Monday, November 19, 2012

Troublesome Things

"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome."

~Isaac Asimov

Here is the latest scene that can be found in one of my favorite parks in the East Bay... Cull Canyon Park. It was raining yesterday, so there was a proper chill in the air, just enough to remind me that it's time to get the scarves and mittens out! There was a little bit of mist moving ghostly through the trees, and if you stood in one place, you could hear the fallen leaves dancing about. It's so strange, some years there are red, yellow, pink and orange leaves right up until December 21st. I love those years of Christmas shopping, while counting leaves. This year will be different. The color is already draining from autumn's face, and in it's place will be the cold wrinkles of winter.

If the Mayan prophesy is true, as autumn ends, so will our existence. Actually, they didn't really foretell of the end of days, so much as a time of transformation. Personally, I don't believe it will be our literal end that day, but it certainly is possible to see dire times ahead. It's possible that someone, somewhere will make a decision that will... well... usher in a new reality. It's a shame about the escalating violence between Israel and Palestine. War for peace sake has never made much sense to me, but who am I to tell anyone how to achieve happiness. I don't have an opinion on that conflict. It's up to them to determine their destiny, but I do wish that there was peace and except when it comes to autumn leaves... I would love a hundred year war of autumn leaves. I wonder which color would emerge as the ultimate victor?

Red? Yellow? Pink? Orange? Green? Brown? 

Only time, and the seasons, will tell! In the mean time, I will just keep counting autumn leaves.


JR Cline Photography
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