Saturday, November 19, 2016

Monsters By The Light Of Day

"People often believed they were safer in the light,
 thinking monsters only came out at night."

~C.J. Roberts
Captives In The Dark

While we were on vacation, I spotted this wall sconce at restaurant we stopped at for a meal. I have my camera with me at all times, so of course I snapped off a photo and it sat in that file for a couple weeks or so, until I came across it last night, while putting my photo files in order. The sconce is beautiful, a little large for the walls in my home mind you, but perfect for the large walls of the restaurant I spotted it in. Perfect decor. Restaurants tend to put a lot of thought into what will make their customers feel at home. 

Welcome. Appreciated. 

So why has so much hate been going on at restaurants and coffee shops recently? Chili's has lost my business for good, because of the way they recently treated an American veteran on Veterans Day. You can read about the incident here. And then twice this week there have been incidents at Starbucks where Trump supporters have decided to use their new bully empowerment, handed to them by Donald Trump, to intimidate baristas and customers by demanding the Trump put on the cup be TRUMP instead of their real name, because Starbucks CEO endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

The childish vote finally has a hero.
And the hero is a coward.
Donald J. Trump.

How is it his fault you ask? He has said he wants to be the president for all people, and in the last week he has done nothing but surround himself with white supremacists, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Retired General Michael Flynn. His appointments of folks that have lead the charge in hatred is long standing. He says he wants to be a president for all the people, yet he continues to fill positions in the government and has as his official and unofficial advisors that don't just raise eyebrows, but indeed cause genuine worry that America is about to head into it's arguably it's darkest time. 

Why do Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump need top national security clearances? And why was Ivanka at the meeting between Trump and the Prime Minister of Japan? The children of the president aren't allowed to work in the White House. There are nepotism laws about this! So why was she there? Will we ever know the answer to that? Probably not! And what else is going on without our knowledge? Trump has sufficiently scared the media... all of the media... by simply discarding them at will. Lies? What lies? He lies about lying, and the media, for the most part says..."oh... okay." I know why it worries me, but why doesn't it concern the people who voted for him?

Blind trust in their candidate is fine with Trump supporters, as long as they have Trump's permission to treat others with any disdain they choose because after all, "political correctness has gone too far." Treating others the way you want to be treated is overrated. Do what you want. Turn on your neighbor. Cut in line. Burn churches. Call any woman you disagree with cunts. Spray paint racist graffiti at will. Bully. Bring out every part of the darkest side of your being, and be damn proud for doing so. But remember, when Leslie Stahl, of 60 Minutes, asked about this behavior by Trump supporters, President Elect Donald J. Trump looked into the camera and said...

Stop It!

Don't get too comfortable ladies and gentlemen, 
monsters come out in the light of day as well, 
and they are the most dangerous ones of all.

Donald Trump Interview 
60 Minutes (Nov 13th, 2016)
Leaf Of The Day
November 19th 2016

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