Saturday, December 17, 2016

Transitional Seasons

"I have an affection for those transitional seasons, the way they take the edge off the intense cold of winter, or heat of summer."

~Whitney Otto
How To Make An American Quilt

I HATED 2016! Hated it's guts! We lost so many fantastic artists this year, and my personal life had some harrowing moments, including a cancer scare, and the world of politics lost it's FUCKING MIND! Sorry, I used that word again, jeeze, I have probably said that word more this year then in any previous year of my life. It's been a long, frustrating year, but like all frustrating things, or even really good things for that matter, it will pass. In fact, it will pass in about 2 weeks or so! I can't wait, but I wonder, as I sit here, why am I in such a hurry? I have NO idea if 2016 will be such a bad year, compared to what might happen in 2017!

I still can't see my life a year from now. It hasn't gotten any better since the last time I mentioned it, so that is just all a blur. But when I looked at this abandoned bird's nest sharing a tree, with a dying leaf of autumn 2016, it kind of made me smile. It's in the transitional seasons that I tend to think things through a little better. Winter is cold, and I am in a great deal of pain during winter months from my degenerative arthritis. My Fibromyalgia bothers me, regardless of what the weather is outside, but my mood is better in autumn, and I kinda like May as well, but for much different reasons.

Transitions get you from here to there... duh... right? So maybe I should not fret so much about not being able to see down the road. Life moves you along, and we make the choice to move along with it, or not. Right now, I am seeing more hope in my personal life then I did a few months ago. And that hope occurred in a transitional season, autumn! We found out the equity in our home  is building at a very nice pace, much better than we had hoped, and as more and more people move east from the Bay Area, the more new growth is seen in the Central Valley's economy. This year, in the Central Valley was quietly transitioning from 2016 to 2017 and there is a lot to look forward to!

So maybe I don't need to look so far down the road.
It will get here... when it gets here. 
Don't fret about the cold, spring is only 3 months away!

Leaf Of The Day
December 17th, 2016

Mood: Okay

~Me :)

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