Sunday, July 26, 2015


"Love sometimes comes like a dream... and leaves like a nightmare."


Wow I am tired. I suppose you might know by now that our plans have changed... drastically. We aren't moving into the place we picked out... planned for... bought curtains and appliances for. Nope. Not going to happen!
And when we realized that the dream was dead, we grieved.
It's been a rough few months. but as of Monday we begin putting the pieces back together.
We will find an apartment, hopefully in the Bay Area
And we will move on.

Life Goes On!

And time goes by so slowly, unless you are in a crappy hotel in the Central Valley!

In that case time pretty much stops.

Honestly... I HATE IT HERE!

Don't worry, the negativity will pass.

Mood: Quiet/Pissed Off/ Sad/ Disappointed/Homesick


fredamans said...

Wishing you the best on your search! Sending positive vibes!

sunflowerkat321 said...

OMG, I can't believe what a saga you've been through. Sending you all my best wishes that all will soon be happily resolved!