Monday, November 02, 2015

Our Joey

"I want to thank you for the profound joy
 I have had in the thought of you."

~Rosie Alison
The Very Thought Of You

My little Joey was very unsure about Halloween. What was that doorbell sound? Who were those strange little folk on the porch? And why was daddy giving them things? LOL. When we lived in the cottage in the Berkeley hills, we rarely got trick or treaters, so this was the first Halloween Joey really experienced. This was also his first time seeing children! As far as I know anyway. Hendrix loved Halloween. He was right behind his daddy at the front door, greeting the kids and their parents, and helping hand out the candy... in his own way! He is a black cat, so he was already in costume! I wish the boys enjoyed pet costumes the way Elvis did, but alas I have to let them be who they are, and who they are doesn't involve dressing up! 

It's okay, Elvis was an individual and so are each of my little guys! And Joey, being the littlest, is learning about things in the most respectful way a cat can. He is just happy to be a part of the family, you can tell he is still grateful to be safe and warm and loved. We found him two years ago, on Thanksgiving weekend, and we are just as grateful as he is that he came to live with us. He cuddles me, and knows when I have a blue moment, and loves me through it with hugs and whisker kisses. Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning for us, with Joey a member of the family!

Leaf Of The Day
November 2nd 2015
Mood: Grateful
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