Monday, February 02, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #23: Winter Days

"May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door."

-Irish Blessing


It's winter, here in the northern hemisphere, but here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was 80 degrees yesterday. What's a girl got to do to see some cold weather? Glad you asked. Your assignment for this week is to show me some WINTER DAYS in your neighborhood. Snow, rain, clear, yet icy conditions, bare trees, dead leaves, whatever accurately illustrates a WINTER DAY where you live.

Extra Credit: Show me the current temperature where you live. :)

Alternate Assignment...

I know, I know... not all of you live in the northern hemisphere, and some of you who do, live in areas that don't necessarily see COLD weather even in winter, so for you folks I want you to find me anything Winter related. Ice. Frozen food. Ice Cream. An angry stare, a car first thing in the morning, a COLD salad or dessert. Anything WINTER/COLD.

Extra Credit: Show me something BLUE.

**Please Read**
You have until next Sunday, February 15th, 2009, at 9 PM ET to submit your EMPS assignment. Just post your entry to your blog or journal, then comeback here with the full link specific to this assignment. NO HYPERLINKS! The link you leave must be specific to this entry, not the general link to your blog or journal.

Linking List for EMPS#22: Rocks Or Stones 01/26/09

Now Closed!

1. Suzanne

2. Tammy

3. Gwenlyn

4. Judi

5. Karen

6. Greg

7. Terri

8. Jama

9. Wammy

10. Vicki

11. Mike

12. Connie

Well done everyone!

Now, send me some COLD thoughts this week... ok? Show me ! Or the alternate subject... BLUE. I will be looking forward to all your photos in the coming week! GO BE PHOTOGRAPHERS! See you next week with an all new EMPS assignment!



emmapeelDallas said...

COOL assignment, Carly! :)

Here's my post:

natalie said...

Dear Carly,
what a great project! And I love your picture! What a great assortment of talent!

Suzanne R said...

I have posted mine! It doesn't look as wintry cold as yours, but we aren't having our chilliest days right now.

Suzanne R
SuzyQ421's Photo Blog

Tammy said...

Hi Carly,
I love the weather! I have captured it all in one shot. I'd do more but I have a full medical plate. ;)

Jama said...

Thanks for the alternate assignment, will definitely post something cold and blue. Be right back!

gwenlyn said...

Nothing blue, but certainly cold! Mine are here:

Jama said...

Something cold served in a blue bowl:

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Here you go. All of the above - Winter, Cold, temperature and blueness, with a side order of Pumpkin Anything!

Outpost Mâvarin

Greg said...

Hi Carly, love the theme for this week's shoot. It just so happens that I have something that might just work out for you.


Mike said...

Here's my icy and salty post!

Steven said...

I've got ice - frozen snow.

Terri said...

Our winter days are looking more like mid-spring today!

IndigoSunMoon said...

Hey Carly...
So sorry I haven't been by. I still have that damn ovarian cyst, and its killing me. One more week, and I'm telling him to get it OUT!
Love you!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Here is my Winter Day
Far Side of Fifty Photos