Sunday, March 30, 2014


"Time spent with a cat is never wasted."


I love this guy! Hendrix is our little caregiver. He is the alpha male among the cats in our house, and the humans at times, but he is the most loving little soul I have ever known! He came to us, just a few weeks after we lost tux cat Elvis to cancer, and he has filled our hearts and our home with an amazing amount of love and laughter. I don't post enough photos of him, because, frankly, he isn't really photogenic. He hates having his photo taken, and invariably looks the other way when he see me coming with it! I have to be really sly. I got this photo the other day, because he was in a generous mood, otherwise it never would have happened!

He has taken our newest kitty, Joey, under his wing, or rather paw, and they are close friends and brothers now. He plays with him, he tastes Joey's food for him... lol... and he cuddles him. In turn Joey plays with Hendrix, tastes his food for him, and cuddles him right back! They both stay away from Dylan... AKA... Mr. PissyPants... because Dylan is a much more serious cat. He has a sense of humor, but he is serious about when he displays it. He can't spoil us or anything, by being too affectionate! LOL. Between the three cats, and two humans, there is every personality possible in this cottage! LOL. 

And A LOT of love!

We are a family!

Mood: Happy/Silly

~Me :)

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