Monday, April 04, 2016

Yellow Fresia And Lavender

"Love isnt all flowers and candles, and dancing midgets.
 No, it is much, much taller than that."

~Jarod Kintz
Love Quotes For The Ages
Specifically Ages 18-81.

Look, See, I made it! Two postings in a row! As I ease back into life anew, Mondays seem to be the day for getting caught up! I was so thrilled to hear from my friend Kat! Lovie, I wasn't sure if you might have given up on me and moved on, so to get a comment from you just made my whole day! And yes, I am taking your suggesstion and I will be doing a video walk through of the house when we are done decorating it! The living room is almost there, we just need to finish the fireplace and get something for the red statement wall! I am learning a lot about color as I move along through the decorating. Next up will be the bedroom, which I am doing in Cornflower Blue, soft lavender and mineral. After that it is on to the hallway, bathroom and finally the kitchen next autumn! I want to let the house show me the way, if that makes sense.

 I want to stay true to it's energy, which from our experience in her the last 6 months, is mostly embracing, gentle and very kind. It's a house that brings you in and gently holds you. It's got such a nice vibe. I felt it from the moment we pulled up in front of it! I hadn't even seen it in the MLS listings. Our real estate expert just decided to add it into the house list for that day! We learned the day we signed the contracts that the previous owned listed it on my birthday! It was meant to be. It was just sitting quietly, in that cute little neighborhood waiting for us, and when we pulled up on the curb in front of the house, Alan and I both immediately remarked on how adorable it was and when we walked in the door the house just seemed to say... 

"Well, what took you so long?"

We have started landscaping the yard. 
Yellow Freesia and Lavender. 

More photos to come soon.

Stay Tuned!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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sunflowerkat said...

Dear Carly...I'll never be too far away. Things get busy with full time work but when I sit down to blog are the first friend I think of. I'm just so happy you're feeling better and getting back to it as you can. You intentions to get back to it have not quite panned out. Perhaps someday....😊. You can grow freesia in your yard?? I'm jealous...I LOVE it!! We're not growing anything here yet. Spring made a brief appearance but winter has settled back in. Love to you and Alan!!