Monday, December 01, 2014

Cray-Cray For The Holiday

"Don't spoil Christmas Day by anticipating how it will be. 
Let it unfold as it does and be grateful for whatever comes."

~Toni Sorenson

Have you heard the drums yet? Oh I don't mean the little drummer boy playing his drum for the baby Jesus, I mean the war cry alerting us to the WAR ON CHRISTMAS! Be careful... if you aren't keeping up on these things,  you should know you will suddenly be crept up on, not by the Krampas, but by the invisible specter of consumerism, and good tidings expressed, that rob us of the true meaning of Christmas! Sarah Palin knows of this danger, as does the grandfather of jitters Bill O'Reilly. 

They both wrote the book on it dontcha-know? These are scary ass times people... be scared... be very scared... should a stranger wish you a fond HAPPY HOLIDAYS, because, Oh-GOOD-LORD-DONTCHA-KNOW, it will certainly one of those Heathen-Socialist-Communist-Liberal-PC-Considerate-Left Wing-Democratic-Tree Hugging- (And I don't mean an O'Christmas tree) -Weed Smoking-Obamaites trying to diminish Christmas by acknowledging your existence in a pseudo pleasant manner! WINK!

Don't BE FOOLED! Christmas is in DANGER of being destroyed by all the Happy Holiday's banners, and the subtle messages of that HOPE thing that can be found on the prettiest of wrapping paper and greeting cards. It's diabolical I Tells ya! Just stop into the Hallmark section of ANY Walmart store and you will see it right there! You know, I would like to see Sister Sarah and Brother Bill picket a Walmart and expose them for their hypocrisy!  I should encourage that! Everyone needs a little encouragement... right? You GO BILL AND SARAH!

 Don't Be Fooled! 


There, I have done my part for the war effort!

Now, if we are all done with the cray-cray... 
I have a shitload of shopping to do!

Oh and well wishing to express!

Happy Holidays!


And now, this tree hugger presents...

 The Leaf Of The Day

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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