Friday, November 19, 2010

Jumping The Shark And Other Political Pursuits...

Unstrange Phenomena

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Okay, I know, Santa will probably put me on his naughty list for this, and if so I will take my lumps but the thing is... IT'S JUST SO FUNNY... It REALLY, REALLY IS! To hear FOX NEWS go on and on about how critics everywhere have panned Sarah Palin's new reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" made me a little giddy. As they openly mocked her, I not only enjoyed it for a moment or two, it made my whole day! I smiled for hours! But please, let me explain. I don't approve of folks bullying each other. I don't care for name calling, or talking behind someones back, because I know how it feels to have someone treat you like you are dumb or irrelevant. So please understand, it's not that I condone this treatment of Sarah Palin. The reason why I smiled all day was because everyone, including Sarah Palin, was given the opportunity to learn what FOX NEWS really thinks of her. You see, when you have the full information you can begin to make intelligent decisions. Like who you want to associate with. Who you want representing your ideas and ideals, and you also get the chance to learn who your friends really are.

What Sarah Palin will do with the information isn't really clear. I couldn't find a link to her response to the mocking. I thought I heard that she called them "lamestream" media as well, but I could be wrong. If you know a link to what her response is feel free to leave it in the comment thread. All this is interesting to me because, like most humans, I have had to let myself learn some lessons in life, some of which were quite painful. I have a couple scars from those lessons, but I thank GOD for them everyday because I am a smarter, more confident person for it. I don't know about Sarah, and the lessons she has let herself learn, but this week alone, both Sarah and her daughter Bristol have had a chance to not just learn, but to grow and unfortunately, both seemed to have made a decision to pass on the chance.

Deep down, Bristol Palin has to know that she hasn't really earned a spot in next week's finale of Dancing With The Stars. It has been confirmed that a number of conservative websites have been bragging about manipulating the rules and voting for Bristol in blocks. On one site I read a comment from a man who was bragging about voting for Bristol over 900 times! If that's true, ABC should know the truth, and if it has registered an inordinate amount of votes for Bristol, then it should make it known and act accordingly. Bristol had a real chance this week to show what she is about, and instead of addressing those claims, and appealing to her followers to vote fairly, she denied the claims of cheating, and then she, and her sister Willow engaged in homophobic comments on Facebook aimed at a commenter who didn't think much of her mother's new reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska." The behavior of Bristol and Willow is a clear indication of how these two girls have been raised. It gives the world an honest glimpse into what their values really are. Not just by how the girls behave but by how their parents respond to their actions.

Bristol has said she deserved the DWTS mirror ball trophy because she has come a long way, and she has I agree. She has also said that she deserves it because she is "relatable" to average people because she isn't "one of those Hollywood types." Bristol, dear, the show is called DANCING WITH THE STARS, hon, you, by definition, are NOT A STAR, so in reality, no pun intended, you don't qualify. But ABC made a decision to include you, and now everyone has to deal with what it meant to allow someone, who doesn't fit the definition of STAR, to compete. I feel like all those teabaggers, who decided to manipulate things on her behalf are the cruelest ones of all. By cheating, the teabaggers have robbed this young woman of the chance to grow as a person. The bigger message here is that hard work and talent really doesn't matter, as long as you have someone to help you buck the rules.

I used to enjoy Dancing With The Stars. I enjoy the artistry of dance. I love the ballet, and I love to bust a move myself once in a while. That usually amounts to me dancing around the house as I do my chores, it's not something I would take to the national stage to do. LOL. But I love watching DWTS to see all the different dances and enjoy the music. It always brings back dear memories of cuddling with my Elvis as I watched it. Elvis loved music, and he loved to cuddle, so that's what we would do on Monday nights, while Alan worked overtime. As soon as the theme song played, Elvis would settle into my arms and we would enjoy the show together. He actually watched the TV right along with me. He is gone now, and my two new fellas sit with me the same as he did, which is nice, but there was something about watching it with Elvis that I miss terribly. Now, add in the controversy from this season, and I don't know if could ever feel the same about the show. If Bristol Palin wins DWTS next week, because of politics, I think it will definitely be official, DWTS will have JUMPED THE SHARK! And, I fear, if Sarah Palin does make it to the White House one day, America will have JUMPED THE SHARK as well.

By the way, can someone explain to me how Sarah Palin can bash reality shows, and those who compete on them, and then sign a deal for one of her own, and praise Bristol for joining one? How does that work again?

Hey, just askin'.

I miss my Elvis every single day. And after next week, I will be missing Dancing With The Stars as well.




jr cline said...

I know she doesn't seem to be bothered, but I'm embarrassed for her occasionally. People who love her ought to try and get her to shut up and stop making a fool out of herself all the time.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I've never gotten hooked on DWTS, but if I had, I think that the fact they have Bristol on would have ended it for me. I just can't bear to give anyone in that family as much as a second glance. I wish they'd all just shut up and vanish back into their vast Alaska wilderness. Let Sarah take the MILLIONS that she's raking in as a "celebrity" and call it a good job without saying/doing more to make our big mess worse. Please....for the sake of the rest of us, GO AWAY!