Saturday, November 07, 2015

...With A Litttle Help From My Friends!

"Once in a while I am struck all over again... 
by just how blue the sky appears
 on windy played autumn mornings,
 blue enough to bruise a heart."

~Sanober Khan

I am tired. I am still working on unpacking, and getting the house in shape. It's a big house, while bigger than what I am used to, and Alan has to work, so that leaves me to do what I can to make this house a home! For the most part I am enjoying myself. The house and I are getting to know each other, and that's fine.

I have been pushing the house away, not really wanting to come to like it, or love it or anything as exhausting as making it a member of the family, but it's wearing me down little by little. It's a happy house, and embracing, if that makes sense. We felt it from the very first day we saw it! Our first walk through I knew it was our house! Alan felt it too. In fact, it was the first house, out of all the houses we looked at, that spoke to both of us. It just seemed to say... "You're home." 

My grief is easing a bit, and that's a good thing, but like I said I am tired so today's post is all about the leaves I photographed last week. Honestly, I think that little jaunt to photograph leaves is what gave me the energy to jump back into unpacking and to continue with the decorating. My office is almost finished, and I will post some photos this week, but for right now lets enjoy the colors of autumn!

By the way, I want to say a special THANK YOU to my friend Kat! I really appreciate the comments and words of encouragement. You have made me feel a lot less alone in this process. Thank you love... your friendship means a lot to me! :) Email me soon, and fill me in on all the latest in your world!

Leaf Of The Day
November 7th 2015
Mood: Tired
~Me :)


sunflowerkat said...

A www makes me very happy to know I can give you some support during this transition. I know how some days feel almost normal and on others, you can't believe how life got turned upside down. Take your time, and enjoy the moments when life feels right. I can't wait to see what you've done with YOUR place! ☺️

sunflowerkat said...

PS...I'll drop you an email soon. You do the same!!