Sunday, November 20, 2016

Days In Heaven

"In Heaven it is always autumn"

~John Donne

Heaven definitely has autumn! Always autumn? Of that I am not so sure. I would think we would have all the seasons, if we had one. But maybe we get the best parts of all the seasons, you know? Summers would never be so hot that you couldn't think straight. Autumn would be all the colors that ever were! Colors that you had never seen before, all hanging off the branches of trees until time to give you a soft, warm, spider free blanket, on a cool, but not cold autumn day. 

Winter would have snowflakes that look soft, and cold on the autumn leaves, but they never get muddy and dirty, but they shine with diamond iridescence under the full autumn moon, so even nighttime can play along. Then spring comes, and behind each warm day are blossoms and leaves with just a hint of autumn remaining so that it all comes together at once.

 No day ever gets too hot, nor too cold, just beautiful with color everywhere! And there are of course cats. All the cats I have loved, running through the leaves, chasing butterflies for the purpose of play, just a game of catch and release. And there are vivid memories so that even in Heaven we can remember when we have had a perfect autumn day! 

Leaf Of The Day
November 20th 2016

Mood: Quiet

~Me :) 

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