Saturday, December 05, 2015

Done And Done... Almost

"You are Mr. Owl. I am Ms. Hummingbird.
 We may be from different species
 but as long as you're a bird, I'm a bird too."

~Glad Munaiseche

Let the holiday decorating begin! As of last night, I am finished with my Christmas shopping, well, almost anyway, I still have to do some stocking stuffer shopping. But I am done with the main present shopping, and done with the few new items I wanted to pick up to decorate the house with. It was some minor purchases. Candles, a swag for the fireplace, and some small stuffed animals for under the tree. As for the outside, I bought two new boxes of Christmas lights. Alan wanted to try to solar ones, so we bought them from Groupon, and I purchased some small items for the yard to make things look festive. 

We are going to put the inflatables up, and this year we will put the giant Santa plane in the yard... hopefully. We just need to figure out a few details, like where we plug it in, but it should be fine. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the three big decorating days, and you know, I will post the progress here. The owl you see above is the only sign of Christmas in my office right now, but I am sure as we move along there will be a few more things added. I am a sucker for holiday decorating! 


Have you started decorating yet?
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December 5th 2015
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