Monday, October 24, 2016

Autumn Fenced In...

"Autumn stomps around outside the house like
 an annoying little sister, tapping on all the shutters, 
kicking up the piles of leaves you rake,
 pretending to howl like a wolf.
 But I'm glad she's here, so we can cuss at summer together, pretending we don't even remember her name."

~Karen Finneyfrock
The Sweet Revenge Of Celia Door

Some folks don't agree with me at all about autumn! The leaves that are glorious, messy and loud with color and joy for me, mean a dirty, time consuming, mess for others. Rather than being a giantic party of colors, the leave rather represent a sad notion that soon the world will be covered in snow, and the trees that are so vibrant right now, will turn to mere skeletons. Stick figure ghosts of their former selves. The world will become cold, lonely, and perhaps the thing of a Stephen King novel. But I am happy to see the dark days come, and bring with it shadows that I can build nightmares on! Maybe that's why I love horror movies so much, it reminds me of autumn, even in April!

Autumn Fenced In...

I love doing fence line photography, 
and I hope to do more this season!

Leaf Of The Day
October 24th 2016

Mood: Happy
~Me :)

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