Friday, December 16, 2016

Altamont Fog Part Two... Days Of Black And White

"Photograph is a reality so subtle
 that it becomes more real than reality."

~Alfred Stieglitz

Foggy days, that puts that soft glow on all the colors around you, are some of my favorite conditions to do photos. Sometimes it can be so early in the day, and so foggy, that you don't really see the color around you, and I used to really enjoy taking color photographs that had the appearance of a black and white photo but wasn't. I still enjoy that a lot, but I find with my photograph that a lot of what I notice, and see around me, has a lot to do with my mood. Fortunately yesterday I was able to see the color through the fog, but I also noticed the beauty of the world in black and white, and decided to convert the photo to black and white. I was lucky, it was the best of all worlds! 

Leaf Of The Day
December 16th, 2016

Mood: Quiet/Okay


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