Sunday, October 09, 2016

Stronger Together

"Only by binding together as a single force
 will we remain strong and unconquerable."

~Chris Bradford
The Way Of The Dragon

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco yesterday! And an especially beautiful day to enjoy the Blue Angels, as the buzzed above the San Francisco bay! I love October in San Francisco, but lets face it, I love any day I get to spend in my favorite city! But in case you have any doubt about how lovely it was, or how exciting the air show went, just take a look at the pictures below! I work hard on them, and I am exhausted, but I am so happy with how they came out!

See what I mean?

While watching those amazing pilots, flying above us at super fast speed and precision, I couldn't help but think about Hillary Clinton, and the slogan of her presidential campaign... "Stronger Together!"

It's such a refreshing thought. Bringing us back together. All of us! No one left out because they are a girl, or republican, or democrat, or single, or married, or christian or muslim, or for any reason! 


The last time we really had a strong sense of unity, was in the days and weeks after September 11th, 2001. It took a national tragety to remind us, we are all Americans, and we embraced it, but not nearly long enough. When we get through this election, lets try to regain that sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. Let's be friends.

America is GREAT, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN!
Let's embrace our shared values!
Let's be friends.
Stronger... Together!

I love my San Francisco!
 And I can't wait to spend more time here this month! 
Stay Tuned!

 Leaf Of The Day
October 9th, 2016

Mood: Happy

~Me :) 

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