Friday, December 09, 2016

Walking In Leaves, Walking In Heaven

"I love autumn despite the drench weather. I think it symbolizes the end of misery and the beginning of glee. It gives hopes that sooner or later, flowers will bloom again, green buds will sprout from trees, and that which is dead will come back alive."

~Aishah Madadiy
Bits Of Heaven

It's December... so what? LOL. More than anything I want to hold onto autumn, but I can feel it slipping away. It was so cold the other day I could barely hold my camera. Winter is making a loud, cold fuss, insinuating itself into my late autumn happiness. But there is nothing I can do, but cling to the colors of plum, crimson, and lemon drop yellow, and ignore the cold bitter deathly chill of stupid, inevitable, winter. I am just going to go about my days, kicking up piles of beautiful leaves, and concentrating on my photography!

There will be a lot of autumn left, as winter begins. And I will keep shooting those photos until the last skeleton tree begins to sprout the pink, and white and purple blossoms of spring!

Leaf Of The Day
December 9th 2016


Mood: Happy
~Me :) 


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