Monday, October 10, 2016

Thoughts On A Zombie Apocalypse

"Do what you love and the zombies will follow."

~Jesse Petersen
Flip This Zombie

Look closely at this photograph. It's very late in the day, the sun is setting, and their appears to be a lot of people walking about on the beach. Ocean Beach to be exact. But what's the story? Are they just live human people, enjoying a really warm evening at the beach, after a day of watching the Blue Angels? Or are they zombies wandering aimlessly about the beach, in search of brains? Well, I think we all know it's the first scenario, but in my silly, sarcastic imagination, I see the victims of the impending zombie apocalypse, caused by the Donald Trump presidency!

I don't like feeling this way... well... not really! But sometimes I wonder how anyone could possibly support a man who spouts lie, after lie. Admit on a hot mic... to anyone that would give him attention... that he engages in sexual assault of women. Admit that children are a nuisance, align with brutal dictators, cheat hard working contractors out of money for services rendered. Admit cheating on his current wife. Call women PIGS, DOGS, and SLOBS. Cheat students by taking their money in a fraudulent university scheme. Engage in housing discrimination. And threaten to use the office of the presidency to carry out his own personal vendettas!

Have folks brains already seized up? Or has the zombie apocalypse already begun, and we just don't know it yet, because the news has been filled daily with yet another stupid story involving the man-child known as Donald Trump? I was looking at that amazing sunset last night, as we drove along the coast, and instead of focusing on how beautiful that sunset was, I couldn't help but wonder what exactly it was I was looking at, because lately, I can't tell. Maybe I am just politically weary. Maybe after we vote in November, my brain will see things clearer. 

I sure hope so!
How about you? 
Do you feel like you see things clearly right now?

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October 10th, 2016

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~Me :)

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