Monday, March 28, 2016

Well, That Was A Shocking Turn Of Events!

"If bad decorating was a hang-able offense, 
there would be decorators hanging from trees."

~Sylvester Stallone

As you might remember from my previous post, I was planning to put myself on a blogging schedule. I have been having problems with my hands going numb from carpal tunnel syndrome and it had become really uncomfortable to type. I had a good plan to continue with the activities I enjoy, one being blogging, but it was all going to depend on how much rest, and by rest, I mean how much stress I could manage to reduce for myself. HA HA HA... hee hee. Well, shit happens... right?

During the first part of my journey of rest and rehabilitation, in fact the week following my last blog post, Alan and I decided to finally paint the big white wall in the living room. We chose a gorgeous color, Rusty Gate, by Behr. It's in the photo above. I had been dreaming of decorating with warm earthy tones, and despite how bright it seems in the photo, it is really quite deep, and warm. I will post a photo in different lighting soon so you can see it at it's best. 

All went well. It only took a half a day, and I now have a gorgeous statement wall that we are both head over heels in love with. All was right with the world. I finished up the final touches of putting away the brushes, and jumped in the shower before turning in for the night. But then, about an hour later, I woke up with the chills. BIG BAD chills. Then the Vomiting started. By the next day it hurt to go to the bathroom. My doctor ran some tests and behold... I had a Urinary Tract Infection, and food poisoning from E.Coli! Yep... a genuine double whammy! And on Valentine's Day no less!

At first I thought it was one for the other. I knew UTI's are sometimes caused by E.Coli, but no, I had two things at ones. And they both pretty much knocked me out for close to 14 days. I felt like death was imminent, but I recovered. I felt weak, but I was on the mend, then about a month after the illness began, I got a milder case of food poisoning again! Not E. Coli this time, just something not great. That round only lasted a couple days. Now, as I sit here, I feel okay, but I am wondering if I will ever eat out again? Yeah, I probably will, but it might be a while!

I think I got sick because I had the audacity to put my proposed blogging schedule online for all to see. You know, good old Murphy's Law and all that! Never say out loud what your plans are, there is always some invisible entity listening, ready to put the whammy on you! SO, I will say this, I will be posting again, so check back once in a while. Also, check my Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. I tend to go more microblogging than actual blogging these days. There is still more painting to be done. Up next, the fireplace and after that the bedroom! I have a can of Cornflower Blue paint just waiting to meet a boring white wall! It's going to be gorgeous!

Stay Tuned. 

No, I am going to think positively!

See you next Monday!

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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sunflowerkat said...

I would love if you would post a video tour of your house when you get things painted. I'm sure it will be beautiful! So glad you're feeling better. I've been food poisoned once and I think it was the sickest I've ever been (knock on wood)! Just followed you on Instagram.....