Sunday, November 01, 2015

Punky's Big Night

"Halloween shadows played upon the walls of the houses. In the sky the Halloween moon raced in and out of the clouds. The Halloween wind was blowing, not a blasting of wind but a right sized swelling, falling, and gushing of wind.
 It was a lovely and exciting night, 
exactly the kind of night Halloween it should be."

~Eleanor Estes
The Witch Family

Last night was Punky's BIG NIGHT! Every year Alan and I look through, what seems like a million or so pumpkins, until we find the one that really speaks to us. I MEAN REALLY SPEAKS TO US! This year was the most important search of the perfect punky since our very first punky 25 years ago! This time we needed to find just the right punky for our first Halloween in our very first house! LOL. And because this was a special Halloween, Punky didn't disappoint! Not only did he shine welcoming all the little witches and goblins, but we had a decent turnout of the little ones! It seems this was a true witch night, followed closely by some black cats and super heroes! It was a good night! I love Halloween, and I was lucky enough to marry a man who loves it as much as I do! He was a big hit handing out the candy, all dressed up as a chef, complete with a rubber chicken for making Chicken and Dumplings tomorrow night no doubt! LOL.

 Life is good!
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November 1st 2015
Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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