Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Consequence Of Your Illusions

"The consequence of your illusions is your reality."

~Steven Redhead
Life Is Simply A Game

I didn't realize, when I photographed this red crayon, that it cast a bit of an illusion. It seems to be floating! It isn't of course, but it's sort of fun, so I thought I would post it here as a metaphor for the national election we all just experienced!

Donald Trump, and his campaign, has just as much as admitted that they didn't think he would win on election night... then he did! Now what? Well, if you have been paying attention, it seems the transition is, well, unorganized at best, in total chaos more than likely!

I don't know for sure how I would feel if I were a Trump supporter, and I found out that he had such little faith in his own campaign that not only did he think he would lose, but that he hadn't even considered how his transition would work. It seems like something that would be at least sketched out after the nomination was clinched. At least in some basic way. But they didn't! So...

 You are now the leader of the free world!
 Shit just got real! 

What promises did you make to your supporters, that you now need to keep? Are you going to lock up Hillary Clinton? Are you going to go after ISIS on your first day in office and completely stamp them out? Are you going to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act? Donald Trump said he would do a lot of things, but it doesn't seem likely he will do any of them. Actually, I take that back somewhat. He will futz around with the tax code, mostly to his benefit, but as for infrastructure... forget about it! Job creation cannot be guaranteed, and neither can building that wall.

I wonder what it will feel like, to be a Trump supporter, a year from now? Will they be happy with what the new president manages to accomplish? Will they have a strong sense of buyers remorse? Who knows? Right now they are still on the childlike or childish high of watching the red crayon float just above the table! It's all an illusion, and deep down they knows that's true, but sometimes folks just want to be lied to, and in that I feel bad for them! I really do! Nothing hurts worse that finding out you have been played for a fool, and deep down you knew it, but you just couldn't bring yourself turn away from the lie.

The fact that one day Trump supporters realize that they have been sold an illusion, a lie, is small comfort. It's no comfort all really. When the truth becomes painfully aware to all, it will already be too late. Trump is completely unqualified for the presidency, and therefore he will make big mistakes. Mistakes with consequences. Deadly ones I fear. And it will be too late for "I'm sorry" and "I told you so." It will be too late. Too late. 

Just focus on the floating red crayon, and get lost in the illusion.

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November 17th 2016

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