Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 69~ Here Ghostie, Ghostie, Ghostie

"An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself."

~Charles Dickens

And the Fibromyalgia pain continues. So, tonight I thought it would be fun to just sharing a little about what is probably the strangest item on my Bucket List, my desire to see a ghost one day, better yet, to actually photograph a ghost. Yep. A ghost.

Why a ghost?

Well, why not a ghost?

It's not to become famous, although why photograph a ghost and then not share it with the world? On the other hand, if I did manage to capture a specter, I would also be very tempted to keep it to myself. I think that would be a rather personal and profound thing. I would be a little caught up in what the ghost thought of me. Did the ghost connect with me on some level? Did the ghost like me. Hate me? Did the ghost appear to anyone who sought it out? There are some questions above and beyond the immediate. I think that good ghost or bad ghost, the entity deserves respect. People, live people that is, rarely seem to put much thought into what comes after the sighting.

I have seen some things in my 50 years. Not all of which I can fully explain. I do know, however, there is a certain responsibility to things beyond this life. Respect should always be the first step. After I am gone, if I do end up being earthbound, I don't want to be one of those cheesy... "GET OUT"... ghosts. I want to be a... HI LIVE PERSON, SIT DOWN AND I WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT. "It" being whatever they want to ask me. LOL. Call it the top item on my After Life Bucket List. Of course if my sense of humor follows me into the beyond, I could also see myself as a prankster. I would probably mess with the ghost hunters by wispering something stupid like... SARAH PALIN SUCKS MOOSE ANTLERS. LOL. Can you imagine?

Ghostie Me: Sarah Palin Sucks Moose Antlers.

Ghostie Hunter: Ohh.. The spirit seems to be saying... Sarah Palin Suck Moose Antlers?

Ghostie Hunter: Clearly what we have here is an Intelligent haunting!

Ohh... how about... MacArthur Park Is Melting In The Dark (Worst Song Ever)

You gotta admit... it would leave them guessing. LOL

When I leave this current existence I have here, I would like to be cremated and my "remains" GOD I HATE THAT WORD... "Remains" put into a strong ziploc bag and sewn up into a teddy bear. Alan thinks that creepy, but who hasn't wanted to be a teddy bear... now I ask you?

Yes... I would like to see a ghost. Probably. Well... I mean... sure. Right?



So how about you? Anyone wanna go ghost hunting? And what about orbs? Personally, I don't buy it. Dust. It's dust I tells ya!

Opinions Please.

~Me :)

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jr cline said...

Sorry you're still in pain. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better.
I like the ghostly blog and the ghostly picture (the one near the end).
I believe in ghost, UFOs, elves, fairies, Santa, and the magic that is all around us. For me, life is more fun that way.
There is a haunted bridge (Gloria's Bridge) a mile or so from where I stay. You can google it.

Here is my link: