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A Look Back At January 2015

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January 2015

"Photography is not something you retire from."

~Annie Leibovitz

She's right. Annie Leibovitz is absolutely right. I take my camera everywhere. I photograph something every single day... if possible. I admit, I have had stretches where I wasn't feeling particularly inspired to photograph something, especially if it was just anything, for the sake of taking a photo, but I did it all the same. I photograph something, every single day. And lately, as I have been tiptoeing through my archives, to look at photos which never made it to postings on my blog, I am sometimes caught off guard by things that are catching my eye now, as opposed to when I snapped the photo. I learn a lot by looking back, sometimes realizing the solutions to great mysteries going on for me when I took the photo. Was I tired that day? Was I obsessing on a certain color or pattern? Was I sticking with the safe shot, the kind of shot a untalented monkey could have achieved?

As I look back at January 2005, I can see the effect that bout of food poisoning had on me. I see the quiet, homey subjects, and the photos grouped together tell the story of how my energy was low, and I was feeling scattered in my thoughts. February will be a different story, I can already feel it, and imagine it. I do know this, I was ill for several weeks with the food poisoning, and then the beat down of the Fibromyalgia, and I am pretty sure, if I ever get really, really ill, and I am told I have little time left on earth, the last action I will do will be to take a photograph of what I am looking at. I hope the photo comes good. One kind of wants their last act on earth, to come out good.
A Look Back At January 2015
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On To February...

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