Monday, August 27, 2007

Meet Mr. Thomas Wagnall

"Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."


I have a new friend. His name is Thomas, and he is a gorgeous, fully grown male opossum. :) He and his friend, Madelyn first showed up at my back door, about two weeks ago, and since that time we have been getting to know each other. Thomas comes by more often then Maddie does, but every once in a while she can be seen up near the pear tree, munching on the fruit that has fallen to the ground. I love having these adorable creatures in the yard, they are very good friends who keep the garden ship-shape by ridding it of annoying slugs, snails and ants. They also tend to eat the spiders, which hang about outside the house. I can do without spiders, and to my delight, I haven't seen a single one since they began showing up in the yard. These two opossums are adults, so it will take a lot longer to build up their trust, but it will be worth it. They are the kindest, most gentle creatures in the world, but they are terribly misunderstood. If you would like to learn about opossums, see the links below. :)

Awesome Opossums

National Opossum Society

"Mr. Thomas Wagnall"
Berkeley, California
August 25th, 2007
Late Evening

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Steven said...

Cool :-) I saw one today out in the daylight. Bit odd that but not too unusual. I'll have to go look to see if it's sleeping in a nearby tree.