we do that, we must take a brief pause to remember Leonard Nimoy. I, like every other kid who remembers watching Star Trek on it's first voyage on our TVs, found a new way of looking at things around me, from Mr. Spock, the half human/half Vulcan, Science Officer of the USS Enterprise. Spock was stoic, and logical and he was rational. Almost completely devoid of emotion, he reminded us that leading with impulse, rather than logic, rarely ended well. As a little girl, I kinda wished Spock would have been my brother, and missed him, and the show terribly when it ended. My brother was in Vietnam at the time, and everything seemed so far away. I remembered watching Star Trek with my brother and sister before he left, and nothing was the same without him, but somehow watching our favorite SciFi show with my sister, after he left, made my brother feel closer. I guess it was because we all three agreed... Mr. Spock WAS THE SHOW!

 After Star Trek, I watched Leonard Nimoy in other rolls, and enjoyed each one, but missed him as Mr. Spock, and so did all my friends. So, when the Star Trek film franchise started in the 1980's, you can imagine how happy a whole generation was! Even when Spock was killed in the third movie, I didn't believe it, I knew someday he would return, and he did. I was right, a character like that never dies. It was so much fun seeing Spock in a lighter incarnation in, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, my favorite of the early movies, because it took everything less serious than the earlier movies, and the fact that is was set in San Francisco only made it that much more amazing! LOL. Spock was one of a kind, and so was Leonard Nimoy. As much as I loved him as Mr. Spock, he made so many other characters unforgettable, and he was the perfect choice to narrate another favorite show of mine, In Search Of..., after the death of Rod Serling. Oh my, I will miss Leonard Nimoy, but he did live long, and prospered.

Goodnight Mr. Spock.

And Now... A Look Back At February 2016

For a short month, it kinda felt like February
 was NEVER going to end!


And now, let's talk about the question that has divided the Internet. 

Do you see #BlueAndBlack or #WhiteAndGold ?

I see Blue And Black


Based On Color Samples From Behr Paint

How about you? What color combination do you see?

Okay, on to March...

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Late On A February Night... The Mystery Of Tammy Meyers

Grant Ranch Park, Mt Hamilton Road
San Jose, California 

"It is better to risk saving a guilty person
 than to condemn an innocent one."

A couple weeks ago, on February 12th, a tragedy occurred. A wife, mother, friend, neighbor, was shot dead, in her own driveway, after what was first reported as a case of road rage. The country, no the world, was shocked and sickened by the thought of someone losing control so thoroughly as that driver must have been, to pull out a gun, and shoot a stranger, in their own driveway. It was, however, an easy scenario to believe. Road rage is a scary thing, and it goes on all around us, in every American community, in small towns and in large metropolitan areas. Anger is on the rise, and the ability to deal with that anger in an appropriate manner is declining. It seems our coping mechanisms have seemingly dwindled. Too much bad information, a rise in terrorism, joblessness, acts of violence against unarmed children by the very people who should be protecting them... you name it, stress is not hard to come by. So road rage seems to be the result of the snapping of our last nerve. The incredible stress we all live under is the reason, but there is NO excuse for the dangerous behavior of road rage, and this case of road rage it was especially terrifying! An angry driver followed a woman home, and killed her, in the driveway of her own home! But it seems that there was a lot more to the story, and things aren't always what they seem to be.

A Basic Example Of Early Reports
Timeline Of Events

Feb 12th, 2015
*Tammy Meyer's takes her daughter out for a session of driver's training. It was late in the evening, and the daughter had NO learner's permit. The lesson is said to have taken place on private property at a nearby school.

*When they finished, Tammy got into the driver's seat and her daughter moved to the passenger side.
As they pulled out into traffic, a speeding car pulled up very close on their bumper, and then pulled alongside their car. That's when the daughter reached over and honked the horn at the car.

*At that point the driver of the aggressive car managed to close the Meyer's car off and a verbal altercation began when the driver of the other car got out and yelled something to the effect of... "I'll get you and your daughter."

*The Meyers daughter says that the man who got out of the car was 6 feet tall, 180lbs, mid 20's, with spiky blond hair. And that he threatened them saying, "I'm going to get you and your daughter." She says he knew she was Mrs. Meyers daughter, because she kept repeating "Mommy, Mommy."

*Meyers and daughter turned their car around, and drove home directly, where she told her daughter to go into the house, and send out her son, who was in legal possession of a handgun..

*At this point, the other car finds them, at their home, and someone in the car opens fire on Mrs. Meyers and her son, hitting the mother in the head. The son returns fire, as the car flees the scene.

*On February 14th, Tammy Meyers is taken off life support by her husband Robert Meyers.

*February 15th. A GoFundMe account is set up for the Meyers family to help with funeral expenses.

*February 16th. Mr. Meyers offers his fully restored Camero as a reward to anyone who can help find the killers of his wife.

*February 17th. Police release a statement that paints a different story then was initially told.

*February 17th. The GoFundMe account is taken down, due to overwhelming backlash over the changing account of events.

5 days after the initial altercation there is an updated account of the Events...

On February 20th Channel 8 News, 
in Las Vegas, 
 prepared an interactive timeline of events.

And the story has changed again since that timeline was prepared.

February 24th 2014
Examiner Online

I haven't checked today, to see if there is still another change in the story, I can't imagine what more could be changed at this point, but somehow it wouldn't surprise me too much to find out something else has changed. Here is what I do know. Tammy Meyers died a senseless death. A young man is in jail and the district attorney is pushing for the maximum charges, and all that the punishment carries. It's possible this young man could be given the death penalty if convicted of what he is being charged with. Tammy Meyers isn't alive to defend herself, and her family is doing her no favors by being caught in lie after lie. I don't remember a case where the victim's family has been caught in as many lies and half-truths as the Meyers family!

I haven't believed one word that Mr. Meyers has said from day one. So what really happened? Why, if Tammy Meyers was an innocent victim, did her son and daughter lie? I can't figure out why they would lie? As for Mr. Meyers, he says his wife knew her assailant, if so, why not just call the police? All the time she supposedly mentored him, did Mr. Meyers also try to help that kid? Or did he just sit by while his wife met with the young man in a seedy neighborhood park, gave him money, and supposedly tried to encourage him. What kind of husband does that? I know Alan wouldn't let me do something like that alone. It doesn't make sense.

If Mr. Meyers is willing to lie about any detail of this case,
 what else is he willing to lie about?

Right now, I believe Erich Nowsch should be found
 NOT GUILTY if this case goes to trial,
 but frankly, he should be released from custody long before that.

Any way you see it, this is just one more American tragedy.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Predictability Of A Plain White Dinner Roll

"The world is full of people
 who will help you manufacture tornadoes
 in order to blow out match."

~Shaun Hick

The Predictability Of The Plain White Dinner Roll

When It Comes To Sarah Palin, 
The Most Disingenuous Question Asked Most Often Is...
 Why All The Hate?
A couple weeks ago, I had a moment of shock and awe. Sarah Palin, the onetime darling of the far right had made a surprise appearance at the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live, and engaged in a mildly amusing sketch with Jerry Seinfeld. It was basically a tease about how much, Loren Michaels, might or might not, be prepared to pay Sarah to run for the presidency in 2016. Like I said... it was amusing, and I found the sketch less a knee slapper and more of a cute expected moment, given the amount of jokes SNL has made at Sarah's expense over the years. The shock and awe wasn't at the predictable joke, but rather at what Sarah showed up wearing to the shindig. In an earlier post I ranted a bit about the outfit, of which she completely lifted from her daughter Bristol's closet. And I shared my opinion on whether or not it's a good idea to go about wearing clothing designed with a much younger woman in mind. 

It stinks, but we ladies of 50 and older need to cover things up, whether or not we are "hot." I hate it, I wish it wasn't true, but it is. IT JUST IS. Fortunately, we ladies have many, many ways of putting our best foot forward, while maintaining some fashion dignity. We have designers now, that our mothers never had, and fashion for ladies our age has evolved to show us in our best light, again while maintaining some dignity. But enough about that. What this post is about has nothing to do with that outfit per se, what it does have to do with is the inexplicable question about why Sarah Palin is hated so much, a question asked of me after a Tweet I wrote about the now famous white dress she wore that night, particularly by someone such as myself who dares to share a negative opinion regarding anything she does. 

First of all, let's get something straight... I didn't always hate Sarah Palin. Even now, as I write this, I wonder if it isn't more accuate to say, I don't hate Sarah Palin the woman, I hate the things Sarah Palin the woman says and does! But isn't what you say and do the best example of who and what you are? Maybe. Maybe not. I will let you decided if you think I hate the woman, that's up to you, but I think I would also like you to consider the fact that more than anything I don't understand the her. I don't understand someone who throws extraordinary chances, opportunites, and goals away, opting for shortcuts to nowhere, verbal digs, and lazy excuses. Instead of finding her own voice, she rides the coattails of Bill O'Reilly, by writing a book, similar to his, regarding the ridiculous notion that there is some kind of war on Christmas. Instead of taking a step back, after the abysmal 2008 campaign, did she take a little time to educate herself in the areas she had trouble with? No she bashed Katie Couric for being unfair, by asking her the simplest of questions... "WHAT DO YOU READ TO STAY INFORMED?"

Allow me to share a fuller picture of the many things about Sarah Palin I don't understand. Just a series of questions really, that if I had the answer to, I might understand the woman better.

1. She has five beautiful children, yet each of them seemed to have nothing but bitter and perpetually disrespectful attitudes.

There is plenty of evidence to support this. From Bristol teaching her child to say homophobic things, to the ridiculous physical fight they engaged in at a friend's birthday party last September. 

2. Sarah Palin, and her family, live in one of the most beautiful, majestic places on earth. They could be champions for conservation and the natural beauty that is Alaska. So, with the shocking way Global Warming (Climate Change) is affecting the planet, and specifically Alaska, you would think they would be leading the cause of preserving the natural wilderness around them, so why isn't she?

3. Sarah Palin's youngest child has Down Syndrome. He is a beautiful child, and clearly loved deeply, so why hasn't Sarah, used at least some of her time, since 2008, to do anything to bring awareness to the Down Syndrome community? She, again, has the chance to be a champion, and yet her silence is deafening.

4. If she hates the liberal media so much, why does she make appearances on culturally significant programs such as Saturday Night Live?

It really comes of as hypocritical to bash something and then turn around and embrace it. I wonder how that might feel to her supporters?

5. Why doesn't she form a specific, well informed series of opinions on the issues she cares about? 
Sarah Palin has been given chance after chance, across different platforms, to distinguish herself and bring her own opinions, and world views to light. But instead of actually doing that, she uses her time, such as on her latest venture, The Sarah Palin Channel, to spout nonsensical digs at the left, and share nothing of any real value as to how to fix the problems we are all facing. Her speeches are just one snide dig after another, but no real solutions, at at times characterized, even by some of her most staunch supporters as incoherent. Sometimes it seems like what she is really doing with that channel is simply using it for bitching, we all do from time to time, about things out of our control. That makes her understandably human, except most of us don't charge $9.95 a month to our subscribers. 

In my opinion, why ask folks to pay for something, namely her recycled opinions on any given subject, that can pretty much be found anywhere on the net for free. Who doesn't know, by now, how Sarah Palin feels about President Obama's policies? And yet, can you tell me what her policy is on dealing with... oh say... North Korea? How about how she would put people back to work... specifically? How about Infrastructure? What would Mrs. Palin do about fixing our roads and bridges? Where in the grand scheme of things would she even prioritize the problem of infrastructure? How about the homeless, of which about 50% are veterans, how would she get them the physical, mental and practical help they deserve?
There's no need to go on... is there?

I don't understand why she doesn't educate herself. I don't understand how she can carry on with the attitude that if she just bullshits her way through the toughest of questions, she will be fine. We both know, you and I, that it's not enough to have a random answer to the questions in our lives... you must know when you give the answer why you feel the way you do, and a clear idea how to move forward with it. As I sit here, the whole thing makes me terribly sad. Sarah Palin has so much potential. She has had the world in her hands, she could be a beacon of real hope, she could be a leader of the conservative party, and yes, on a minor scale she had an opportunity to show up at the SNL 40th Anniversary special, dressed appropriate for the occasion, and set a fashionable example for conservative woman all over the country. But she couldn't be bothered to go shopping, her daughter Bristol reasoned.

Several days after the whole "DressGate" thing settled down, Bristol Palin came to her mother's defense on her blog, saying her mother looked hot and no one should be caring about what she wore. Well, here's the thing, the situation didn't keep me up nights, but I do feel bad that apparently Sarah never learned, and therefore is not teaching her children that how you dress, and your appearance, is what people know first about you. Before you open your mouth, people see your clothes and how you carry yourself. That's why we are encouraged to dress for special circumstances, with respect for our audience. Imagine Sarah Palin's impression on the world, had she stepped onto the national stage, dressed in Daisy Dukes and a crop top! Funny isn't it? Or is it sad? Sarah Palin was invited to the SNL 40th Anniversary special, and rather than showing it the proper respect it deserved, she went for the shortcut. She decided put as little effort into the opportunity as she could, while once again, basking in the attention that she claims to dislike so much, by the people she blames for her negative reviews. If for no other reason, I would have thought she would have wanted to dress nicely to put her best foot forward!

It's never Sarah Palin's fault.

She is as predictable as a plain white dinner roll.

"If God had not wanted us to eat animals,
 how come He made them out of meat?"

~Sarah Palin
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Face In The Crowd: My Pizza Is Sticking It's Tongue Out At Me

"Pizza is circular. So is an hour. I'll take two slices... to go."

~Jarod Kintz

My delicious slice of pizza not only has a face,
 it's sticking it's tongue out at me!
The nerve!
I bet if it could talk, it would spout some pretty spicy language!
Pizza these days!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art About Town... Berkeley: "s-Hertogenbosch" By John Toki

By John Toki

"Sculpture is like drawing in the air. Filling in space. 
Finding space. Working with contours, planes, light and shadows."

~Denis Hopking

This piece, which is part of the Addison Street Art Walk, and sits at the corner of Addison and Shattuck, in Berkeley, is not one of my favorite sculptures, but it wouldn't be downtown Berkeley without it. I have featured it on my blog in the past, but this a brand new photo, from a slightly different angle then I have posted previously. The name of the sculpture, s-Hertogenbosche is the same as a town in the Netherlands, which translates to, "Duke's Forest." It is a ceramics piece, and is an abstract representation of forms found in nature, such as mountains, sky, water and snow. It always catches my eye when I pass it, and I have spent a fair amount of time studying the shape and color. It's an interesting sculpture, and really has to be seen in person to be appreciated, I never really have done it proper justice with my photographs of it.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Memories Of Monday Pumpkins And Roses On Monday

Monday October 29th 2007
Half Moon Bay, California

"Songs and smells will bring you back to a moment in time more than anything else. It's amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a song or a solitary whiff of a room. A song you didn't even pay attention to at the time, a place that you didn't even know had a particular smell."

~Emily Giffin
  Something Borrowed

I came across this photo in my 2007 archives, and decided to post it. I took this picture on Monday, October 29th 2007, and when I look at it, I have to smile, because it had been a very nice day. Alan and I were in Half Moon Bay, at Pastorino's Pumpkin Patch, and everything had an amazing autumn glow to it. Big surprise, in that it was smack dab in the middle of autumn, but it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the roses were trying really hard to out-beauty the pumpkins! And oh my god... the smell of sweet spicy roses, and fresh pumpkin, and the chilly air, and the sound of children excited for Halloween. Ahhhh... If I close my eyes, I am right back there, and it's as if almost 8 years ago was yesterday!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Oscar Picks 2015

"Did I really earn this, or did I just wear you all down?"

~Sandra Bullock
From Her Oscar Acceptance Speech

It's that time again... The Academy Awards. I have mixed feelings about watching the Oscars. As a rule I am not much into awards shows, unless a particular favorite of mine is in the running for whatever award is being, well, awarded. But I do enjoy the red carpet. I love me a beautiful gown! I also love me a wacky outfit! Well, within reason. I think the wackiest of all time had to be the swan dress worn by Bjork in 2001! But when worn by Ellen, later that year at the Emmy Awards, it was actually instrumental in bringing a smile and a little laughter back to us after the events of 9/11. I am still smiling, all these years later, when I think about that. :)

In truth, I am also a little sad about this year's Oscar ceremony. Robin Williams is still present in my mind and heart, and when they honor him, I know I will feel the loss all over again. Such a kind man. Such a gifted performer. Such a human soul. Somehow it seems like someone like him should be with us forever. The fact that he isn't is a harsh truth... one that while I have accepted, still seems to be unreal. Enough of that. If I keep going on I will begin to grieve again, and that is no way to honor someone who brought me such delight! 

Okay... On With My Oscar Picks For 2015

 Best Movie

Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Director

Richard Linklater

 Best Actor

Steve Carell

Best Actress

*Julianne Moore

Best Supporting Actor

Edward Norton
Best Supporting Actress

Keira Knightly

 Best Animated Feature Film

 Song Of The Sea

Best Music
Original Score

*Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Music
Original Song

*Glory (Selma)

Best Visual Effects

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Best Writing
Original Screenplay


Best Writing
Adapted Screenplay

The Theory Of Everything

Best Documentary Feature

Last Days In Vietnam

Best Achievement In Cinematography

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Documentary Short Subject

*Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Best Achievement In Costume Design

Into The Woods

Best Achievement In Film Editing


Best Achievement In Makeup And Hairstyling


And there you have it. My choices for the Oscars.
 Now, how about you? Care to leave your picks?

Also, as promised, feel free to critique my Oscar outfit. Too safe? Is the Monochromatic style over? Should I have chosen something edgier? I really want your opinion, I mean one day they just might hand out an award for...

Best Female Uncredited Extra
 In A Leading Female Uncredited Extra Role


I am a veteran uncredited extra of  2 movies,
 and one day it could happen, Uncredited Extra could be made a category at the Oscars, so I want to be ready!

My Five Favorite Oscar Gowns

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


 "Trendy is the last stage before tacky."
 ~Karl Lagerfeld


No seriously, what the FUCK?

What was Sarah Palin thinking, wearing her daughter's dress, right out of the closet, to the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary celebration? My first thought was that perhaps she was trying to follow in the footsteps of another tacky reality star, Kris Jenner, of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris has been seen many times in "borrowed" clothes that belong to her daughters. Sometimes the clothes have worked well for the Kardashian "Momager," but more often than not, it just comes off sad. It makes me want to say... Kris, Kris, Kris... get your own style! And by the way, there is no disgrace in not only acting your age, but dressing your age as well! Stop making yourself a punchline, and set a style example for other women your age! Go ahead... be the style setter, not a style joke! And that is what I find so frustrating about both Kris Jenner, and Sarah Palin in general, they have all kinds of rare opportunities in the palm of their hands, and they will throw them away every single time!

When Sarah Palin hit the national stage, I admired her style, as far as her clothing was concerned. I had no idea until sometime later that, in fact, she was being dressed by her political handlers and not by her own personal style choices. Never mind who chose the clothes, she looked good in them, and she was beginning to not just be recognized strong self assured politician, but a strong style example for women our age group. It wasn't meant to be however, because like with everything else she touches, she brought a distasteful spin to it, for no other reason than to give a voice to her inner bitter middle-age political wanna-be. To admit style is to apparently have all your values mixed up, and we can't have down home Sarah doing that! So... style sense be gone... simple Sarah is on the case!

Of course true style doesn't have to mean expensive labels. A pair of jeans, a cozy sweater, just the right pair of boots, I would avoid American flag shit kickers, but that's just me, and you are good to go. Again, dressing your age is a good idea, pick up a Vogue, or consult wonderful websites like Rachel Zoe, In-Style, Stylist or even Pure Wow, as they can give a lot of guidance on what will make you shine, and be at your best when it most matters. Hey, there are plently of blogs where all you have to do is put the event that your are going to, into the search engine, and out will pop several examples of what to wear. I have been reading Vogue since I got my first job, and now I know the difference between what I like, verses, what actually looks good on me, and what will make the proper statement.

If my mother would have taken a cocktail dress out of my closet when I was 25, and wore it to a media event, I would have been mortified! I feel a bit sorry for the Kardashian girls, and Bristol in particular when it comes to that dynamic. While the Karhashian girls may have become numb to the idiosyncrasies of mom Kris, this must have been a new hell for Bristol. It couldn't have felt good to see her mom in that dress, but on the other hand, maybe she got a secret jolly out of seeing her mother look ridiculous... who knows? Sarah has kinda stolen some of Bristol's thunder over the years, although I am sure Bristol wouldn't admit that. Shrug. Again, who knows? What I do know is that the choice of dress was bizarre, and for the life of me I can't understand why Sarah wouldn't have wanted to make her own style statement that night.

White Dress
Black Dominatrix Boots
Brown Fur Purse

= Disaster!

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

PS... Don't forget to comeback tomorrow to see my picks for the Oscars, to see my fantasy outfit! Fair is fair, if you hate my style choices for my Academy Awards look, feel free to chime in! You will be welcome to play Fashion Police, and share your picks for the Oscars!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Send Me No Flowers...

"The bad news is, the butcher is dead. 
The good news is, there will be no need for a funeral, 
and there will be meat for weeks."

~Jerod Kintz

Send Me No Flowers

Okay, my morbid sense of humor has kicked in big time. It all started with the ever changing tragic story of Tammy Meyers, the mother of 4 from Las Vegas, who was gunned down last week, after what was originally called an act of road-rage. Here is the thing, since last week, the story of what actually happened has changed, and even now, with at least one suspect in custody, things seemed muddled. Was she protecting her kids that night, by going home, and summoning her son who owned a gun legally, and then going back out? No, no matter which version I have heard up to this point, there is nothing in that situation that common sense would dictate going back out for, once she arrived home safely. So, was she trying to do a good deed by chasing down the suspect, who as it comes to light, she knew... very well? Again... nope... the police could have should still have been called, if she felt she was in danger or he was in high risk company. But I am sure there will be more twists and turns in this story, perhaps before the end of this coming weekend. In the end, it's not the point of this post. The situation is merely the catalyst for explaining what I would like my life to look like, postmortem. You know, how I would like my friends and Alan to remember me to the press, interested onlookers and concerned parties.

1. Do NOT hold a press conference detailing my qualifications for sainthood. 
(I am a human, who had made many human mistakes)

2. Do NOT hold a vigil, should I go missing!
(Have you ever noticed that when folks hold vigils for missing people, they never come back?)

3. If I am found dead, please DON'T drop off flowers, stuffed animals, balloons, candles or any other such nonsense. It makes a mess. Send it to me now, while I am alive, so I can enjoy it!

4. Assuming I am killed while out with my camera taking pictures, please don't use the phrase... 
"She died doing what she loved to do." That makes me sound like a moron.

5. If I am murdered, no matter how, please remember me 
by asking the District Attorney to NOT ask for the death penalty.
 I am vehemently against it. It wouldn't honor me if someone were executed for my murder.



8. NO enlarged DMV photos issued to the press. Just use the one on my blog and Twitter.

9. I would like to be cremated, rather than buried. 
But please wait a week or so, I sleep deeply sometimes.

10. NO, I REPEAT, NO "GO FUND ME" ACCOUNTS. Unless you just happen to want to buy Alan a cup of Starbuck's coffee or a Subway sandwich so he doesn't have to cook while he is busy making arrangements.

 11. No need for tears, not if you really love me.
 Laugh and know it was my time.


I would like to think my death will come as the result of old age, but sometimes one is just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You know? In 2012, in October, Alan and I went and did all kinds of amazing things for our anniversary month, but the biggest of those activities was a flight over San Francisco Bay in a single engine Cessna. It was the experience of a lifetime. I got to take pictures that I would have never gotten to take otherwise, and the whole reason I said YES to that outing was because I kinda thought that the world might just end on December 21st of that year, and I figured... WHY NOT LIVE TILL I DIE?


The world didn't end, and I conquered a lifelong fear of small planes. Now, not only am I NOT afraid of them, it is my belief that twin engine planes are for pussys. LOL. I loved it up in the sky, flying around the bay like a Snowy Egret. Up above the clouds, and all the pain on earth. I wouldn't trade that day, or the fun we had, for anything. It was... life affirming! And isn't that everything? Life is meant to be lived, but sometimes your life continues after your death through other people and their good intentions.

 I just want to be remembered accurately, while I am being,
 you know, remembered. Make sense?

One last thing, if you just have to do something to honor me, visit New York City for me. Especially in Autumn. That's where my spirit longs to go one day, hopefully a little of me will be there.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Late Winter Music

The old tree shook
White blossoms slowly float down
Dancers in the wind

~Alexandra Kim

Winter is definitely coming to an end. The trees are just beginning to blossom, and everything is taking on a very cheerful light. When it comes to photography, I love the winter sun, almost as much as the autumn sun. Sunny winter days take on such a lovely soft, warm golden glow. It makes one hear wind chimes, even when none are around. It's lovely to photograph, and spend a little time daydreaming in. Little Farm in Tilden Park, in Berkeley, is a wonderful place to sit and sketch, or photograph the beautiful natural surroundings. I have found inspiration there in all four seasons.

Blossoms Of Tilden Park
Berkeley, California

Silently a flower blooms,
In silence it falls away;
Yet here now, at this moment, at this place, 
The world of the flower, the whole of the world of blooming.
This is the talk of the flower, the truth of the blossom: The glory of eternal life is fully shining here.

~Zenkei Shibayama

The air smelled so sweet today, spicy with a soft smell of citrus. 


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