Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Cold Day's Sunset

"December's wintry breath is already clouding the pond,
 frosting the pane, obscuring summer's memory... ."

~John Geddes

I want to just sit and dwell on this amazing sunset. I used to go down the hill, on Grizzly Peak boulevard, to photograph sunsets because the view from there is nothing short of amazing. On a clear twilight you can see San Francisco, and most of the San Mateo peninsula. Northern Marin and Mount Tamalpias and all of the bay islands, but now that I am in Stockton I only have the perspective from my front porch, at least for right now. Not that I mind it, that palm tree is kinda growing on me. I have never really been a fan of palm trees, but there is something about this one... I don't know... maybe I am just thinking of it as a neighbor who doesn't bother me, which lets face it, isn't that the best kind of neighbor? LOL. 

My over all mood was better this week. We are beginning to know exactly how much our finances have changed since purchasing the house, and that has lifted a lot of stress from my shoulders. The whole thing happened so quickly, we hadn't realised that we could afford to own a home, we hadn't realised our credit was as good as it is, and we weren't looking to buy, but our situation changed without our permission and thankfully something amazing came from it! LOL. I swear, Alan and I never do things like other people... we have the most amazing time... the last 25 years have seen some incredible highs and then some devastating lows, and it always feels like the scariest, fastest, most invigorating, fun roller-coaster EVER!

Life is short. And there are so many tragic events. I hate to sound like my father, but truly, people being killed in mass shootings didn't happen when I was a youngster, or even a young adult. It's hard to know that there really isn't any safe place anymore. It all feels like a crap shoot. So what do you do? Stop living your life? No, that will come soon enough on it's own. Do you stay home and never go out because something might happen? No, that's no way to live! But at the same time one has to be aware that we don't know where, or when, or even why, the next mass shooting might happen. But what does that mean? For me, it means learning all I can about how to survive if I should happen to find myself in an unthinkable situation.

I decided after 9/11 that if I find myself at the mercy of a terrorist, I am not going into the next plain of existence without a chunk of terrorist under my fingernails! And that also applies to mass shooters! Is it a bummer researching how to save one's life in that kind of situation? Yes, yes it is! But should it be done anyway? Yes... definitely! But for right now, there are no mass shooters in the world. No terrorists. The only thing I am concentrating on is this amazing sunset. It's beautiful! And it's fleeting. And the sky will never look exactly like this, ever again.

 Isn't that an awesome thought? 

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December 3rd 2015
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~Me :)

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