Friday, December 04, 2015

The Art Of Autumn...

"Every season has its art, 
and the art of autumn is to bewitch people."

~Mehmet Murat ildan

While I was down in the Bay Area running errands last week, I stopped into a couple of my favorite East Bay parks and did some photos of leaves, but I couldn't do as much photography as I wanted, so I brought home a bag of leaves to do as portraits, as opposed to the usual photographs of the leaves on the ground where they fall. I rather like what I was able to accomplish. I set the leaves, some individually, and some in clusters, photographed them at different angles, and with a soft filter of sun through the trees, and a shadowed corner of the overhang in the corner of the yard. 

As the weather has turned cold, and rainy, the leaves are finally displaying more color, and they are less dehydrated, so working with them is easier. It's also easier on my body, especially when my Fibromyalgia is raging. My friend Steven once counseled me on ideas for photography, when my pain was too great to go on big photo jaunts. I will never forget his advice... I miss my friend... very much... but I smile when I see a really beautiful leaf, or an especially lovely flower, Steven was so talented, and I will always be grateful for his advice and friendship, especially when it came to autumn photography! He was a talented, kind, helpful, gentle man.

 Steven helped me to become a much better photographer.

 Leaf Of The Day
December 4th 2015
Mood: Grateful

~Me :)

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sunflowerkat said...

We were so lucky to experience Stephen's talent and friendship. He lives on in what he shared with us. I miss him too.