Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 70~ 211, 212, 213

Careful now.
We're dealing here with a myth.
This city is a point upon a map of fog;
Lemuria in a city unknown.
Like us, it doesn't quite exist.

~Ambrose Bierce


And the beat goes on. I am in pain head to foot, but I am dealing with it as best I can. I know in a few days it will be better again. It's just the nature of the beast, but it isn't super helpful when dumb stuff happens to make it worse. Folks with Fibromyalgia cannot tolerate SPLENDA (Sucralose). Not in any way, shape or form. It causes us to experience painful headaches, extreme stomach troubles and all the extra symptoms tends to exacerbate the usual pain. Well, the other day, Alan and I decided to split a burger meal from McDonald's. He wasn't thirsty, so I ordered a large Coke for me. What I got was a large diet Coke, and it was diet by way of SPLENDA (Sucralose). I am so used to drinking diet sodas because of my diabetes, I didn't even notice it wasn't a regular flavored Coke So, the rest was, shall we say, bathroom history. LOL. It was painful, unnecessary, and inconvenient. And the stupidest part of all was, McDonald's didn't just mess up the drink order, they gave me the wrong burger as well. LOL. All you can do is laugh... right?

Sure! :)

Oh well, the important thing is that I am keeping my word, I have posted 70 blog posts in a row now, and that is phenomenal, compared to my energy level of just a year ago. So, onward and upward.


Tonight I am bringing you the results of the Huffington Post Photo Contest, which was held in honor of the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Anniversary. I submitted 3 photographs, and didn't win, but it felt good to take part in the fun along with the other shutterbugs.  It's good to participate in things. I don't mind that my photos weren't chosen, I know I am not the beginning and end of semi-amateur photography, but it helps a lot to see how others approach a subject. I hosted the Round Robin Photo Challenges, the Monday Photo Shoot, and even the Weekend Assignment for a while, and it was good for me, so I will probably be back to doing the EMPS sometime in the autumn if there is enough interest in my doing so. If not, I may just put a random challenge out there, something not quite as structured as the EMPS, on a semi-regular basis. We will see.

Anyway... here are the non winning photos, and a link to the page on the Huffington Post where you can see the winning photograph. It's awesome. But if I am telling the truth... I like mine better!


"One day, if I do go to Heaven, I'll look around and say, "It ain't bad, but it sure ain't San Francisco."

~Herb Caen

~Me :)

Golden Gate Bridge Photo Contest Winner Revealed

And now... go and see what our friend JR is up to today!



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