Friday, December 28, 2012

Make Photobombs Not War :)

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."

~ Marc Ribond

Life At The Top...


I had NO idea I had taken this shot, until I went into the Pacific Grove, Lover's Park, file from last autumn, looking for previously unpublished butterfly images. I LOVE photobombs. I have always wanted to achieve one, legitimately of course, but in that I tend to choose my photo jaunts carefully, I didn't think I would have an opportunity. And what happens when I actually DO have a genuine photobomb? I nearly missed it, by not looking close enough at what I had accomplished that day with the camera. Shame on me! Bad photographer! LOL. Anyway, it had been a pretty good day that day, and I was enjoying the coast so much. It had all kinds of lighting opportunities, so finding this fun little picture after all this time just means that day was all the more productive.

It's fun when that happens.

More from the day...




It's a real LOVE/HATE thing I have going on with my Fuji camera. I need a lot more practice with it. I am looking forward to doing a lot of new photography this year. Perhaps maybe do some new takes on old, favorite subjects. One chance might be waiting in the Marin Headlands its beautiful there, and there is a lot to explore. Also the chance to work with shadows and light of the seasons is a good thing. I plan to take a single object and really delve into what happens to it during times of day and seasons. It will either be the most enlightening thing I have ever done, or end up being an amazing failure. LOL. We'll see. Either way, at least I will get in plenty of time with the camera.

Stay Tuned.

~Me :)

Do you have any photobombs in your files from 2012 that you would like to share? Or have already shared. Please feel free to link to your photobomb post by leaving the link in the comment thread. PG Rated Only Please.

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jr cline said...

This is a good photobomb. I probably have some if I looked back through my archives. I've become pretty quick to delete things and don't save nearly as many photos as I once did.