Monday, November 10, 2014

Art About Town: San Francisco... "SOMA"

"We have art in order not to die from truth."

~Friedrich Nietzsche

For this Art About Town post I bring you the newest installation, next to Pier 14 in San Francisco, "SOMA." It comes by way of Burning Man, as have most of the works of art that have stood in this place over the last few years. I have enjoyed all the pieces, especially "Crouching Spider," but this one brought a happy little smile to my face because I will have return to photograph it at night, when all those little bulbs light up in different colors! "SOMA" was created by the artist collective, Flaming Lotus Girls, most famous for their flaming sculptures at Burning Man. I did this photograph in early October, and I plan to go back, sometime in the next couples weeks, in the evening, to see it all lit up in it's colorful glory. I can't wait!

Stay Tuned!

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