Thursday, June 16, 2016


"If life were a camera I would be feeling a little out of frame."

~Jaeda DeWalt

My fuji. I have a love/hate relationship with this camera. When it behaves itself it can produce some stunning photos, but when it decides to be a pain in my ass, the photographs I take look like HELL. I am determined to work with this camera until I figure out if the problem is me... or the camera or if its just that the world can be damned unattractive. There is a part of me who thinks it's me, but then again, maybe it's just a shitty camera. That's the bad part about being stuck in a creative muck. You don't know if it's you, the world, or the camera that is defeating you. 


Mood: Curious

~Me :)

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sunflowerkat said...

My camera is mostly collecting dust now that I work full time. I'm dying to shoot but when I get a chance, nothing inspires me. They say, if you want to take better pictures, stand in front of better stuff. I agree to an extent...I really need to change it up to get the juices flowing. I WANT a project but have not come up with an idea that moves me. Sounds like we're both languishing in a bit of a rut. Wish we were closer...we could get out and shoot together.