Sunday, February 01, 2015

Yay... It's Finally Here!

"To be honest, I think all cell phones were made by the devil."

~Joe Hill

Done and done. My new cell phone will be the Samsung Galaxy S5. I just ordered it from, and it will arrive sometime on Tuesday. Finally! Sweet relief from that turd phone I have been carrying around for two years. I will be sitting by the front door for the next couple of days, just in case, you know, they change their minds and send it sooner! I ordered my new phone in black, accidentally, because I am older than GOD. I meant to order the cute copper gold color, but somehow, got it wrong! It's fine though, because I ordered some cute and colorful gel cases so actually my phone will appear to be black and probably pink. God I hate ordering new cell phones and dealing with AT&T. Everything has gotten so complicated.

Remember the good old days when all cell phones cost $600.00 and all phone calls were 65 cents a minute? And it was considered cutting edge to find one that was under 1 1/2 ft long? I got my first cell phone in the late 1990's because, frankly, up until then, I didn't want to be bothered. Finally, Alan told me to get one, because I was working and he wanted me to have a phone in case I got stuck somewhere. I am a bit of a girly girl, and he wanted to know I could reach him if I needed him.

Since that first cell phone, I have had a no frills flat Nokia phone, a slide phone, a flip phone, a Sony Walkman phone, and including my new phone, 4 Androids! Sheesh... that's a lot of phones! And the funny thing is, I don't even know all that many people! LOL. But with the invention of the cell phone, I don't really have to! LOL. I got my games, my social media and Alan and I text ALL the time! Plus I have all the music I need to break into dance suddenly, if need be, and all the books I could possibly read in my Kindle account! Life is good!

But hey, just for fun, take a look at this Youtube clip of a woman, an actress I assume, holding what appears to be a cell phone in the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus, and give me your take on it! Is the woman really holding a cell phone, and if she isn't, what could it be? To me it seems like she is, as she can be clearly seen talking into some kind of device! It's not a toaster! It's not an iron! But cell phones weren't even invented yet, so if it isn't a cell phone, doesn't that really an much bigger questions need to be asked? Like are there such things as parallel universes? Could it be she was an alien, and they missed how advanced we were by a couple decades? You must admit, it's all very mysterious!

"People are strange, when you're a stranger, faces look ugly, when you're alone."

~Jim Morrison
The Doors
People Are Strange

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~Me :)

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