Friday, June 17, 2016

Starfish In The Sky

"I know that your soul is on life support and that you feel lost and like you're completely spinning out of control, but you're finding yourself here, tonight... even in this darkness."

~Jennifer Elisabeth

I had a particularly nasty encounter with a misogynistic, rabid Donald Trump supporter yesterday. He decided to take a shot at my self-confidence by saying my profile picture was ugly. A dis I haven't had since 3rd grade, when a boy who had a crush on me couldn't handle the conflict within his id for one more moment, and unleashed a tantrum complete with crying and drooling! LOL. Yesterday's troll, while probably not physically a child, (he was so good looking apparently that he chose not to put his photo on the Internet) was feeling slighted because I had pointed out that Trump was a complete liar, who just might kill the whole world one day, should a random world leader stand up to him. 


 I can only imagine the troll was cut to the core at the thought, but he must also believe me right on some level. It's all quite irrelevant now, as 12 hours ago in Internet time is forever ago, but as we move along in this particular national election year we are seeing a greater risk, not just to the country we love, but a risk to our individuality. And as we move further along I get the overwhelming feeling that we (America) won't see next New Years Eve without something even more devastating than what just occurred in Orlando taking place. God... I hope I am wrong! And if we get to 12:00 midnight on New Year's Eve without an assassination please feel free to comeback and laugh at me. 



But should Hillary Clinton win, 
where will the Trump supporters scary anger go?

I don't know, do you?

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sunflowerkat said...

My brother and I have never seen eye to eye politically. I was on the phone with him today and he compared a family matter decision to choosing between trump and Hillary. I responded THAT was an easy choice and I planned to volunteer for her campaign. I was expecting him to support Trump...he's a die hard "our way is the ONLY way" republican. He replied that we will cancel each other out. He went on to say that he thinks Hillary will be a disaster and while trump may be a disaster as will be FUN TO WATCH!! I was absolutely speechless at this comment! Trump is so terrifying...this is NOT for our entertainment! I can't believe anyone can think this way and yet...