Sunday, August 08, 2010

EMPS #101: On The Horizon

"When one of my plants dies, I die a little inside, too."

~Linda Solegato

EMPS#101: On The Horizon

My Garden.

Earlier this week, I showed you some of my sunflowers. There will be more pictures of them to come, but for now, lets look at the roses. :) I planted 5 different ones this year.

1. Pink Promise (pink with hints of white and greeen)

2. Angel Face (deep lavender)

3. Beloved (dark red)

4. Apricot Nectar (apricot with pink tones)

5. Red/Gold (more like bright yellow and hot pink)

I am considering adding a few more next year. I like the bright colors of the ones I planted this year, but there are some really unusual colored ones I like as well. One of the most beautiful is the "Honey Dijon" which actually is the color of Honey-Dijon mustard. Lovely. Also the "Pumpkin Patch" rose. It is gorgeous, colored dark, like the very darkest orange of a pumpkin rind. If I had the room I would probably fill the yard with roses, but fighting aphids would be exhausting. LOL. Aphids destroyed my garden a couple years ago, and I wouldn't want that to happen again. It broke my heart to see all my work and care for my roses just wither and die. DARN APHIDS!


(Pink Promise) The Official rose associated with Breast Cancer awareness.


The rose at the top of the entry is the "Apricot Nectar" rose.

Who knows what next year's garden might bring. I know one thing for sure, there will be plenty of ladybugs. You can buy them at Home Depot and cost about $5.99 for 2,000 or so. They are the best friend of the rose gardener, as they LOVE to munch on aphids!

Here ladybug, ladybug, ladybug...

Okay, that's my look at the horizon, my plans for my garden. How about you? Did you do this week's Monday Photo Shoot assignment? If not, you still have time. It doesn't close until 6:00 PM tonight. If you can't make it this week, I hope to see you next week!


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Sandy said...

Beautiful roses! I hope your plans for your garden in the horizon go much better than this year!