Monday, August 09, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #102: It's All A Blur!

"The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play."

-Arnold Toybee

LOL. Believe it or not, that photo is actually in focus, it's the painting that's slightly BLURRY! And so you have your assignment this week! I want you to show me something BLURRY! But here is the catch, please find me something that is always BLURRY! Not just an out of focus photo you have in your archives. Again, you are encouraged to think outside the box. Go as far out on a limb as you like. One idea might be to show us... oh say... a metaphor. Such as your interpretation of the lines that BLUR between good and evil!

Extra Credit: Like last week, I would love it if you shared a little about what it was like to do this week's assignment!

This Monday Photo Shoot assignment closes next Sunday evening at 9:00 PM ET. Please submit your entries by that time by uploading your photo to your blog, journal or website, and then comeback here with the link that goes back to your entry. The link you leave must be to an entry which is specific to this week's assignment. A general link to your site will not work, and HYPERLINKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Also, please include a link in your entry to this photos shoot assignment so that other folks can find us and participate with us. The more the merrier... right? ;)

Linking List for EMPS #101: On The Horizon. 08/02/10

1. Freda

2. Sandy

3. Jama

4. Greg

5. Carly (Hey, that's me!)

6. Karen

Okay, that will do it for this week. See you next Monday with an all new EMPS assignment!



Sandy said...

Tough one this week! But I think what I finally found will work for "It's All a Blur!"

From the Heart of Texas

Jama said...

Finally posted my entry, couldn't get anything recent, so got to dig from the archive.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Monsoon-related blurring: