Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ask Me Next Autumn...

"It was October again... a glorious October, all red and gold, with mellow morning when the valleys were filled with delicate mists as if the spirit of autumn had poured them in for the sun to drain...
 amethyst, pearl. silver, rose, and smoke-blue. 
The dews were so heavy that the fields glistened like cloth of silver and there were such heaps of rustling leaves in the hollows of many-stemmed woods to run through."

~E. L. Montgomery
Anne Of Green Gables

I am feeling better. Little by little I am letting go of the pain, and moving forward. The leaves help. There is something... I don't know... just something about all those colors, gently swaying back and forth, that makes me heart smile! When your heart smiles, it's difficult to dwell on the things that hurt you. The things that break your heart and your spirit. I am still mulling some legal options, but right now I am content to let our vacation be all about the healing from the nonsense of this past summer. Summer has always been a cruel, treacherous season, and this last one did nothing to prove me wrong. But autumn is here now, wrapping me in a soft warm blanket, and so I am content to let it, and in doing so, I am finding the forgiveness for what's been done. Yeah, I guess you could say I am moving on. Moving on, and moving forward. Will I, will we, heal completely? Ask me next autumn.

Leaf Of The Day
October 22nd 2015


~Me :)

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