Monday, February 01, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #75: Peaceful Places

"If we want a free and peaceful world, if we want to make the deserts bloom and man grow to greater dignity as a human being, we can do it."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Let's enjoy a photography assignment this week that celebrates the PEACEFUL PLACES in our lives. Parks, libraries, any place you would be able to experience some peace and quite will do nicely for the assignment. Archived photos are fine for the assignment.

Extra Credit: Show me your favorite way to experience PEACE AND QUIET.

This Monday Photo Shoot assignment closes next Sunday evening at 9:00 PM ET. You have until then to get your photo, upload it to your blog, journal or website, and comeback here with the direct link back to it. Please remember, your link must go back to an entry which is specific to this week's assignment, a general link to your entry will not work. NO HYPERLINKS ACCEPTED. Also, please include a link back to this assignment so your readers will be able to find the assignment and play along with us.

Linking List for EMPS #74: Houses Of Worship. 01/25/10


1. Spiderdama

2. Jama

3. Sherrie

4. Sandy **Welcome To The Monday Photo Shoot!

5. Greg

6. Maria Berg

7. Suzanne

8. Nesa

9. Nancy

10. Carolyn

11. Gena

12. Carly Yep, I played Too!

13. Duane

14. Mike

15. Karen

Well done! You guys continue to amaze me with your talent. I saw some really beautiful examples of this week's assignment! You guys ROCK! See you next Monday, with an all new assignment! :)



Spiderdama said...

My peaceful place:

Wish you a great week:-)

Greg said...

Yay, I'm the first one to leave a comment!!!! Here's mine for the week. Great theme by the way.


Greg said...

I'm not sure if my comment made it or not. Usually I see it right after submitting it, but it still isn't here. Anyway, I love the theme, and I have mine up already.


Hannah - Zukan said...

Hi! My first EMPS post is up. :) Happy Monday, everyone!

Sherrie said...

Hi Carly,
Great idea! My peace and quiet is posted at my place. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Suzanne R said...

This is a super idea! I posted my spot of peace and serenity.

Mama Zen said...


Sandy "From the Heart of Texas" said...

Here's on of my peaceful places!

From the Heart of Texas

Martha@Menagerie said...

Howdy stranger!
I played along this week too (finally!) ...

Hope all has been well in your world Carly! *Hugs*

Jama said...

Here's mine:

Carolyn Ford said...

My peaceful place is the Bolsa Chica Wetlands (Ecological Reserve)

Nesa said...

Great challenge this week Carly.

Here is my contribution:

Frozen In Tyme Fotos

Mike said...

Okay, I'm in. It was an archive post this week.