Monday, June 15, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #42: Playing In The Water

"Don't you realize that the sea is the home of water? All water is off on a journey unless it's in the sea, and it's homesick, and bound to make its way home someday."

-Zora Neale Hurston

It's the middle of June, and time for some fun in the water. Rubber duckies bobbling along. Babies being bathed. Dogs out for a swim. Pelicans catching fish. Teens running a car wash. Children running through the sprinklers. There are lots of places you might find someone, or something, enjoying water. I will also accept a photograph of a beautiful waterfall or some other body of water that is moving, but if possible, please try to include someone or something engaged with the water. And please, rather then tapping into your archives, lets go out and do some photography this week.

Extra Credit: Write a paragraph or two about how you used your senses while you were taking your photos for this assignment. What did you hear? What did you smell? Did you touch the water? Did you find something about the experience uniquely different then when you photograph other subjects? I want to hear about your experiences with the camera during this assignment.

Linking List for EMPS #41: CLOUDS 06/08/09


1. Vicki

2. Connie

3. Suzanne

4. Karen

5. Mike

6. Nancy

7. Jama

8. Greg

9. Liz

10. Terri

11. Martha


Thanks for another awesome turnout this week! I appreciate your participation so much. See everyone next Monday with an all new photo shoot assignment!