Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Beauty Of Him

"The Beauty Of Me Is That I'm Very Rich."

~Donald Trump

Yes... he is beautiful. A lot in the same way a large heap of garbage is pretty to the scavenger birds that sometimes circles it. Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for President Of The United States! I knew that there was a possibility of that fact, and I think I might have mentioned it last summer, but I think there was still probably hope that the monster could be and indeed would be stopped in his rampaging tracks. Why did I think that? Its not like the GOP took his presidential run seriously. They shined it on as he won primary and caucuses right and left. And with nothing else to do, the GOP bowed down to them in a shocking display of cowardice. The latest of which, being Paul Ryan, who quietly endorsed Trump by way of a column he wrote for the Janesville Gazette.

 What? Was the Pennysaver already filled for publication that day? And speaking of that day, it should be noted that on the very day Ryan chose to endorse the presumptive savior of the GOP, Trump decided to lash out at the press for doing it's job! Nice timing. And I truly mean that! Highly entertaining for me, and cringe worthy for any clear thinking republicans that might still be left! 

As I write this, Trump is in California. My state. Zigzagging about, threatening the PGA, reporters who aren't employed by the National Enquirer, and flicking verbal rubber bands at Hillary Clinton. Blissfully, he has nothing to say to Bernie Sanders, since Sanders said HELL YES to a debate with Trump, and Trump slithered away like the coward he is. Which brings me to the picture for this post, taken not a year ago, or even 6 months ago, no, I took it about a week ago, in Berkeley, Ca. Okay, yes, it's true, Berkeley is heavily populated by progressives, but there are a few republicans to be found as well, and as I made my way around town, looking for political signs, this is the only one I came up with. From either side. One small sign, in a big window. I will keep watching the windows in Berkeley, perhaps enthusiasm for voting will grow over the summer.

I hope so.

The California Primary is this coming Tuesday. And it is a dead heat between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Trump is the only nominee left on the right. I already voted by mail, so I can go ahead and share who I am voting for, but I have decided to wait until Tuesday, so you will have to comeback then to find out. But I bet you can guess my choice, and feel free to if you like. I will give you a hint... my candidate isn't orange. Does that help? 

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