Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Face In The Crowd: The Thanksgiving Edition

"Question for your life: If your face looked like your ass, and I'm not saying it doesn't, would you consider invading Russia in the middle of winter wearing only shorts?"

~Jarod Kintz

I think I had been taking photos for well over a decade before I began to see faces. Oh don't get me wrong, I can recognize a face in the sense that I know what two eyes, a nose and a month creates one, no what I mean is, I began to see faces in objects and clouds or at least patterns that looked like faces. It's called Pareidolia. The most common example of which, might be when we see the Man In The Moon. To date, I haven't seen Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, which I hope isn't a bad sign, but I have seen some pretty interesting anonymous faces here and there! Take this one for example... do you see it? Look at the picture above. Do you see a cute little Golden Retriever looking back at you? Alan and I thought we did, so I thought it would make a fun addition to my collection!

 Tell me what you think... do you see it?

Thanksgiving Dinner
 (Before Picture)

The Leaf Of The Day

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~Me :)

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