Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 68~ It's Just So Dull :)

Chip Conley: "How often are you up in Sacramento?"

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom: "Like one day a week, tops. There's no reason... it's just so dull... Sadly, I just, ugh, GOD."

I am still in a bit of a Fibromyalgia funk, still widespread pain, but I haven't lost my sense of humor. LOL. For today's posting I bring you a different bridge. This is the Tower Bridge in Sacramento. The bridge itself actually sits on the banks of Old Sacramento, which in my opinion is the most picturesque part of the city. Oh don't get me wrong, there is a lot to admire and photograph in Sacramento, especially in autumn, but I always gravitate toward the Old Sacramento area because it's such a lovely peaceful part of town. The wooden streets, and shop fronts right out of the old west, not to mention just down the road is the California Railroad Museum, It is pure charm to be sure, and I haven't spent nearly enough time there with my camera.And as much as I am looking forward to exploring Old Sacramento, I also have the Governor's Mansion on my list of THAT WHICH MUST BE PHOTOGRAPHED while on vacation in October. Exploring the whole town is something I am looking forward to.


So, how about that quote of Gavin Newsom's? LOL. Delightfully honest isn't he? I have been to Sacramento in the summer... OMG... It's 1000 degrees and boring as hell! NO JOKE. But poor Gavin, I think he is talking Sacramento at any time, any season! LOL, Personally, I agree! And I miss Gavin Newsom now that he is Lt. Governor, because he brought a lot of honesty to San Francisco when he was mayor as well. Given the mess with Ross Mirkarimi, I wonder how differently he might have handled things. Shrug. I wonder if Mirkarimi would be throwing around the same allegations he has with Mayor Lee. Shrug again.The world will never know I guess.

Since Gavin Newsom left San Francisco, he is rarely in the news anymore, well except for this flub. LOL. But see, I understood what he meant, I think most folks did, but it was still amusing. Newsom can be so delightfully honest about how he feels about things, and that's what I love most about him. You pretty much get the truth from him. He is kinda cut from the same cloth as Joe Biden, and that is a good thing. :) Those two are honest, and while some folks insist on calling that honestly flubs, I don't, as I am an occasional flubber or is it flubeee... myself. LOL. Those two are characters... and there is always room for a little more character... right?

Wink. ;)

~Me  :)

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jr cline said...

These are pretty pictures. The train yard is my favorite.
I'm a flubber too. rofl

Here is the link: http://jrclinephotography.blogspot.com/2012/07/apadf6-68.html